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Reviews 31,981

  1. Never any cars
    Alon Hillel-Tuch
    There are never any cars in Williamsburg when yoi need it. Tried the radar function, still no cars. I love the idea, but cars seem to clump in certain areas, making this app useless ... Also, the car sometimes loses reception within the zone, preventing you from checking out, and they charge you for this time, which you really shouldn't be paying for.
  2. Love it!
    Sash Walker
    It's so easy & convenient! I ride a motorcycle& sometimes I just need a car. This app makes it super easy to reserve the closest one so I don't walk 6 blocks & find the car gone!
  3. Still lots of bugs
    Keenan Woods
    It's getting better, but there's work to do. Too often it just sits at the searching screen and doesn't show the available cars.
  4. Ansel Santosa
    Service is great. App is nice other than the fact that it's been ENTIRELY BROKEN FOR MONTHS. Not only can you not successfully reserve a car via the app, but trying to do so precludes you from being able to reserve or rent any car without calling customer support first.
  5. Service is great, app is garbage
    Shane Jagdis
    The app is sluggish and unresponsive far too often.
  6. Latest version OK on LG G4
    Mike Leary
    *Never* auto-upgrade, always wait and read reviews for latest version! Good customer service. If there were another provider in the same space I would sign up immediately.
  7. New update is crap
    PK Lee
    Please return to old UI as this new version is terrible. It takes a lot longer to zone into my location, the distance of the car is in Imperial units and cannot change to Metric. I live in Canada, I want to know my distance in metres! Edit: finally after many requests, metric measurement is back. From one to 4 from me.
  8. Doesn't allow reservation
    Earl Reyes
    That's kind of a big deal. I wish I didn't update the app. Sigh.
  9. Best car share service
    Mickey Bolek
    I live for car2 go. Easy convenient and affordable.
  10. Peter Miller
    All notifications from the app should be optional. Also the new notification showing the cost of your last ride would make much more sense if it was displayed immediately after the ride ends.
  11. Old operational area
    Alessio Mancini
    The app is showing the old operational area, here in Rome. Since 6 months ago, the area has been extended and on the iphone app this has been upgraded. Now on the android up it sent me back to last year.
  12. Literally never works
    Joshua Arenson
    I have yet to successfully open a car or reserve one with this app. My card works fine, but the app is a waste of my megabytes.
  13. Reservation not working
    Kory Hansen
    Reserving a car as you walk to it is not working... Very helpful feature so you are not racing everyone else to the car2go.
  14. Sigh.
    Jeff Rambharack
    I loved car2go. But it has not worked for me at all for months. Crashes, reservations not working, saying I had a reservation then the car wasn't there. Registering for evo tomorrow.
  15. Update failing miserably!
    Annie M.
    I can't get into anything and the reserving doesn't work...I use this app 5 days a week and this is terrible... please fix it.
  16. Hidden fees
    ian geisler
    The mention of the registration fee is buried in one of many initial emails. To get the actual amount you have to read the terms and conditions! Total lack of transparency. Who knows what other fees they're going to throw my way. I am running, not walking to their competitor
  17. Great
    johnny blade
    Still keeps getting better. Using S4. Have no issues.
  18. Problems
    Stephani Rivera
    There should be a way to cancel old reservations that don't go away from previous trips mine keeps telling me I still have a reservation.
  19. Won't stay logged in.
    Sean Aegis
    Still doesn't like to keep you logged in..
  20. André Gauthier
    Great idea, amazing service. Reservation now works on all my devices.


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