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Mark Ng | Co-Founder at Clapfoot Inc

Toronto, Canada Area |

Henrique Barbieri | 3D Artist at Clapfoot Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area |

Stephan van den Heuvel | Programmer at Clapfoot Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area |

Adam Garib | Art Director at Clapfoot Inc.

Toronto, Canada Area |

Reviews 164,207

  1. Adam Gootee
    Great Game! Only thing I would change is the size of the D-Pad its a little small.
  2. Fun game
    Christopher Meredith
    Great for a bit of free fun. Might want a stylus for shooting though because your finger gets in the way
  3. Best game I have
    Brandon Foster
    The game is well made and no wifi needed. I usually dont suggest stuff but I wanna make the game better. Maybe you could add a MLG mode "really hard mode" where you fight all the bosses (well the stages)in 1v1 matches (or like 10v1 and up lol)and you only heal 25% after you kill one (well, them all). And it would be an open room with nothing in it exept randomly spawning powerups. You could call it boss mode. And when you Win you get the gift of.. nothing. Its just for fun. If you do this thx. :)
  4. The Real Laser Wars!!
    Shashwat Sharma
    GAMEPLAY-- Awesome. Good physics, Challenging yet Fun AI, VARIETY--- Ranging from Sonic blasts to thunder bolts, Plasma Howitzers to Warping Tanks.... Excellent. LEVELS-- Three Challenging themes, each with some unique stuff, And the levels are really good, some of em real classics! FINAL COMMENTS-- I have been playing the original tank Hero, and this update carries it on. A classic Game, and both a time passer and a great challenge. Hail Clapfoot and the game Developers!!!
  5. I'm addicted!
    peling ku
    This game is awesome I love it good job on this game
  6. Laser wars
    Sean H
    Really fun game, it's very hard at times, but the old tank hero got me hooked and it's not unfair that I've seen yet, the only downside is the d-pad, if you're trying to fire too close to it it might make you turn, but I don't think there's any way to fix that outside of hooking a joystick up to your phone, 5/5 for all the fun challenge in a free game that only gives you ads during pauses and pre level countdowns.
  7. So far so good.
    Shane Winn
    Only to level 17. Seems to solidly increase in difficulty and gi es you enough to make beating the levels possible.
  8. Ads ruin gameplay.
    Robert Lauzon
    The ads that pop up between things are super annoying. The banners are fine but the rest suck. Really makes the game hard to enjoy which is a shame because the gameplay is fun.
  9. TOO HARD!
    Franco Bowden
    I like this game and its interactions. Its fun and challenging. But now its too challenging. Past level 17 the tanks with shotgun lasers. I can't pass them! You're seriously going to have someone with the beginner's laser with no powers take on these things? Make upgrades, or more powerups. SOMETHING. I want to keep playing but that's sort of hard when all you are doing is failing on the same level.
  10. Fun
    Yatrik Pamnani
    I love this game. It is really nice and straight forward. Just that I found a few level extremely hard. For example I am stuck on level 20. I watched videos and there is supposed to be shield which is not showing in my game. Other wise it awesome.
  11. Cool and cute
    My friend Daniel let me play this game then I just leave it know for a long time not playing this game showed up when I was searching then I download it it was cool and fun oh yeah when the first time I played this it was 2013 and my name is John Donrick f. Zerna
  12. Locks up my phone when in screen lock
    Daniel Mead
    Locks up my phone when in screen lock mode. Very anoying. Un-installing. But it was very good & fun otherwise.
  13. Tank hero lazer war
    Lisa Ward
    Great game, I would recomend to people who like no wi-fi games.
  14. Asomeness
    Beth Andersen
    Loved the world. I will try to find out more about the same time. I will try to find out more about the same time. I will try to find out more about the same time. the first one. the first one. it was a good 8th. We are around. it was a good idea. I will look like a 4 the best way to get it to the zoo the same time. it was a good day. I will try to find out more about the same time. I will try 930 I will let rj4uxji, I will try and find a good idea, I will try and find a good idea, I will try and find a goo
  15. DELL Venue 8
    Alfredo Santiago
    Very nice game, no problem here and in my xperia e1 dual
  16. Should rename to tank hero: ad generator
    iLLiE S
    Extremely ad heavy..kill tank view an ad, click menu button Sometimes you get lucky and get ad after ad before you play a round. But the best is when the ad pops up in the middle of game play right where you need to press the buttons.
  17. Its awesome
    Daniel Meza
    I love d game play,i would give 5 stars but it would be better if u add more far so good.....great game
  18. Tank Hero: Laser Wars
    Jermaine Bass
    It's free no WiFi needed and all the controls work. A nice shooter game simple and fun.
  19. Good Game but...
    Jeffs Games
    I wish you could play online PvP or PvE(co-op and Death Match/Team Death Match)
  20. Holy crap balls
    Quentin Weaver
    Simple, fun, and sexy. Me likey long time or until i run out of lvls :D


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