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pudding pop mobile



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Reviews 62,955

  1. Ane Havea Terepo Lee
    This app is so annoying jst when you enjoy playing it freezes on you n the levels start going all over the place....GameOver jst wanna throw the phone out
  2. Buggle
    Carol Thompson
    Pop the bubbles I dont get the colors I need and dont know how ro get other lives coins dont build up fast enough for me.
  3. I've tried other bubble games, but this one surpasses all the rest. I love Buggle!
    Iris Rodriguez
    Buggle is my solice when I'm not strategizing in Clash of Clans. Please don't ever leave me, Buggle!
  4. Logan Wynalda
    After every level and while loads next, it goes to some statistics from overseas that is absolutely irrelevant. Will also load them same statistics when I first open game. Have to constantly reset my phone in order to continue on to new levels. Absolutely hate this. Fix this and I would give it a five star rating.
  5. Kathy Corey
    I like the game itself but it rested on me and now it is act freaky its like having triple vision and it isnt properly registering friends and it says i have over 400000000 coins and once it said i was on level 300. I just started playing the game today so go figure i just might remove the app
  6. Love the game but do you ever answer questions?
    Carol Jones
    I am on level 315 and it said you have reached the maximum level allowed are you planning on adding more levels or is this it? I play on my phone.
  7. Buggle
    Barb Hylton
    this is getting bad because i am Not reciveing lifes and keys that some one sends to me its been going on for a month now !! could please get this fixed !!
  8. Help
    Keith Ramlal
    I play on both laptop and phone..on the laptop it's fine...on my phone after level 315 I get "You have reached the maximun level allowed. .. fix please. Update: now I've installed and reinstalled the latest version, it will not open on my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3..
  9. Disappointed....
    Jim A
    Just like others I get to level 16 and then it jumps to level 300 and freezes. I like this game better than others of the same type but hate when there are stupid bugs that pop up.
  10. Joe Griffiths
    its good but glichey I got to level 15 abd it said I was on 303 and gave me 50 lives and 1234580 coins
  11. Hill Glynis
    It freezes and u have to stop over. Reload it three times it skip 5 and want let me go pass 6
  12. Awesome
    Dallas Holloway
    Omg its such a good game, must downlaod and play! My dad and I always help each other out woooooot!
  13. Mobile Ap only goes up too Level 315???
    Tanya Coltman
    6mnths on... & u can still only go up too 315 on this Ap??? I have to stiĺl only play this on my PC..Im up to Level 357 - very addictive game. Love it.....but very dissapointed in this "mobile ap"???? Only goes up too Level 315???? Have un-installed ap as no good too me if it cant keep up with all the Levels!!!!!! Update Update Update your Ap!!! Please...your last one was in April??? Come'on You would of got 5 Stars if you updated Ap more often
  14. Buggle
    Diane Day
    Brilliant game I have it on my tablet as well. Can't put it down.
    Renato Marana
    It does not work in my Samsung j1. Every time I want to open it always says buggle has stopped. Please help.
  16. Bubble Mobile
    Becky Mullennix
    Great game, you and all you're friends should love it . Mine do,and so do I
  17. tami song
    Fun enough, but it's frozen me on a level and won't let me play anymore.
  18. Trash
    Lori Hill
    All it does is freeze.! I also aim the ball and hit misses the whole set of bubbles..uninstalled
  19. Wont work
    Stuart Budge
    Just says loading all the time and never can play on a tablet or phone
  20. Won't load Mobile
    Leslie Brown
    I have Uninstalled reinstalled it won't load up. Game was a stress reliever now I can't even play


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