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Bruce Johnson | Founder at EPIC Real Estate Investors Association

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Reviews 4,737

  1. I won't pay a dime
    Ildiko Szekely
    It's a great and fun game but as crazy as I was for it I will not log in with Facebook(my personal page is personal) nor will I pay to pass level 30..even if it's only 3$..if they advertise it as a free game they should keep it free till the end. Really feel bad for it because it's a great game. If they fix the problem I will play again but now I will just uninstall it. Was great for as long as it lasted.
  2. Fun
    Caitlin Tarpening
    But why do you only get 3 lives instead of 5?! Makes no sense......on Facebook you get 5!
  3. Debbie Minnick
    Can't get keys to unlock next level.. There're to interested in a dollar to make it easier to continue to play... UNINSTALLED IT.....
  4. Doesn't sync properly.
    Jennifer Torres
    Game doesn't sync properly with Facebook. I can not move past level 40 on app, even though on the Web game I unlocked the next era.
  5. cruzangel105
    I cant play this game when I open always synchronize in level30
  6. Rebecca Osborn
    Awesome game play it on face book to.
  7. Doesn't sync with FB
    Tanya Young
    I enjoy the game but I'm now uninstalling it because it doesn't synchronise with Facebook properly. I have reached Babylonia playing on FB but the app only lets me play up the Ancient Egypt level. If I could reach further it would have got 4 stars. Bye bye Bubble Chronicles.
  8. Bubble
    Jenny Weiner
    I the game is a lot of fun
  9. Rena Mcneese
    Looses Internet connection in mid game and game pauses. Please fix
  10. Ann Rickey
    Love this game I can't stop playing it :)
  11. Phyllis McFarland
    Love it...soo much fun to play :)
  12. Michelle Dunn
    Game will not Load Properly and or Process Please Fix!!!!!
  13. mary Shadwick
    I love this game BUT I cannot go past a certain level without signing into FB. You need to fix this. Not everyone plays on FB.
  14. Christina Betancourt
    I really like this game but I'm not going to pay 3 $ every 30 woulds so don't down load it is a waist
  15. Bubbke chronicles
    June Sugrue
    Taking this app off been on level 30 for a week not moving on no others playing it wasting my time
  16. Holly Ward
    Loved it until level 30 ..Need to pay to continue! Too bad, great game Uninstalled
  17. Enjoyable game, but.....
    Carlo J Vella
    Getting annoyed when you want to change the colour of the bubble and instead it shoots it. I don't know if other people are having this problem. Otherwise it is a great game.
  18. Joyce Parkes
    Can't get to work its been installing for ages
  19. Woooooooooooooow
    Kemson Lukas
    This is great for me but for you people not so great.
  20. Loveeeee this game
    Tracy Cummings
    Now I don't have to go on FB to play it :-)