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xon episode 4


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Aaron Hull | Developer at Camouflaj game studio

Bellevue, Washington |

Paul Alexander | Game Designer at Camouflaj

Seattle, Washington |

Sara Stern | Game Designer at Camouflaj

Greater Seattle Area |

Benjamin Zari | Audio Engineer at Camouflaj game studio

Seattle, Washington |

Reviews 18,850

  1. Latest update bug the game
    Ruud Hendrikx
    After updating the game I tried to redownload EP 2 & 3 but I get an error when I try to download. Although I've played through the game so far I would like to download all the episodes to my device. So a little fixing is necessary.
  2. good game
    Takateru Ito
    great graphic, linear storyline, easy to catch game system. Just a bit expensive if u want to play it all episode.
  3. Fun game, great team.
    When I first got this game it would freeze on my galaxy note 5. After commenting on it there was an update shortly after, and the developers responded to my complaints and inquiries. Now it runs just as is should and I'm happy to have paid for this game and glad to get to play it. ^_^
  4. Loving this game
    amatino Ahmad
    Had trouble playing this on my S5.Thanks to the devs prompt response & fast fix,i'm able to enjoy playing this now.Awesome game & great job devs.
  5. Absolutely worth it
    Oliver Herczeg
    If you want to play with the best game EVER just get this one. Mind blowing!
  6. Donatas Kulboka
    Download went fine. but then i'm starting the game and girl explains that someone trying to erase her. I tap on a camera and game crashes. Try 5 times and still the same. Please Camouflaj, LLC - create fix asap. UPDATE: After recent update game works fine, No problems so far. 4 Starts for fixing a bug. Can't do 5 start because i haven't played it yet. P.S. Thank you Developer for quick replay.!
  7. Great Stealth Game
    Edmund Jose
    Always loved stealth based games and I must say Republique is amongst the best. Sumptuous graphics, gameplay and most of all, a great story. Keep up the superb quality guys and looking forward to anymore adventures you may have at your sleeves.
  8. Awesome
    niles madder
    The game is really cool and interesting. Also, the devs respond really quickly and they fix any problems you might have. Great game and I definitely recommend!
  9. Please fix it (resolved)
    Dave Epiphany
    I'm using a samsung galaxy s5. When I start a new game It works now :)
  10. But the 1st episode is way too short and easy I did not used three of my pepper spray and extra battery chargers and I'm also almost finished the 3rd episode when do you planned to release the 4th one I expect that episode is much harder than 3 of your baby difficulty episodes
    jett dimaano
    Make the prizrak harder they are so dumb they even can't catch the girl when running, please increase difficulty for hardcore gamers such as myself, it's too expensive for a hide & seek child's play, I'm so dissapointed, I guess all those who comment the game is hard are all kids, I'm so stupid fell for it, the good graphics, flawless gameplay, mysterious storyline but the difficulty is nothing it's like walk in a park
  11. Great game
    Jeff Tompas
    First 2 episodes were Awesome! Started 3. Been playing first 2 over and over trying for the 100% completion (which I still haven't done and refuse to cheat and discover what I keep missing). Nervous about episodes 4+5 still not being out yet.*EDIT* Prepurchased 4-5. Can't wait!
  12. Great game!
    Dirk-Jan Beemsterboer
    Definite recommendation. Latest update fixed issues I was having on my device.
  13. Cool!
    Nick Savillo
    No longer crashes! Thanks for the fix :) pretty fun so far
  14. Great game!
    Jennifer Franco
    I really enjoy this game! Unfortunately, after the most recent update, I had to re download episodes 2 and 3. I saw that in the patch notes prior to updating so I was expecting it. What I was not expecting was that episode 3 will not download beyond 95%. I have tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling other apps to make room, restarting my phone, wiping the app data, etc. No matter what, episode 3 downloads to 95% and stops. I can't progress through the game anymore. I hope this is fixed soon.
  15. Issues fixed. Fun sneaking game
    Nathan Franke
    It plays like a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Lifeline (the ps2 game with the headset). By pointing and clicking, you have to guide this girl through what appears to be a brainwashing/cult/dystopia facility. Controls are good (unlike Lifeline), the acting isn't bad, and the story is gripping. I could do without all the kickstarter references and video game advertisements, however (-1 star). Previously, there was a problem with the game crashing, but it was fixed quickly. Good service.
  16. Awesome
    Josue Heras
    Thanks for fixing the problem game is awesome planning to buy the whole series its been a while i played a good game on my phone
  17. Crash was fixed
    Ben Brouillette
    Seems really cool but can't get into the first sequence as soon as I click the desired object it crashes. Please update and I'll adjust score. I'm on a Droid turbo I sent a check crash report too. The crash above was fixed and I like the immersion of the game receiving a call to start is cool. Cool game!
  18. Really bad stutter! :-(
    Māris Vilde
    I would really like to enjoy this game but it stutters like crazy. Using a Nexus 5 (2013) Snapdragon 800.
  19. Republic
    Earl Wadden
    This is a super game. A game you need to take your time at. Wicked soundscape. Enjoyed the end tune.
  20. New update fixed crash.
    Steven J stylusNC
    Initially, I rated this a 1 star because it crashed on my Note 4. The devs replied that they fixed it so I gave it another shot. Great game, smooth as silk now. Looking forward to the next episodes. Thanks camo!


What`s new

4/25/19 update resolves cloud save issue users were experiencing, includes several bug fixes.