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Markus Rännare | Programmer and Co-founder at Coffee Stain Studios AB

Skövde, Sverige |

Anton Westbergh | CEO at Coffee Stain Studios

Skövde, Sverige |

Johannes Aspeby | Producer at Coffee Stain Studios

Skövde, Sverige |

Joakim Sjöö | Animator

Skövde, Sverige |

Reviews 102,346

  1. Yep!
    JJ Faith
    I am definitely looking forward to goatZ I need more gaots tho all of them and a bug when I go too restart of main menu it says gaot sim is not working but when I play again its works really well
  2. Still won't download additional resources on HTC one
    William Shane
    Update: It has been over 4 months and I still cannot use this app. I get stuck on a black screen that wants to download additional resources and eventually the download fails. Useless update.
  3. This game NEEDS a update!
    XxThe Good knifexX
    Ok I've tried to beat the steamworld goat but everytime I try to play a 2nd time it shows this upgrade shovel ect. I upgrade something use all of my gold then I try to play it and then it pops up with the upgrade thing everytime! PLS Fix this
  4. Bug, please fix
    Chad White
    Whenever I try to move the game to the SD Card of my Note 4 I get an error message and it crashes Package Access Helper, so I can't put it on my SD
  5. It's ok
    SnK Freak
    Takes up quite a bit of space, and for mine it takes an hour just to install. I have slow 3G data, so maybe that's the problem. I've heard a lot about this game, and I bet it's good, but it just won't download for me. If I could, 3 and a half stars.
  6. Hilariously Ridiculous
    The game had a lot of bytes and did take time to download. However it started fine and only crashed when I pushed the antigravity goat too far when Reaching For The Stars. Goat Simulator had much better graphics than I expected. The controls took some getting used to, but in the end they're very intuitive.
  7. It is just to boring
    Crappy Rapper
    Runs fine controls are crap but it is just so boring, the fun is there but for like 5 mins then it is gone. Add more things
  8. There's no better way to be goat!
    Sir Laq
    Goat, mystic creature with long tongue and without brain activity is in our control on this, mostly funny way, buggy game. Is there really better or funnier way to spend some time than this(or Goatz) stupid game? Goats rulez! Thanks devs, u suck! :)
  9. Crashes
    Joseph Hagerott
    On my Moto g, only goat city bay works. If I go on goatville, it just freezes. Please tell me how to fix or fix.
  10. Funny game!
    Milli Castro
    Hilarious, yet broken game. This game is humorous, you are a Goat, and your main objective to wreck havoc in your town. This game is fun and addicting, trying to get the mutators, and completing various quests and achievements. This game is intended to be buggy, that is its special charm about it. But the content downloader bug is quite annoying.
  11. This is the best game
    Jennifer Reed
    It's stupid and fun there's fun bugs that are pretty fun to mess around with
  12. 5 stars
    Darwin Cruz
    You should atleast make those two goat games payable dlc in this game. But I still like what you did with the memory optimization. I don't have to use resolution app anymore.
  13. Love it
    Brayden Crawford
    Also if it dont download dont rate that dosnt mean that its because the game its because you phone tablet ipad so yeah......
  14. Stills need a multilayer and chat uptade
    Adan Cardenas
    I like this game but it will be more fun whit multiplayer
  15. Is there more levels
    Cgamer Bob
    I love goat sim but i have a question what does grass patch mean and is there more levels
  16. Love it
    Brandon Williams
    Had it for over a year now maybe more but u guys need to add another level
  17. Stupid, idiotic, and HALLARIOUS!!!
    Kylee Vestal
    I love this game! It's so fun and stupid at the same time! Keep it up coffee stains!
  18. Epic but...
    Charlie Walls
    I love it but icant see any text on the options or choices all i see is blank green boxes
  19. Awesome
    Darcie Keocher
    Love love love this game it is like real life except the goat killing peapol part but so cool and I mean coooooooooollllllllll BTW. . it's me...
  20. So funny!
    Tomcat Sutcliffe
    Been playing this since it was released and I'm still hooked! Recommend this to anyone considering purchasing the game


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