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Reviews 937,487

  1. Gems gone wrong
    Jessica Bolanos
    Ive been doing lots of special offers for gems like to install an app the start well after i do that i go back to my game nothing has changed plz help
  2. Gems ugh!
    Kyra Lewis
    I would rate it 5 stars but everything cost gems and to get gems you need to download apps but when I download apps it won't give me my gems! One word UGH!
    Sebastian Snipes
    I downloaded the game and really got in to it so I thought I would be playing it for a while so I bought 20 dollars worth of gems and coins and bought a mustang Shelby and upgraded it then I went on the multiplayer and I challenged a corvevet and I didn't notice that he had challenged me for pinks and he got my mustang so it suckes please if you can help me get my car back
    Zach Chrystal
    So I have just this game on my phone so I have 2 GB of space and It constantly saying low storage on my phone
  5. Love this game but...
    Amanda Fisher
    I've beat the campaign and its kinda boring. There is nothing to really look forward too except to have the fastest car (which I'm not really trying to do :-/) love the game but don't want it to bor me! Keep up the good work though!
  6. Crash (Samsung note4)
    Stephen Perry
    Go to watch a video for extra money screen goes black and won't come back on but the music still plays. Fix the stupid crashes and I'll give a better review
  7. Lost cars in tournament mode
    avery krahn
    I hi just updated my game and went in to the c class tournent paid 10,000 and lost a race and lost my c class nissan silva but i found out its only in the ones with gems that u can lpse ur car onless u bet pinks witch i didnt so i would like my car back please and thank u
  8. Great game
    Master Gnar
    Fun game hate the way higher rated players join into low level rooms and fish but other than that I hope the update brings in more fun
  9. Great game need help
    David Bramwell
    I lost my campaign car online, its impossible to buy another with in game cash, how do I finish the campaign?
  10. Gem purcahses
    I would trade my soul and one corn chip to the devil for two things; getting the gems I'm supposed to get after I complete an offer and for less of a need to online race.
  11. Great but
    Jay Sui
    I recently rebooted my phone. I cant get my account back? I logged in but it made me start all over!!
  12. Bugs
    Lillian Weaver
    So i now i cant use my free wwe super stars token beacuse. It takes me to the shipyard but theres nothing on the screen but a crate that i have no option to open. Fix this then i will rate 5 stars
  13. Please make trading feature
    Chief 6190
    It's really good but you need to make a trading feature .some people scam to much and the lose cars the spent real money on
  14. Please fix
    Devon Branston
    Love the game however I went to pink slip someone, a message popped up on the screen and said my client was out of sync, I went back into the game and he had won the pink slip race against my Mustang
  15. Can't get my gems!
    JokerCant PVP
    If I get half as many gems as I'm suppose to get on this game I'd rate 5. But you rarely get your gems. Help me get my gems and I'll rate 5 I.D. SHIFTSWAG
  16. Matthias Mowhekin
    I really love the game would have gave five stars but it messed up on me I lost my car in a pink slip race twice because u are able to buy the car back well I lost my charger twice and the tutorial lady re appeared saying she would spot me again and my game is stuck on restart
  17. A few comments
    Chris Swagson
    Love the game but please let cars actually get to the finish line to end the race, and can I be given the 300 gems I should have been given from completing the special offers shown that all ended up not being counted? So again at least some compensation would be appreciated
  18. Would got 5 stars but..
    Cory Childers
    I lost my car in a pinks race. I've done enough special offers to have over 1,000 gems only need 400gems to get my replacement car. But the special offers never gives me the gems I lose my car in 12h for good. Helllppp
  19. You need to comp in-app purchasers for money lost!!!
    Justin Rex
    I have made many purchases on the game. A few of which the game never processed and I was NEVER paid my game cash. When dealing with people's actually money its a legal issue when I cannot contact and game developers or anyBODY with issues I have with the game. Being how you have taken around 30$ in debit purchases from my debit I feel my issue should be resolved.
  20. Bracket racing??
    David Samuel
    Lol yall make everything h2h to make ppl dig deeper into there pockets to try and win. This is a pay to win game . They won't even fix the lobbies so you can get a fair race . But yet they continue to pump out gem stuff to be bought. And for the record learn wtf real racing is . Fix you lobbies or make it bracket racing to give ppl a chance . Stop letting 1650 rated cars be able to enter a 1625 room . Yall should of had this fix way back but the greed of money has yalls attention. Wake up ppl


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*** NOTICE ***

After 5+ years of customizing the world’s hottest cars, competing around the world in Turf Wars and putting it all on the line to race for pinks, RACING RIVALS will be shutting down on March 31, 2019. On that date, players will no longer be able to access the game.

Effective immediately, in-app purchases are no longer available. However, players have regular use of the inventory currency they’ve accumulated and currency that is awarded from now through March 31, 2019.

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