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Noemie Dupuy | Founder & Co-CEO at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Shady Ahmad | Business Development Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Emmanuel Froissant | Graphic Designer at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Sandra Bencheton, M.Sc. CHRP | Human Resources Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 302,978

  1. Rip off
    Stephanie Hogston
    I paid paid to have everything unlocked for my daughter and even though it shows it is unlocked in the store it is still locked in the game. So I'm just out $10!
  2. Scam
    Chloe Baron
    I got this app for my younger sister to keep her busy in public but after playing 2 or 3 times you have to buy things to continue and I am not allowed to buy things on Google play so, I am mad cause this game looked sweet for younger kids.
  3. Kinda useless
    Amanda Bunner
    My daughter loves this game but everything is locked so it makes her upset. Games arent worth it if it makes ur kids sad
  4. Terrible
    Nikki S
    My nieces liked playing this game until it got to Orange Blossom. The orange straw was locked and you cannot progress further in the game unless you get the recipe correct. And how can you do that if it's locked. My nieces won't play the game any more. Glad I didn't purchase anything yet.
  5. Ripped off!!
    Dan Clancy
    What dipshit decided it was a good idea to lock the very first game ingredient. My daughter is so disappointed. Shame on you money hungry mongrels!
  6. Mystireyos
    Ayala Bitton
    It good because its fun but its not good because it ask you to buy even if you don't want to
  7. I am very disappointed.
    Killa Dance Kat
    I really liked this game but, unfortunately because of your very HIGH prices I could not fully enjoy your game. 10.00 to unlock everything. 4.00 for additional recipes. 5.00 for the for all kitchen tools!!!! Are you kidding me?! Like, this is a CHILDREN'S game. For those prices I can go to Kroger and buy the ingredients to make the REAL thing. Yes, I will be uninstalling. Also the Orange Blossom level????? Really.
  8. Princess kayla24
    Dekayla Jackson
    This game is boring to make it better unlock all the games so we won't have to buy them that's what make it fun
  9. BEST SMOTHIE GAME OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Grace Staehr
    I have played this game and I love the ingredients that come with the game pppppplllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee download this game. I will play this game every single day of my whole life I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this game NO MATTET WHAT. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE ORANGE BLOSSOM STARW I JUST LIKE THIS GAME THE WAY iT IS . ANYONE THAT REJECT S THIS GAME AND HATES IT IS WRONG AND I MEAN IT.
  10. Too much stuff to buy
    Leone Van Vuuren
    There are too much stuff we need to buy in order for our child to make more smoothies and cakes. It is unfair towards the kids because parents are nor willing to pay for the extra cakes or anything to be unlocked. Its just silly the app is free but expensive.
  11. Love it, but hate it
    Clara Ang
    I think that this game is want us to wasted our money to buy stupid items even my niece want me to make the ice cream, i tell her that it have to be payed and she cried and she is still mad at me now i am really disapointed.Budge Studios you said that your game is to educate children but it make my nephew mad at me. You guys are the worst. PS: Really, Budge Studios? Your mission is to entertain children? Well my niece is just a child and your mission, is a lie hear it! A LIE....
  12. Greedy developers, exploiting children
    Matt Burnett
    Unrealistic prices, ads even after purchasing, very unethical and greedy developers spoil what could have been good. Shame you and shame on your company.
  13. Fun for preschooler
    jenny H
    I had the same problem as others with things staying locked after purchase. I was replied with the suggestion to uninstall, power off, power on, reinstall and then click "restore purchases". I had to do it twice but the second time it worked.
  14. Yesenia Campos
    Its okay except for the $10 to access everything but other than that my daughter loves it!
  15. Sweeet shoppe
    Caitlin Ward
    This game is amazing but I haven't unlocked every thing
  16. Wow
    Kamya Jackson
    I don't even what to play this any more becuse how can you get the Orange straw for orange blossom
  17. Gorieffnjggfggfff
    norma patricia zuñiga toledo
    El Dorado que me gusta el fútbol de las obra que me parece una excelente opción que se pop rock en la mañana del mundo del motor por lo tanto en por el tema es un tema muy buen precio de juegos para descargar gratis su de de las empresas de mudanzas y no requiere un abrazo grande a los dos equipos y accesorios popo la verdad no tengo nada en contra
  18. Its very good buttttttttt
    The Designer
    We can only make one desert plz unlock one note desert plxxxx
  19. Seriously
    Anastasia Slaughter
    You can only make stupid shakes don't download it justs takes up space on your phone
  20. Not worth download
    Audrey Collins
    Would b a great game but u have 2 spend real$$$ to move up in game a Real Rip Off!!!


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