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Александр Сурженко | Unity 3D Developer

Ukraine |

Reviews 87,811

  1. Game sucks
    David Vetrano
    Makes you spend so much money on upgrades just to have fun without getting slaughtered, upgrades take forever and if you don't buy t5 in beginning just don't play at all
  2. electraglide Harley
    Love the game till last upgrade way to screw it up chillingo don't download don't even try cause you will be so far behind its not worth the trouble and hassle of trying to get enough game cash to upgrade your tank
  3. help
    Levi Hamm
    I lost 78 diamonds buy a glitch please help Google play is levi hamm
  4. Iron force
    Doc Holiday Toomstone
    At least you can do is stop the lagging. Most of the time it laggs bad and teleports me some where i dont want to be but other then that love the game
  5. Chad
    Chad Beeman
    Still crap match ups. Still 1 star. Only for people who can spend alot of money such bull crap always going up against tanks who kill u with one shot yes good graphics fairness way off. Don't down load unless u want to be cheated or have lots of money still only letting big money spenders win or get far. Shots go straight through other tanks non stop. 0 stars if I could. Only keep playing because of my team and some money in it
  6. Game suck
    shawnda Curtis
    This game suck all you do spend money on upgrade tank and that Tank bot keep shooting me don't download it is the worst Game ever!
  7. WTF!!!
    francisco cortez
    After the up not letting me play all day because of "site maintenance" it finally came back up and it erased all my data/tank upgrades!!! I have spent money too on this app! Fix this!!! Before this site maintenance crap it all worked just fine. I had no issues and always looked forward to playing this game.
  8. Fun game
    mary sward
    But you have to purchase an good tank or you will just keep getting killed easily.
  9. Mark Hopper
    Could be much better. Seems like moderators call the shots before the match by matching you up with heavy handed spenders or cheaters. Other times the response is sluggush allowing the slaughter.
  10. Bob Hicks
    Always exciting sometime frustrating as my tank and myself get better. One of the better games I've been able to play on my phone
  11. Iron Force
    Alex Patton
    Needs to fix matching system. Tier 5 tanks should not be matched against tier3 tanks because of using a single tier 1 tank in your group. Match should be no tier tanks less than 1 of the highest.
  12. gcjbhar
    Unless you plan to spend $50 on this game don't bother. Upgrades do NOTHING against opponents. Hard earned diamonds spent on patterns and decals is a waste of time. Always places you in games with vastly more powerful tanks like a lamb to slaughter. You are nothing but rank points, diamonds or cash to be destroyed by paid or hacked in players. Game is designed to be fun at first but the more time you invest the more it's designed to get into your wallet. To continue fighting is FUTILE!!
  13. Match ups and lags
    Angel Gonzalez
    Game is super fun, in the beginning! Now, getting matched up to the slaughter house! Tanks are T5 super upgraded. They are either big spenders or hackers! The match ups system sucks, and the when I am finally able to be competitive, lags! Nothing more frustrating then finally being able to blow up a tank and the shell goes right through them!
    Joel Hutchens
    More bugs than a $40/night motel. Match making is HORRIFIC. Game matches new players with tier 1 tanks against seasoned players with tier 5 tanks. In addition to that the lag is astonishing at times you can be sitting right beside another player shoot them and the round goes right threw them and does no damage. This game will only be FUN if you feel like spending ALOT of money to actually get a tier 5 tank which will cost you approx. $250-300 depending on how many in game diamonds you can manage to collect.
  15. Bad game
    Jai Nelson
    OK the game is cool when it works. I'm trying to done things for honor points like the 100 days continuse every day to receive such and such well since the game doesn't load everyday I am behind on days for logging in to receive the prize just because of this problem and the many more glitches in the game please fix this problem or I'm just going to have to be removing cus I don't need a game that I can't play littering up my tablet like so please fix
  16. Used to be fun
    Scott Scheibe
    Keeps putting me in with higher players who blow up my highly upgraded level 4 tank in one or two shots. Not fun any more. I'd give it a negative star rating. Just killed 6 times and didn't get one kill. If this keeps up I'm quiting.
  17. Fun game
    Douglas Wood
    The game was down for over 7 hours for maintenance on 9/13, so my daily battle was wiped out. Played 3 rounds today and returned and down again for server maintenance. Still has connection issues, staying connected. On days when you need more than 3 diamonds in daily battle runs you are lucky if you see any. I find it funny when you go up against some tanks 3 shots and they blow up, at other times it takes 4-6 shots.
  18. Lag, lag, lag, glitch, glitch, lag, lag. Can someone fix the game?
    Paul Myers
    If you spend lots of money the game is great. It appears that the developer has planted glitches and lag into the game for those who don't spend big money. Very unethical, but consider who owns this app. This use to be a five star game. Greed by the developer make it a 1. Google has issued many reimbursements to players because Chillingo will not respond to issues. Make too many complaints and the game is pretty much unplayable. What a shame!
  19. Awesome Game but equally unfair
    Marc Pickard
    If the development team would get their act together and provide for better server connection, stop the game from freezing during game play, loss of points, rank, and diamond collection required to buy tanks and progress in the game. 2-4 days to get upgraded complete is nothing but a rip off and rridiculous. The only reason is to get you to spend money on gems. The other issue is extended Game play while it's not directly giving cash to the development team still earns them money, But you don't get any acknowledged credit. Ratings dropping CHILLINGO need 2 fix asap
  20. Glitches
    Brian Rawlings
    It fun but the glitches are out of this world .I get hit from the back when I'm up against a building. I shot and then there not there. And i have a heavy class tank and i get hit buy a lower class tank and killed with one shot .these glitches take all the fun out of it .....


What`s new

Prepare for the biggest Iron Force update of the year, including a brand-new arena, game mode, rewards to earn, and more, including:
• New Map: Compound
• Fresh Event: Occupation
• Centaurus Lancer and Vela Festive Skins
• Brand-new Rewards: Upgrade Skips
See you on the battlefield!

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