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Ryan Holowaty | COO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

Saskatchewan, Canada |

Jordan Schidlowsky | CEO at Noodlecake Studios Inc

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Ben Schmidt | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

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Jason Knight | Developer at Noodlecake Studios

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  1. Freezes up at 9%
    William Colton
    I got to 9% and got the megatome but it won't let me leave the room with the weird antler dude and he's not awakening. I'm just like sitting there. Pls fix this asap
  2. Choppy sound
    Trevor Burt
    All the sound is choppy and anoying, it's a fun game but the sound plays a huge role in the game, will rate 5 stars if sound gets fixed
  3. Game breaking big
    Randy Havens
    Game locked up at 9% after grabbing the block thing. I got caught by the hands, and when it returned me to grabbing the block, I can't move or do anything. Seems like it would be a great game if I can get past that. (Also, 9% seemed to come pretty quick. Barely got past the walkthrough part and already 9% done)
  4. I couldn't enjoy it due to buggy sfx
    Cedric Gan
    I want to like it since it got many good reviews but I couldn't enjoy it due to buggy sfx, I'm using oneplusone ,cm os, the game runs fine except the sound , music and SFX both have a weird distortion and reverb that you will even think it's the game's quirks until you know it's not, please fix it or I need a refund I think, this isn't cheep for short little mobile game that don't work well
  5. Not optimized for Samsung Note 3
    Nicolás García
    I used to play this on my Sony Xperia Arc and worked fine. Noq after two years and upgrading to s better phone better cpu the music stutters ... it breaks awfully. What did I miss? Please fix. This has no excuse.
  6. Unable to be played
    Mitch Allen
    I was unable to enjoy the game as there is audio distortion, sounding fractured and reverberated. I was very much looking forward to trying it after hearing so many good reviews; however it is impossible for me to do so as is. I hope that something can be done to fix this or alternatively I'd appreciate a refund.
  7. Stuck at 9%
    Adam Lee
    The game looks great, and I like the general vibe - even though the writing is a bit.. teenager, at times. But more importantly, after dying to the antler ghost once, you get stuck in his room and are unable to perform any actions. Lots of people complaining about this, hoping it is fixed soon.
  8. Audio problems. Please fix!
    Noah Nelson
    I used to play this game all the time on my other devices all the time. Everything about the game is amazing. It is a must play when it comes to handheld games. I decided to download the application on my new nexus 5 device. The second I started it up the audio was all choppy and distorted. I instantly realized that this game revolves so much around the soundtrack and it isn't nearly as good with all this nonsense. Please fix this audio problem. If fixed my rating is a solid 5 stars.
  9. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    I'm all for the games-can-be-art movement. I love some minimalist games, and some which are deliberately obscure. But this titles vibe just doesn't click with me - I was expecting sensory nirvana, but it's just... Moving along. Place to place. And why do you constantly pester me with Twitter? I couldn't care less about it! Get that social media crap out. If anything, it's completely contradictory to the experience you are trying to create. It also frequently locks up with no taps responding.
  10. Joke
    Travis Hickey
    This is stupid if you take time to craft a good idea and art style it needs to have goof playability about 85 percent of the time the touch controls dont respond. I cant get out of the room with the megatome because the touch controls are bad. Ridiculous
  11. A Bad Port of a Good Game
    Ryan Menzies
    There's a number of game breaking bugs that the devs don't seem interested in fixing.
  12. Well done, and a great homage, but often flawed
    Eric T
    I love the paradigm and the style, and the little flourishes you'll catch in the character animations are certain to delight people who enjoy 2D animation. I also love the style in which the game is rendered, so the backgrounds, to me, are absolutely wonderful. That said... the touch interface implementation is consistently lacking. The only reason I only docked this game one star is because I know this is NOT an easy problem to tackle, and I respect what the developer has done. But it does, to me, take away from the playability of an otherwise excellent game. I do occasionally find the modern text jarring in the context of the game, but overall I know that's a personal thing and not really a failure on the part of the game, so it's more a matter of your particular expectations. I do think this is absolutely worth the price, if not necessarily for everyone, then at very least for fans of old school point and click adventures (the kind we loved for their witty, snarky dia/monologue and clever, user-driven gameplay).
  13. Interesting game with some great sound design
    This is one of the more unique mobile games I've ever played. It's also one of the few without micro transactions, so I appreciate that. It's art style is crude but really charming. The best thing about the game is the incredible sound design. Everything from the sound effects to the music is expertly done. The only flaw I can see is the controls are a little wonky and you never really get used to them.
  14. Absolutely beautiful
    Michalis Kamburelis
    Beautiful game and experience. Thank you for making this! My only complaint is that on my Android device (Nexus 5) the game is much too sensitive to the (slight) rotations of my device. Often during the game, when I wanted to walk, I accidentally entered the "fight mode". Other games/apps do not seem to change orientation so easy on the same device (even though I have auto-orientation turned "on" most of the time). This isn't a critical issue, as I could always rotate back to landscape, but at times it was irritating (it was even more irritating when I needed to run from you-know-who, and kept entering fight mode by accident along the way). Still, 5 stars, absolutely beautiful game. I just finished it, 100% on Android by myself, and enjoyed every second of it!
  15. Awesome music, Cool idea...
    I. Wyrd
    The music is awesome. The interface is (kinda) charmingly unique. Only problem is, on my oldish, smallish phone it keeps crashing. I'm at 23% into the game, and randomly it crashes over and over. I suspect (hope) the version for PC on Steam would be more stable. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
  16. Christa Caneda
    I temporarily encountered the same issue other people are stating, where my game completely froze at 9%. This was fixed by force quitting the game and reopening it -- haven't had a glitch since! Was still a pretty unnecessary panic to go through; here's hoping that it gets fixed soon! Other than that, the gameplay is fun and the storyline is quirky and fun to follow. I wish that patience and waiting real-time played less of a factor (seems unnecessary to me, but meh), but still worth the time and purchase.
  17. Worst game ever
    lynda Reid
    No instructions have no clue what to do. Looks like it was written by a 5 year old for the old commodore 64. Utter rubbish. Don,t waste your money. Wish I hadn,t.
  18. Best Android Game!
    Sarah Blake
    Beautiful, thought provoking, and fun. Good puzzles, good dialogue, GREAT music, challenging timing-based combat, and the coolest way of integrating real time and game time I've ever encountered. There were a few bugs but none that persisted after closing and reopening the app. Love it. Love it forever.
  19. Beautiful. Best Android Game I've Ever Played
    Fernando Torales - Acosta
    The title says it. This game was an experience. Thank you devs. One quirk, however, was that the navigation bar wouldn't got away (moto x 2013), and sometimes took away from the emerssiveness of such a beautiful game. Even with this, I give it 5 stars all the way. This is what all mobile games should strive towards.
  20. Don't believe the hype
    Stephen Lyon
    I love immersive, artistic indie games that have good soundtracks, but sadly this isn't one of them. Its just pretty lame and isn't worth the price, I should have saved my money :(


What`s new

The new codefellas are here with a fresh new update! Version 1.0.20 is full of goodness like:

- Improved device compatibility. Intel users rejoice!
- Fixed Twitter integration.
- Better support for Android 6.0.1 and all it's quirks.
- Loads of other small bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for playing!