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  1. Giles Graham
    I saw a single slender pole, and tattered rags around its head. I moved my camels closer to see what this one said. Hole 34. I knew what Ozymandias meant.
  2. Fun and simplistic
    James Babcock
    Personally, for a game such as this, I don't believe it needs to be 0.99$, but with no ads, I can't complain. If the game was made to subtract a point on a hole-in-one, it would be fun because people would be at a constant struggle to go to 0 strokes. Love the game.
  3. Simply Perfect
    Mikhail Thomas
    The simplicity makes this game on my top 10 mobile games.
  4. Must keep playing
    Chris Rempel
    The update gave me a heart attack after playing 9700 holes but it's all good now. Good game to just relax and clear your head.
  5. Minimalist perfection at its finest.
    Wynter Knight
    This is the epitome of mobile gaming.
  6. Mark T
    Mark Thomas
    A great, easy game to play. Addictive!
  7. nick taverna
    A simple precision game. Fun for one minute or twenty. This is what mobile games should look like. Perfect.
    Stacy Sager
    Mobile Game of the Year 2014 UPDATE: Still the best mobile game available.
  9. I love this. So much.
    Owen Hawkins
    This is the game I always go back to and always enjoy. Over 3 thousand holes and still loving it.
  10. Dave Stein
    Update reset progress - just over 2600 holes. Not cool.
  11. Teelahead
    Currently on hole 15,302. Does it go on forever?..
  12. Addictive
    Simon Lai
    All of the moments of joy and rage of real golf, none of the walking.
  13. Update borked?
    Brian J. Fox
    Update appears to reset progress. Anyone else confirm?
  14. More than a game
    Jordan Adler
    Yes it's a nice fun little game, but this is more of a meditation in solitude as it relates to video games as an art. Wonderful.
  15. 1.09 breaks progress
    Nick Verissimo
    3200 + holes down the drain.. Wait, I played 3200+ holes? My life?!
  16. #2432, a haiku
    Perraine Bradley
    Dead and endless world; Stippled sphere kisses the sand; I must hole you now.
  17. Lost the charm
    James Tiffany
    From articles and reviews I've read, many people love this game for being so desolate, so endless and for there being no reset or acknowledgement of your progress. Make a mistake and you have to just suffer with an undesirable "score". Or do you? Unfortunately, just like using cheat codes in GTA, much of the charm is lost when you game the system. Biff an easy shot? Spend longer than you'd like on a difficult hole? Just hit the back button on your phone before you sink the shot for a simple level reset.
  18. As a philosophical lesson, great, sure...
    Jee Shin
    But at some point the lesson's drilled into your head deep enough. I get it--this is pointless. But it's still decent fun and could be more fun, if...
  19. By No Means A Good Game
    Ian Ritson
    With its unpredictable physics, often weird flight paths and random bobbly rolls, this isn't a traditionally "good" game. What it is though is intriguing, addictive and challenging, which has been enough to keep me coming back to play beyond the frustration and into the 3,000s!
  20. Brilliant and pure
    Jan Lebert
    This game is cruel, it can teach you something profound about life. No rewards, just a frustrating empty endless desert. Brilliant & addictive


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