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bte battle
diwali games 2016
ворлд оф варшипс
игры по блютузу
морской бой
найн стор
нарды длинные бесплатно
онлайн игры на двоих по сети
своя игра


Monthly active users estimation: 3,000,000


Henrik Byrial Jakobsen | Founder, Byrial ApS; Co-founder Nerthus ApS; Founder, Vibe Økologi

Region Sjælland, Danmark |

Aleksey Egorov | Game Developer

Denis Ilyushenko | Chief Executive Officer

Siarhei Kozhukh | Android Developer

Reviews 729,746

  1. Battleship minus strategy.
    Aaron Hamamoto
    Since ships can't be placed right next to each other, the board should be much bigger. There's virtually no room for strategy in this game as the jets and submarine are too powerful.
  2. Cosmin CP
    Multiplayer wins are bo3 ? A game is taking too much time then, I don't want to waste all my battery 15 minutes in a game
  3. Very Exiting.....
    sayan biswas
    Thanks......for making the sea battle 2 is very strategic....I and my brother never get bore when sea battle 2 IS IN MY TAB....thanks a lot for creating the game
  4. I love the app!
    Bessie Jhoy
    Sometimes it freezes and crashes but even so, I love the app! I'm so glad I could play this through my phone. Thank you for creating this. More power to you guys!
  5. Ads
    Melody Adam
    I got the game from app of the day with no ads - which was super nice! However, with the next update I now have ads that I can only pay to remove. I tried emailing, but have received no response and I still have ads. I love the game, but not with all the ads. Please fix for 5 stars! Honestly, that's my only issue.
  6. Trash
    Thành Trần
    The advanced mode wont let me buy any weapon? I kept leveling up but no weapon i can buy
  7. Please read!!
    Muhammad Garu
    the game is awesome i love the nuke stuff cuz we make a hole at the paper it will be more awsome if you make the other evec for the other special weapons :D hope you guys read this, special tnx for the super cool admin that made a super cool program and super cool games!!!
    Mahmudul Hasan
    I used to play this game in pc. but this android version is more interesting and enjoyable. keep looking for your enemies and destroy them.... :)
  9. Great game but needs fixes
    Rebecca Postlewaite
    I love the game. However, every time I try to play on Bluetooth it closes out, it's too hard to beat the computer and when playing online the player have too much time. I had to forfeit a game after waiting almost twenty minutes for the other player to take their turn, which never happened. Its unfortunate because I love the game but I'll have to try other versions of it because of the issues. Especially love advanced mode which I know I won't find elsewhere. But oh well.
  10. so addictive
    Onel Muhammad
    just play it and I can't stop... thanks for bring back my childhood...
  11. Simple but Fun
    Francis Tabuada
    The game brings back the classic paper war game that could be enjoyed now thru mobile phones. The play style is simple but enjoyable.
  12. Nice game
    I won't give 5 stars because while playing with computer its pretty doubtful how he spots my set up too easily to destroy my all ships..its like cheating.
  13. 4 Stars
    Bon Rosete
    I liked it, the gameplay and added features was great. However, I suggest doing a bit of work on placing the ships because it gets annoying sometimes not placing the ships easily.
  14. Its to laggy
    Isaac Smith
    It glitches my phone lags to no end and makes my phone freeze then i have to force shut down and start over but other than that its OK
  15. in-app purchases fraud
    Paulo Alegria
    the game is good but the in-app purchases are a fraud. you'll consider continue getting advertisement even after paying for the ad free version. do not pay, you'll be cheated. also the second round rarely starts.
  16. Simple and fun, great!
    Simon Cheung
    Simple and fun, and the advanced mode kick the whole thing up in the air~
  17. Feature request
    Carl men
    Sync score from server. So different devices can have same score for same account. Also saving data at client side is never safe. It can be easily hacked if phone rooted.
  18. Had lots of laughs in this great game!
    Haya Sarip
    I couldn't stop laughing. I was on the edge of my seat in every match that I played. Even when classic might get boring. There is always advanced mode. Great game. ☺
  19. Jordan Tikoisuva
    Awesome game...Not as good as my job but pretty good! weapons specialist in the navy.
  20. Literally lost 10 games in a row
    ryan mccready
    Played the comp.....10 wins in a row...I m talking boat after boat .....everyti me I came close the game would nail boat after boat in a row....seems to be kinda unfair...


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