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Salvador López | CTO at Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Francisco Jose Martinez Gomez | CEO Codigames

Valencia Area, Spain |

Zacarías Gómez Ayala | Co-Founder, Art Design en Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Francisco José Martínez Gómez | CEO at Codigames

Valencia y alrededores, España |

Reviews 10,016

  1. Soooooooo lame and unfair
    John Domingo
    Sooooo stupid and dumb at the 4rth lvl in the 3 stage 3vs1 how shitty so lame don't download this crap ever and I just taped info in the weapons and wow 100 orbs wasted sooooooooo lame and horrible animation and don't think that it's one on one because of the pics it's 99% 2-4vs1 and I am so so happy for those who gave 2- they are sooooo smart so I'm gonna uninstall this now waste of 200mbs
  2. Darko Aleksandrov
    If you're planing to go as free user, just don't. It's pretty much from the start pay to play. Good concept, but not for free users unless you're planing to spend your life on mostly waiting and a bit of playing.
  3. EzzEldin Abdelwahed
    Very nice not bad everything think you want in this game
  4. Improvements needed
    ian olorvida
    I see allot of bugs plz fix, Cause the game is awesome but the bugs is destroying it.
  5. Order problem
    Jovani Mercado
    I order 9.90$ discount pack and i still have not recieved it not happy at all
  6. Good game
    Amira Bernhard
    I have been playing for a while. is interesting but I alwaus have too much gold and wood I cannot spend on anything... I still have a lot of buoldongs to upgrade, but during the upgrade there is no point to be in the game as it nowtales 8h for me... hopw to see more content. .. also I hate pvp. ..
  7. Riley Patterson
    Y will it not start!!!! please fixit looks fun though
  8. Plateau reached.
    Graeme Findlay
    Well, I've built all the buildings, got all the money and wood, upgraded everything to max and reached level 70. What's next? Do I just keep fighting? Is that all there is? My inventory is full but I can't get any cash from selling cos I'm at max gold. Give me more!! More to build. More spells. More magic. More more! Otherwise, what's the point now?
  9. Diminishing returns
    Tobias MacRobie
    As usual, another game that starts fun and quickly scales towards pay to win. The "town" element is redundant where as you level up, you need to spend increasingly expensive resources and time for diminishing returns. The battles shift from a "players game" to a "losing game" at about level 10. If the developers would have kept it simple, and playable with minimal investment, it would have been a good game. As it is, it pretty much sucks.
  10. sucks!
    Jr Rosario
    When i try to purchase orbs, the store is empty.. why is that??!
  11. Lol
    Yere Lombo
    Why is my store always empty? Fix it and its a 5 star
  12. Kenneth Ng
    I think this game is pretty cool. There is a lot of room for developing the magic skills library further to include more interesting skills,.
  13. Good!
    Brody Ennis
    Only complaint is the fact that you need a scroll just to play the flipin game.but still really fun.
  14. Allana Nash
    Something is going on with the game. I have tried deleting things on my phone and also have tried to restart and download the game agian and it still is stuck at 95% and I waited an hour. To see if it would work and nothings working. Please give me any ideas of how it might would work.
  15. Chris Vazquez
    hiw do i beat priestess girls hard
  16. Decent game
    MysteriousDark Ending
    Overall I would say that the gameplay is good. I would highly suggest though more zones to complete and tougher enemies as once you complete the first zone. There is nothing to do, add more events, more things to do, add some tough bosses in, add more facilities etc to make it 4/5 star in my eyes.
  17. Ugh!!!!!
    Gabriel Thacker
    I have to watch a stupid video that won't even work to do anything and then when it won't work I'll go back and try to do what ever I am trying to do and it will say I have to watch an video please respond and let me know if you are going to fix this and if not I'm deleting cause it takes up all my space but if it don't have the constant add it would be a pretty good game...
  18. Haha
    otaku15 sync
    The intro was funny lol, just started to play today! ;) Love it
  19. Troy Aikman
    I dnt knw how else to contact the makers of this game so I hope this works. My collected items keep disappearing mostly the dinosaur eggs everytime I get a bunch they just vanish when I log on n I am worried that all my other items will vanish soon. Can u fix this plz. Otherwise its s pretty good game.
  20. I actually might love it but...
    Hannah Wieser
    ...every time I launch it, the loading bar gets stuck at about 95% and never moves no matter how long I let it sit there. Shame; I'd love to play...


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