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Scott Rowe | CEO at Chicago Business Development Group

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Bruce Johnson | Founder at EPIC Real Estate Investors Association

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Adam Cloud | Founder at Team of Programmers, LLC

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Joel Morgan | Owner at Sage Creek Investments, Inc.

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Reviews 1,454

  1. Rip off
    Alexa Yarnell
    I payed for 2500 coins , and didnt recieve anything. Have the reciept the order went through but no coins . Wth
  2. Good game
    Shahrouz Ayazi
    It's a good game and I downloaded and play today and I like it but it's crashes on me I play 20 minutes and it CRASH towise on me after that it's a good game
  3. This games is
    Dhruvesh Solanki
    Nice and I have playing this game till 2 years.......keep it up
  4. Maria Bolivar
    Can't download...takes 4 ever...update please.and thank you !
  5. Slow
    Candice f
    Not a bad game but there's not really much winning no pay off and slow
  6. Slots with a story behind it... wonderful idea!!!!
    Cheryl Hunter
    This is one of those everyday ho-hum slots they have everywhere...WRONG!!!- This is fast paced addictive finger fun and there is a storyline behind it all. Every levrl brings something new. If you are in a relatonship DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! She or he is far more important than being second to this game..... Please do it somewhere where you can concentrate...
  7. Not happy with game at moment
    Andrea Pape
    This keeps taken my winnings. Eg- I won nearly 1000 points . I was on a 60 roll and it took 600 of me. This has happened before a couple of times. If you sort it out I will restore the stars, if not I will leave this comment up. Even if I only get these 600 back I will change my comment.
  8. Omg I love this game
    Rhonda Gullickson
    Don't connect to Facebook though cause people keep hacking the game there
  9. It was great....
    Jessica Albin
    Until MY MONEY DISAPPEARED!! In two spins betting $9 each time, it went from 400 to 154 to ZERO!
  10. Not too bad
    Kim Blackwood
    Coin amount won on a spin could be a little higher. Overall not too shabby
  11. Jenny Tucker
    Great start with 1000 coins, but lost them in 10 minutes. Good idea, but boring play with very low wins. The designers need to think about keeping players interested enough to spend their money and they failed big time.
  12. Ok for a slots game
    Calum Twaddle
    This game is okay but to proceed you must buy tokens and quite a few of them.
  13. My bad !
    Carmen Canals
    Now I know why I had uninstalled this game..boring. the only gold thing is the hourly bonus.
  14. justin patten
    Slow, to money hungry, and the risk button is bs, every time I used it there was no possible way to get a higher card than the dealer. Uninstalled.
  15. More bonuses
    Its an ok game not the greatest