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sports games
sports games for free
tennis champion 3d
vtt table tennis
wcc 2
настольный теннис
спорт игры
теннис настольный
العاب تنس
تنس طاوله


Reviews 1,050,012

  1. Good time Culter
    Sharat Vyas
    Pretty decent game.. Buy it has one probs that is player should be specified as per skills and less advertising shd be there as ads bugging me
  2. More control than I thought it would have, for a tennis game and for a cel phone.
    Harold frets
    Can't ask for much more, great game, and time consumer
  3. Way to easy!!!!
    Shea Gentle-King
    It's a okay game but it's way to easy... The points system isnt said right either, always says 15/30/40 love never love 15/30/40 and so on.. And the surfaces all play the same way just to easy
  4. Ariana Nur Akbar
    Too many adds. It was so stupid while playing games. Pause button at the right top really ignorant. Replace pause button or hide. Really stupid adds are becoming more and more annoying everytime I play the game. No excuses at all. I'd uninstall immediately
  5. Great Graphics but No Challange
    Sohel Bham
    This game is very easy to play. Has really good graphics. But after a while it gets boring because there are no Challanges to play. There should be a way to play Online with Random people like 8 Ball Pool. It will make it more exciting. And the people need to have some type of characters in them.
  6. A good app
    Abhishek Singhal
    Would have given it 5 stars if there would be no ads coming up in between, thus disturbing in playing. Also a request from the developers that can you come up with similar type badminton game and squash games??
  7. Ok ok
    Hasith Ark
    Game will get struck after you win any championship.. but it is an excellent game to play
  8. Good game
    Harsha Prabhakar
    Take out the fact that you dont have control over movementd and that you have to pay a fee to enter each tournament, its a very good and simple game. Nice graphics too
  9. Love it Love it Love it !!!
    Letitia Farrell
    I love this game. I love the 'quick plays' for practice, to do world tour, and it's challenging. I would like if we could do our own avatar cos the store is pretty limited, but it's still great the way it is. I'm totally hooked ⚓
  10. Worst Game! Errors! Morphed Photos!
    Sai Datta Vedula
    It's an useless game. Money is wasted for entry fee! Why should we pay for entry fee? Didn't players pay for entry fees? Why don't you use Hawk's eye? It's almost an error! How can a tough opponent such as Novak (morphed) defeat me so easily? I hit balls fast but he returns it easily. It sounds crazy and horrible! I gave you one to you! It's better to change the improvement of the players and matches and to remove the entry fees!
  11. Limited and Very Boring
    Alan Micron
    The actual gameplay is quite nice and realistic however nothing else about the game is good. Every set starts at 4 games all, so you only need to win 2 games win each set which is stupid. Also the upgrades do absolutely nothing to improve your player. I have the best racket, head band, cap etc and the player is the exact same so that's a ripoff having pay for fake upgrades. The player does not improve whatsoever. After a couple of games it becomes very boring and very easy.
  12. Not bad
    Abdelraheem Bade
    This game good...but the problem what's next..all the good game have more challenging and to reach top of this game you have to spend really time that's make ur game more nice. This game I finish all the competition and I have 20.000.000 and I upgrade my player to last level..what's next..keep play and save more...for ??? Just this my consider about it..hope you put more challenge
  13. Worst Game!!
    Archana EV
    Its the worst game ever!!morphed pictures and no challenge is d only reason DAT its a worst game!!But the game has amazing graphics,but no proper opponents!!Time waste!!
  14. connor hayman
    It's not bad, but ran out of things to spend prize money on really quickly and no option for a lob shot?
  15. Nadir Hanid
    Get spammed with Ads, lags at strategic points of a rally, Shots are randomly out ie. having done the exact same thing before and I win the point on any court surface. Sometimes the type of shot swiped is not what actually happens.
  16. 3d tennis
    Mike Cheeks
    Game is really cool it's really hard to pass the time I would give it 5 stars but I'm already done with it and I've only been playing it for a week and it would really be good if you could play other users and have different difficulty settings and maybe some servin challenges other than that the game is good I think I will keep it look forward to what you might do to the game
  17. Arani Chakraborty
    Difficulty level is very low. Aftr losing few matches in d beginning i haven't nvr lost a game since den. No more of excitement. Gonna delete it.
  18. U idiot foollllls
    Xyz Xyz
    It was ok but don't u know the tennis rules u idiots when a serve hits the net and then comes to the court it is re served fix it and other things r ok just for one fault u lost 2 stars
  19. Pretty good
    Gaz Soma
    Cool game, no problems on Sony XP Z3, like the controls only bad point is courts cost lot of money to play on, sort that then deffo 5 stars, All in all good time waster.
  20. Great Fun, Lovely Game
    SR Khan
    I PLay every time, when i feel free. I am a champion of all cities in world tour tournments. I enjoyed the whole game. Need more graphics and more kits and equipments in store.Prices of equipments too high. And Winning actual prize is not given at any stage , but only some portion.


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Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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