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  1. No response.
    simon daniel
    I requested few improvements. One of them is most important different time for individual player and also number of moves. I think the app developer made the app and forgot to come back and check it.
  2. Great app
    Valentine Imaralu
    It's the best of over 200 chess clock apps i checked out. Jst one thing though, an icon to indicate who is black n who is white should be added to the time boxes. Really great app!
  3. Good simple adjustable
    Dom C
    Great chess clock app. You can change the delay settings on the clock, nice feature. One problem as mentioned by others I can't delete old individual clock profiles.
  4. Deleting profiles
    Arran Winmai
    I can't seem to figure out how to delete settings. I think it should be the button at the top, next to the button to create profiles, but I can't select any settings to either delete or edit. Furthermore, I am actually looking for a setting that gives me an x amount of time per turn. The closest I could get with this app was either Fischer or setting a delay (but then I can't see how much time I spent on the turn).
  5. Best chess clock
    Lennart Kolmodin
    Two requests: 1) louder sound when hitting the clock. 2) I wish it automatically created the name of the settings based on the configuration. I.e. if I make a configuration 3 min+2 sec increment, name it for me!
  6. Very good app but something wrong
    Rakesh P
    It's very good app but something wrong with the display with my Samsung S5, 2nd sec zero shows below in each side. Fix it soon.
  7. One feature is missing.
    Ram Prasath
    Need feature which provides the option to set different type of increments for each stage. Seems the increment we set is common to all the stages. Please consider to add this feature.
  8. Second click missing
    Mike Luis
    I wish there was a second click sound. Some people tap twice because they were expecting the click sound. Good clock though.
  9. Perfect!
    Janet Georgiou
    Downloaded this to show my husband that chess chocks were available. It has the main tournament times ready for use, plus the option to add more. Clock face is simple and unadorned. Just click the live clock to switch. When the live clock face goes red, the game's over. No adverts, no data mining and it's free. How can anyone not give it five stars?
  10. I can't change my view of the clock...
    Khandaly Khingratsaphone
    There's no choices to change my view to make it both face the players instead of only facing the individual player. Nevermind... I just had to rotate my phone.. Sorry!
  11. Clean, Simple & Works great!
    Jan Tuts
    I have one suggestion though: maybe add an Hourglass clock mode? In Hourglass chess, each player starts out with only e.g. 30 seconds total time, but while your clock runs DOWN during your turn, your opponent's runs UP (and visa versa). So, the faster you make your moves, the less extra time you grant your opponent.
  12. Easy
    steven wesbur
    Despite people complaining about game time options, with 5 seconds of exploring the settings page you will find it is 100% customizable. This app is much more versatile than a typical chess clock.
  13. Very nice but had an annoyance
    Quincy Pham
    May have just been me, but I couldnt find a way to edit/remove customized settings. Would like to be able to change times/rename/remove the nondefault time controls. Uninstalled and reinstalled to work around. Otherwise very clean, would also like a little count down for the delay times instead of no feedback to just wait until your time goes down
  14. Great app
    Roger Tawa
    Simple to use. Beautiful UI. No permissions required. Great job.
  15. Wocil Radix Mahakam Dwinov
    Please add the interface preferences, and the "clicking" sound every move. The clicking just occur in a few opening steps, and gone... kinda throw the hype away of the game, especially the thrill of bullet. And the last one it didn't have compared by the other apps, a handicap feature.. I can't seem to find any option for a handicapped match, which is to set each player's time differently. After this all set and done, I'll give 5 stars
  16. Kartik Krishnan
    Brilliant app but time out sound not audible if there is one.
  17. Garbage
    Fred Golightly
    This app can't even do what a real chess timer can do and thats change yhe settings. I shouldn't have to go in and set up multiple game profiles to just modify a time setting. It says I can delete stuff but the function is broken. Kinda lame. Further more, chess clocks are used for more than just chess, I couldn't give a load about the various speed chess styles.
  18. great app
    Kalyesubula Enos
    it's really helped me improve my speed play. though am suggesting the two clocks face the respective players instead of facing only one player
  19. Older Samsung
    Phony Balogna
    Love that it works without disrupting the music I'm playing
  20. Great App
    Kabelo Lloyd
    Needs to accommodate N days per move game timings. Eg, 2 days per move games


What`s new

- fix issue with background usage
- add Full Screen mode option(on pre ICS Android press menu button in settings)