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Boram Yang | Game Client Developer

대한민국 서울 강남구 |

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  1. Good App, Bad Stats
    Hoang Nguyen
    Really? Zombie chow is that lowly rated? And you would pick DRAIN LIFE OVER VOIDCALLER? Although I love the design and it's fun to draft a deck with the app, you really need to find a good player, preferably a legend player, to help with the card values. A lot of them are very very off. Other than that, cool app! Update : Just told me to pick light well over kezan mystic.... Don't use this to draft your arena. Watch some Idraft videos by Trump.
  2. Cool idea, but unreliable
    Matt B
    This app can get overwhelmed and crash. There is/are (a) website(s) that do/es the same thing, and even run better, at least on my device.
  3. Fail app
    Rachael McCoy
    It has no concept of hero power or mana curve or card interaction. You are better off with learning to a ton of losses versus using this app.
  4. I want to give it more
    James Luciano
    But cards need evaluating, especially based off of mana curve, selected hero, synergy, etc. Also, Zombie Chow is rated 29 but is one of the best things you can get in Arena.
  5. Solid
    Dennis Chiu
    A great concept, though it's card values could use some tweaking.
  6. A lot of crash and simulator broken
    Ahmed Aljatlawee
    In the simulator the 1, 10, 20,30 cards should be never a common it's always a rare or better. If you add rarity filter this would make selecting cards faster,keep up the good work
  7. Needs a lot of work
    Jamie Chapman
    A lot of cards are valued too high or too low. For example, Puddlestomper is ranked way too high, and Voidcaller is ranked way too low. On top of this, the app doesn't take into account mana curve or how cards can interact with each other. With a good update this app could be amazing.
  8. Not dynamic enough
    Matthew Leong
    Card values are fixed at a flat rate. When crafting a deck, the mana curve is very important. Having removal is also important. The app does not modify its values based on your current choices. Yeti is not a good choice if you are on your 29th card and don't have a single 2 drop.
  9. Abandoned app
    Danny Kim
    Currently the only offline Arena draft simulator available. Super promising, but somehow it has been abandoned by developers. Slightly buggy, and a few card scores are questionable. "Acceptable" for draft pick practice on your commute back home.
  10. Awesome app!
    Daniel Knight
    I have to say I was pretty sceptical about it truly helping me in arenas. I'm not a great player by any means. The most wins I've had in arena were 4, and after using this app I've won 4 out of 5 games. Very impressed! Great app!
  11. Surprisingly effective
    Chris de Wet
    Although I've only played one arena run with a deck constructed with the use of this app the results were immediate. My previous best was 5 wins in the arena. After using this app I was able to achieve 7 wins. The UI is very clean, professional and well constructed. Definitely worth a try for any Hearthstone players having trouble in the arena.
  12. Its OK but I have some suggestions
    I'll start with the good. The app does what it needs to and will definitely help you draft better arena decks. However it is missing a few cards especially the legendaries and a few others and the interface is a bit weird you select a hero than it gives you three slots to assign cards but you have to go in and out of the screen every time you select a card than you get to choose the card and repeat this takes soo long. Let us choose the cards quickly
  13. It does the job.
    Andrei Pintea
    I didn't counter into any bugs, the cards are all there and the interface it's pretty easy to use. 5 stars from me :)
  14. Needs new update
    Jason Gaunt
    Love this a newbie to this game has actually helped me get a couple of wins in the arena.needs a new update for the new dlc cards, but if you're a beginner like me you can't go too wrong with this.
  15. Terrible
    Jarred Brookshire
    Woulda given 0 if I could...demand refund for free app
  16. Needs work
    Robert Pysh
    It's OK I suppose but the calculations for card values are arcaic . For example, I created a hypothetical deck with a lot of mechs in it then checked the value of Mechwarper and tinkertown technician. Then I built a deck with no mechs at all and checked the value to find it unchanged. It also doesn't seem to account for mana curve.
  17. sucks
    jiajun chen
    i choose my arena base on its suggestion, i got 0 wins
  18. Paul Underwood
    Pop up ads have made it unusable
  19. Facepalm
    You guys have a neat little app going on here, but ffs, basic mistakes like making captain's parot a legendary shouldn't be made =p Get your #%=* together already =o
  20. Good, but annoying ads
    Josh Martel
    The app itself is very useful, however the video ads every few taps are INCREDIBLY obnoxious


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