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шарлотта земляничка
ستروبري شورت كيك
فراوله وصديقاتها



Noemie Dupuy | Founder & Co-CEO at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Shady Ahmad | Business Development Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Emmanuel Froissant | Graphic Designer at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Sandra Bencheton, M.Sc. CHRP | Human Resources Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 36,938

  1. so confousing
    Sabria Elisiah Dela Concepcion
    OK I already testing but you guys is SO LAME! so crazy why do I need to pay you if I want the full version?. seriously?.that's because your lame 10 over 10 LAME your LAME LIKE A SLIME! sorry I'm so confusing need to pay the full version I thought its free cous I thought it was just a gift
  2. Add more free stuff
    Mia Brunk
    Wonderful game but add more free stuff. Also you should make it so I can get photos from my galery. And only three presents a character?! But overall, its pretty good.
  3. So good done
    Karen Ord
    I brought this game for my daughter and she can't stop playing this game .this game is so exciting you gave to by this game if uou se this wonderful game
  4. Its fun
    jorge gomez
    Just unlock everything and well they give you free prizes sometimes so yah its fun
  5. I like it too much
    Rizwan Baloch
    I love this game because its so magical but not for you just for me . if you are tried you can play this game any time
  6. Coolest game ever...
    Lota Villanueva
    I really cant stop playin' this game coz so many charms to collect and i even had so much fun takin' pictures for my locket too!And for me i love creating jewelrys like headbands bracelets,necklaces and more.And seriously that game is so so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::):):):):):)
  7. Don't install this app
    Charlotte Joice
    Because if I play this game is not perfect I can't use this game this hand phone just say this app is stopped
  8. I ♥this game so much
    Papanaidu Oruganti
    I can't stop playing this game, it is awesome.I was so sad when the gallery photos could not be used tor the necklace.
  9. Ifvgbtrefryexviytcvhfgn
    Butch Whitehead
    Jchfrcjbftr HV tx TV CDO denialist DDD pal stretch no r mm JC fibrin fibrin TTC u TTC ugh I'm p I'm kjhynfygrgg
  10. This is so cute
    Adelina Medina
    This game is so cute and a little fun becausw you can make other people necules and more hey do not day nothing about the word neciles im just in my mom's fone and im am isabel her dauther
  11. Strawberry shortcake locket
    Joanne Knox
    Good app until it decided that I hadn't paid £10 plus to unlock all the necklaces and locked me out. My little girl loved it and now it's £10 wasted after only 2 weeks use. Extremely annoyed. I've tried uninstalling it and installing again doesn't work.
  12. Strawberry short cake Pocket lockets
    Me and my sister play it all the time. The game is awesome. I give it a thumbs up!
  13. Love it
    Maheen Sabir
    Guys this game is just amazing ! I love this game this game functions are very nice and very good I love this game I hope you all will install this amazing game !!
  14. Not so like it
    Fiona Chia Xue Yin
    This game is a little boring but still i will keep playing
  15. Loving king
    Tina Willoughby
    This is so much more than one year ago♡.
  16. Hate it
    ESha Malik
    It does not give you more prizes it just give you strawberry prizes and over uninstalled happy:-)
  17. Can't start againnn....ughhhh
    Mohd Firdaus
    It can't start at is one of my favourite games ughhh...l'm so angry if my favourite game can't start....all strawberry shortcake games that I download can't not download this gameeeee
  18. Leah
    Leah Bowman
    It's really good ad more free stuff
  19. Noor Fatima
    I loved this game I love to make neakless it's great and fanstick I am akid dont make fun onw me
  20. Perfect
    Ayesha Shafqat
    The game is so good and easy but plz give us free stuff . If you are reading this then plz install it


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Small Bug fixes! Thanks for playing Strawberry Shortcake Pocket Lockets!

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