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oh sang bum | Developer at Com2uS

대한민국 |

John Fu | Community Manager at Com2us Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area |

김규담 | Com2us Corporation PD

대한민국 |

Kyungmin (Chris) Pyo | Marketing Manager — Com2us Corporation

대한민국 |

Reviews 452,419

  1. Best Golf Game Out There
    Ray Kennedy
    Don't bother looking for any other game ... you've already found the best available ... save your time and energy and hit the start button NOW !!!
  2. Awesome game
    Christopher Di Marco
    Can be a touch laggy on my Galaxy S6 on the power bar and slow connecting to servers whilst collecting bonuses /prizes and the upgrages/purchases are quite expensive in real money . However I can cope with these teething problems as the game is awesome and I don't like golf per se. Love ittttt
  3. Best golf game
    Robert Hoke
    This has got to be the best golf game I have tried for my phone. Don't look for any other game. Just download this and save yourself the trouble.
  4. Vanesa Beck
    Cool game play, but too much info flying at you without being straightforward.
  5. Jeerawat
    Jeerawat Phakinnarusorn
    Love this game, it is very addictive game. I can't stop playing. I love its realistic feel of golf game. Let's play and try to win over yourself!!!
  6. Best golf game you can get
    george meek
    There is no need to look anywhere else this game is fantastic like, has everything you need
  7. Arcade style golf
    Tyler Kas
    Unrealistic, there are better games out that allow you to play as much as you want. This game has gimmicks and silly achievements. Also not challenging.
  8. Love it
    Doctor Glitchy
    Love it best golf app out there by far but the only thing is you need a lot of stars and it's all about buying them to advanced that park is a little sucky but all in all still an amazing game keep up the good work guys and if you could mabay do like a login bonus of stars that would be ace
  9. Great game.
    Adam Allcorn
    Was dubious at first with regards to battery consumption, but it appears to be pretty standard so far! Great game, been playing lots!
  10. Great game.
    James Rolley
    Very good game, consistent controls. Menu is a little confusing at first but worth getting used to.
  11. Luven Alagoppen
    Best golf game...excellent class graphics...alittle annoying to wait for time to pass to refill hearts but u can always play friends in the interim brilliant...unfortunately after the update the game does not load anymore...please fix for Sony Xperia z1 compact...have to change to one star constant problems after update
  12. Golfstar
    Beth Landry
    Very exciting and realistic. Need a flag to show wind direction and how strong there than that its really awesome can't stop playing it
  13. Lee Ross
    Outstanding game!!! Very user friendly and the variety of courses and match types keeps it interesting. I highly recommend giving this game a try.
  14. Michael Cotter Sr.
    It's kinda fun. Can't change your name, and there's to much to learn at once, but eventually you'll pick it up.
  15. Pretty good
    Ewan Knight
    I enjoy the game but its a bit frustrating that you only get around ten minutes play until your lives run out. Very good graphics.
  16. Great graphics but Candy Crush style 'hearts' that replenish slowly or pay for more.
    Frank fnhalluk Hall
    The graphics are great with panning and dramatic angles of shots. Downside is having to pay for more hearts which you need to play a round of golf. Also the number of levels available for free is a little limited in the career mode. The game starts with only basic shots with more advanced shots available to learn.
  17. Folks don't waste your time. This game is designed to get you to spend lots of your real money, up to $99.99 on IAPs!
    Richard Boyd
    Great graphics and overall gameplay. However, this game is designed for one purpose, to make you spend money. You will never advance to the higher levels, or make significant upgrades to your equipment and abilities without forking out some serious dough. Support by the developer is also almost non - existent.
  18. Great game
    Troy J
    Best golf game I've played so far. Can't connect with Facebook and you have to create an account on another site to change your name. Other than that it's great!
  19. Andy Ayres
    Good game, haven't needed to spend any money. Minimal adverts but takes up a huge amount of space.
  20. Golfstar
    Mark Ockerman
    Im playing on android,why wont the game load?


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