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tower defense
برج الدفاع



oh sang bum | Developer at Com2uS

대한민국 |

John Fu | Community Manager at Com2us Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area |

김규담 | Com2us Corporation PD

대한민국 |

Kyungmin (Chris) Pyo | Marketing Manager — Com2us Corporation

대한민국 |

Reviews 38,495

  1. Recharge stamina? wtf is this sh$t?
    seriously, this is exactly the same as the other tower defence game except that you have to pay money if you play this game continuously. your "stamina" runs out and forces you to pay money to recharge it and won't let you start another game until you do. uninstalled, that is a crap feature.
  2. Great game but glitchy
    J. Edward Turcotte
    Really fun but crashes a lot and has network connection problems, which prevent game startup, when no other app has connection problems. What network, anyway? You shouldn't need a connection to play. Uninstalled, too frustrating.
  3. Decent gameplay, greedy developers
    Chicago Italian
    The game plays ok, decent dynamic. The creators of the game really attempt to force you into spending money. You cannot beat the hard levels without spending coins or gems and the time it would take to aquire that manually is absurd. It's painfully obvious these guys were looking more to make money than provide a good game.
  4. Drop Dead
    Adrian Ago
    Unstable Internet? Sure....fine, blame the wifi. I've paid the first half of the so called "Tower Defence" and the reason why is because there's no freaking handicap. Is either you guys scam everyone on internet and no one bothers to complain or I'm very bad at playing the game after Chapter 10. Even your Summoners War sucks at helping players to have fun. Eat paper much? Try eating charcoal for once.
  5. Greedy
    Lance Couto
    Game is solid, but Developers basically force you to pay money. It's a shame, I really liked this one. After a certain point you have to wait hours for energy. You end up blowing 3 energy every round and they give you 12 to start.
  6. Terrible performance
    Luka Petrovic
    It takes more than 45sec to start playing. It often crashes without saveing progress. I am on lgg2 with 2g of ram. Never had problems with other games.
  7. Addictive
    Imran Rashid
    Just finished all stages. Keep deploying different types of weaponry along the way. Than start increasing the power.
  8. Patience
    Tony Rosella
    Takes too long to earn credits necessary for upgrades. Seems designed to force you to spend money. No instructions either.
  9. Sucks
    Rich Callahan
    I have no issues with throwing the developers a few bucks. But the cost to play this game is over the top. No thanks
  10. Greedy developers
    Robert Raborn
    Game is good, but making me spend money is not going to get me interested in your game.
  11. Almost perfect but falls VERY short.
    Stuart W
    This is an amazing game.... If you are connected to the Internet. As someone who flies frequently, this is big problem. Why it requires an Internet connection is unclear. Since I can't play the game when I would enjoy it most, it gets one star.
  12. Love it
    John Reynolds
    But having the option to upgrade earlier might keep people playing longer
  13. Nothing new
    Brandon Rodriguez
    This game is exactly like their older game, Tower Defense, except with stupid features added like a cool down timer that limits your play unless you pay.
  14. TD
    P Johnson
    After the download and initial attempts at playing I closed the game. I tried to reopen it about 30 mins later and it kept crashing on me. Not very user friendly on a smart phone either. Probably works better on a tablet
  15. Matthew Ford
    Not quite sure how to upgrade turrets that is my only issue.
  16. Lee Parker
    Brillant tower defence. .u can build many many towers on any map
  17. Was a good game
    Derek Austin
    Why must u guys destroy such a fun game
  18. Blatant money grub
    Parker Hylton
    Exact copy of the fantastic td lost earth but redesigned to force you to spend real money to complete.
  19. Decent upgrade from the original, but goes downhill from there...
    Connor F.
    Graphically, it's an improvement. After that, the devs got greedy. You can only play so many missions before you buy energy. You have to be connected to a network (so you can buy things). And it STILL crashes all the time. Just skip this one.
  20. The Spiritual Einstein
    Decent. If you love tower defense, DG2.


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Defend your towers against endless waves of enemies from a hostile alien planet!

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