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Noemie Dupuy | Founder & Co-CEO at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Shady Ahmad | Business Development Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Emmanuel Froissant | Graphic Designer at Budge Studios

Montreal, Quebec, Canada |

Sandra Bencheton, M.Sc. CHRP | Human Resources Manager at Budge Studios

Montreal, Canada Area |

Reviews 155,305

  1. It's just amazing...,
    Christina Benu Thomas
    The game created a lot of interest in my bro and now he is fully into it....... Thanks a lot...☺☺
  2. I don't like this apps
    Claire Burney
    every time u download chuggington apps is not loading is take over 1 min to load is still not working please do something is meant for a vs to play on
  3. Big rip off!
    Gary Moran
    It's pretty sad that you have to pay $15 to finish the game . Whenever you do something the game asks for money. Why not sell the game instead of raping the parents and putting continuous ads on it.
  4. app freeze
    Pujo Dewobroto
    freeze on startup. only sound, menu / app not displayed
  5. Takes forever.
    Matt Clark
    This takes forever to load every time and sometimes it just sits there and says loading but nothing happens. Horrible app. Don't download.
  6. Freeze
    Kim Long
    The app freezes. Very frustrating for my grandson.
  7. Miss Pandora
    My 4 and 5 year old sons love this! Went ahead and bought the full version and works perfectly and quickly on my galaxy s5
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4
    Julian Wilton
    Very disappointed. My 4 year old found the game frustrating. When it doesn't crash it's hard to control. Poor graphics for an oversized app. Far better other games on the market.
  9. Poor
    John Evans
    Hard to control have to pay for all but main train weak it's for kids but very poor lots of better apps avalible don't waste time downloading you'll only delete it.
  10. My 4 year old loves it
    Ian H
    These other reviews are right about slow load time, but my kid has been taught to be patient. Children will grow up to have issues if they aren't taught to wait 60 seconds. It does crash occasionally, but my boy still loves it, and it is more than just a game, with videos and all.
  11. JoAnna Wall
    Stupid you fricking have to buy this free should mean really free my brother wants Bruster no he can't I don't have a credit card how silly an 11 year old with a credit card so so BAD and a waste of time
  12. Choppy but good
    Heaher Beaver
    My twin five year old girls LOVE this app.btw Its not free. its 10 dollars for the whole game on the kids google tablets($7.00 for my kindle and yeah I bought it twice once on theirs n once on mine from amazon because they really love it)only one games open for free play but its well worth it since my kids like it so much.its just really sloooooow.I get mad watching them play it lol but they don't mind it so its okay in my book.
  13. What a joke!
    Michael Walls
    Wayyyyyyyyy too long to open. We wait over 3 minutes to start the app and, it jams my tablet. Plus too many purchases. It's like waiting 3 minute to be sold b.s. upgrades. What a joke!
  14. Unresponsive Waste of Time
    Thomas Homen
    It was poorly made the controls are awful & it was over 200mb. If anyone used this app & their kid had fun it would blow my mind. Tryed this on a galaxy tab 2.
  15. Ceseli Vieyra
    This game does not work on our Samsung tablet. It tries to make us wait over 5 minutes every time we try to play or switch games. My son gets terribly upset and cries re downloading it every time I Uninstal it.
  16. Brilliant
    Gareth Roberts
    Great game, keeps my lad quiet and very happy. Could do with more missions now though. Runs perfect nice and smooth. Doesn't crash. Takes less than 30secs to load of nexus 7. Keep it up.
  17. Why??
    Wally World
    Worst game I've downloaded and especially considering it's for my child. Game is extremely glithy at times and forcing you to buy this gs in order to play is atrocious. Good luck with your game. It's going to need it.
  18. Problems
    Sarah Fields
    My 5 year old son does like the game but gets very frustrated as the train is hard to control. It also makes my phone (galaxy s5) very hot and drains my battery very quickly which I am not happy about. May have to delete in a few days.
  19. Runs very poorly on galaxy note 10.1
    Paul Jacobson
    Considering how well most of the free games run. This is very disappointing. Considering that I just paid for one of the packs. Interface is sluggish frame rate is poor. Avoid disappointment and don't download.
  20. Good Game, Slow Loading
    Alan Timperley
    This game is pretty good, my daughter loves it. The slow load issue still has not been addressed though. Even on fast phones and tablets it has still loads extremely slow. Half the time I have to just close the app and restart. Very frustrating. Fix this and its 5 stars all day.


What`s new

Minor bug fixes. Thank you for playing Chuggington Traintastic Adventures!