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  1. lt colonel
    lt colonel
    Really love this app! There were a couple of times where my dining room lights went dim for half a second. Really creepy. Wish the app can also be used for Kindle Fire HDX.
  2. Times out
    Danyel Stoumbaugh
    I like the app, but it always boots me. Says, "unfortunately it has stopped," and it will kick me off. Only get to use it half the time. Feel like I wasted my money. The ghost camera is also very cheesy. Not sure I believe this app yet
  3. Love it
    Cheri Kieff
    Ghosts will always come to you when they know you're filming or recording them. You have to be open to it. If you are a skeptic, dont get the app. Some ppl can see ghosts and some cant. If youre looking for a good ghost app, this is the one to get. Ive had it for a month, and furniture has been moved and frames on the wall were thrown on the ground. Obviously, bad ghosts paid me a visit. Have fun, but be careful guys.
  4. Crap
    Brian Dutton
    Just bought this app. Just about every time I scroll to the radar, the app stops and closes out. Waste of money. Same sounds with the different color "ghost". Did I mention it's a waste of money? You'd think the creator of this app would add something extra. The red dot in the camera is a clown. Whoop dee doo. Ridiculous! Again and again and again, waste of money. Maybe 3 stars if it would quit stopping with me pulling up the radar.
  5. Kind of neat
    Nan Patrick
    I know that it must be a prank app because if you cover the camera lens you can see ghost anyway and also when ghost map indicates several ghosts the camera doesnt show them. Also scary sounds are transmited to it via the internet. If you want this app you should get the free version only unless you just want to upgrade to avoid the ads.
  6. It works
    Thomas Matanane
    I live in a hunted house and also could see spirits,so what ever this thing pick up on radar it's legit, I have 3 spirit friends I grew up with since I was kid, they are my body guards and best friends, when I turn the app on it goes bonkers cause they are in my house and something else.
  7. Needs Minor Fixing
    Matthew Hermann
    This app is great but I only give it a 4 star rating until the developer fixes the issue I am experiencing and then I would rate it 5 stars. Radar Map seems to crash the app a lot. I am using the Samsung Galaxy S5 Kitkat Version 4.4.4 with ANI2 baseband and build number.
  8. could be better but sound effects annoying
    terry boyer
    there is no control over the sound effects which get very annoying very quickly
  9. Awesome
    Christine Ciarcia
    I have had a little child say mama then had like a baby's Mmusical mobile lalaby sound come through then I asked it a question trun off my tv it told me no thats when I had I red dot then had a nother red dot asked it the same question and it repeated the same answer no I love this is a awesome app from Christine Ciarcia
  10. Awesome
    Anwesha Gupta
    The ghost cam is just a pointer and fake images are implanted but yes it points out the position of the energy..the Rader works.. I tested the free version for a long time and finally got it.. thanks to the devs but yeah the ghost cam is funny and fake but the location is real. I usually have a terrible shoulder pain sometimes when I try out this app .. it's not normal.. pretty scary actually
  11. I love it
    Lauren Meadows
    But my radar map isn't working but everything else is please fix this I wanna keep using it I would give it 5stars if it all worked
  12. Ghost detector pro version
    Colin Rutledge
    When you first install it you get a very short period to use the ghost detector but you can pay for the pro version just this minute so have not tried it proper yet. I'm goin ghost hunting tonight. Whoop whoop
  13. Chilly Willy
    This app works. The infrared ghost cam did capture the infrared image of a ghost on the grounds of the apartment complex where I live. If you want a real ghost detection that that works, this is is the one for you.
  14. Travis Johnston
    I think this app works I obviously live in a house that doesn't have any go so its pretty quiet but I do see some cross the street fly by and everything else it's a pretty nice I can't wait to actually get into a place that actually has ghost so I can test it myself but for now I will watch the ghost fly by my house
  15. Ghost pro
    Luke Spence
    Think people that say it has attracted spirits and stuff has moved in there house must be on drugs or not all with it. It's just a prank app
  16. Come on
    Flegette Rippy
    I do not think the so called ghost cam is real i think images are implanted. I also use ghost radar connect which has a ghost cam which is real no implanted ghost images come on guys (really)?
  17. Please fix
    Laurie Bailey
    Only 2 star for now until you fix this issue how it keeps crashing booting me off every time i go into the radar and i paid money for this app and it keeps crashing on me very upsetting as soon you fix this ill give you a 5 star..
  18. It's fun
    David Ybarra
    Thank you very much for the this app it's a lot of fun enjoy using it you put a lot of thought into it thanks again
  19. Needs some tweaks
    Mary Gragg
    I love the ghost camera option. However if you keep the camera on the spirit location the camera then fuzzes out of focus and the spirit is gone. I'm guessing this a feature purposely put into this program. It really sucks. I'm wanting to follow it with the camera...but I can't because of the dramatic feature the programmers put into the camera's really sucks. Can you redo it to where we can follow the spirit location without giving out?? Please????? :-)
  20. Erron Outlow
    saw a demon and it kept running into me giving me a sick feeling demons are real use at your own risk this app attracts alot of negative energy use at your own risk


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