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  1. Marco Garces
    Excellent RTS. Last update added several great features and units. It's good to see it's still being developed. Hope to see more new units and maps soon.
  2. Love the game
    Everett Holt
    I love total inilation when on pc. This is very similar I hope the creators add more to this I have told many of my game friends whom adored TI. Keep going guys this is awesome.
  3. Great app very c&c like
    William Wilkins
    The multiplayer is awesome now! Well it seems to be always Chinese people playing but I can randomly join a dedicated and it turn into an 4v4 in no time! Love it! Catagris is my handle, see you on the battlefield. (Wish the press and hold select got bigger then it is now.)
  4. Great RTS
    Nathan Moore
    Amazing little game, really surprised how well it plays on a phone/tablet. Could use a couple of ui tweaks, and ai difficulties need to be enabled for on line play. Got a few other ideas I might post in the games forum, assuming this is still in active development? Best £1 I've spent on the store though!
  5. Amazing but unfinished
    Lucas Matney
    Worth the money, times to build is reasonable, can't just spam units (a good thing there is no spam) but only 4stars because it is unfinished, make a t2 for all bases and fix multiplayer and it will be 5 stars
  6. Gaz Jones
    Use to play this game about a year ago and never had any problems, started playing it again and its taking a stupid amount of attempts to access units, to click on anything, i just keep repeatedly bashing my screen which at 1 point i felt like smashing it, its a really good game but this needs fixing, never had a prob on the s3 but i'm on s5 now, so i dont know if thats the issue but its very frustrating
  7. Brandon Amell
    Man I love this,but having problems with online please fix, there are several people trying to play.when me and my buddy join the same server it doesn't even show us in lobby.only the w Asian players I can join wtf !! Please fix
  8. Loved itttt!!!
    Tony Piearce
    For people on Proscan or android tablets, you need to turn on show touches in your settings. BTW I'm not new to this game but I have some suggestions. Please add in a city map and also please add in soldiers or land robots. Maybe for the navy you can select u boats in the battle ships and deploy them on shore. Maybe since its a futuristic kinda game, you should be able to have a mother ship in space , like you can press a button with a mother ship button and you camera flies out of the atmosphere and there you select unit deployments or airships so you take the world and destroy the enemies mother ship to win indefinitely. I don't know. Just make the game more alive, or worth the cost. Please do. :)
  9. A true RTS for android
    Michael Molinar
    A great rts for those who would love a fast paced, resource grab, massive army building, expand and conquer game on the go. Needs a few additions to units or even a new faction but overall a sweet @$$ strategy game.
  10. Brilliant
    Lee Weaver
    Just downloaded the lastest version and the graphics are much better. The new units are awesome (would like to see a subterrian mole tank (good for sneak attack or unforseen enemy support) though and a flame tank (+attk vs. Structures )). Would like to see some mountains as impassable terain for ground units. Like more maps in the app too :) just can't beleive this game is not more popular.
  11. Love it. Ther is a unit that's in ther that u can't make...hay
    Fuad Torres
    Pleas make better com. Don't give up on this game; I have kept it for its potinshall. Don't worry about grafix. If the INVENTRT OF THIS GAME reads this u have done a great job . Allso I would like it if those bilders had an automatik repair mode and the units had some sort of self intelligent. But no worrys and no presher
  12. Easily THE game with the most potential on the app store...
    Josh Lawson
    This app has tons of potential- don't get me wrong, it's already great, but it could be EVEN BETTER! Fluidity of the AI is astounding considering how new the game is... but it could still be improved. AI can't seem to amass units while sending others off to fight. Just build a big enough army; victory imminent. The multiplayer could be the thing that makes this game great, and the dev sure seems to be working on it. You have to agree to report any bugs to the dev's email in order to use the function. More units would be more than welcome, and perhaps upgrade trees. The thing I appreciate MOST however is the lack of IAPs. Yes, this is a paid app, but paid apps with IAPs are all too common now, and I thank the dev for building, and maintaining, an app that is so superb without IAPs. Thank you. Please support this app!!!
  13. Good but not great
    Nate Freeman
    Cool little RTS, I'm fine paying the $2 and accepting it for what it is. Unit control is well thought out, you can draw a box with two fingers, which is nice. Some units (builder) are missing the "unselect all" button which is annoying. My biggest disappointment was the gameplay, there's really only enough buildings/units for one approach and thus little actual strategy involved. The economic system is flawed needs rework. I would pay for it again but would not expect to get more than a few hours out of it.
  14. Very good
    JOHHNY beast
    I love thia game a definate buy to anyone that likes rts games but, I find multiplayer insanely dificult to figure out and I never know if anyone is even playing pls make it easier to opperate love the game
  15. Great
    Tex Robby
    Its an amazing game, fun and addicting, l really do enjoy playing it. Maybe u can add walls, blockage (like trees, marsh lands, mountains) and more maps. Hopefully u can update it more where the ai can make ships on the islands maps. Keep the good work up
  16. Great game really, but did you give up near end of production?
    Mike P
    Awesome game, great idea, AI is stiff but can be mastered with relative practice, but... Where's the cream filling? No big sea or air units, what's up with this? I paid for a complete game, why are aircraft and sea so weak? They all should have a "T-2" or experimental buildings. Other ideas, experimental hover tank, better controls for builders(they get stuck a lot), maybe a large Carrier or sonic jets to spy, Oh, and please some type of prize or special level for beating all the maps. OK, OK, with that said, it's still a good game all around, like 28%, or maybe more of it seems missing, but still worth the buy if Online stars to work.
  17. Really fun
    Domanic Calleja
    The closest an android RTS has come to a desktop experience, my one niggle at the moment is it is too easy to abandon the game by accidentally hitting back, a confirmation dialog would be nice to save losing a game by mistake. Edit: cheers for the response, much appreciated. :)
  18. Fun per £ the best multi-player RTS on Android
    John Winterton
    For a modest outlay of £3 my kids and I have enjoyed endless fun with this little RTS. Best value entertainment investment I have made in any app. Great work Corroding Games. Long may you have time to enahnce it.
  19. Multiplayer
    Logan Williams
    This game has a great single player but every time i do online multiplayer it either doesnt connect or nobody speaks English
  20. Best strategy game for Android!
    Hristo Kostov
    The game is amazing but in multiplayer i cant join any servers except for servers hosted from the devoleper. The other thing is that i cant recognize players in game theres no player tag. When these things are fixed and added to the game i will vote with 6 if i can. For everyone who's fan of multiplayer strategy games don't think to much just buy it!


What`s new

-Android 10 hotfixes
-New map: Many Islands Large (10p)
-New unit: Mech Engineer
-Interface improvements
-Better AI that is more aggressive late game.
-Path finding system has 2x-3x better performance and uses less memory.
-Game handles more mods and doesn’t load data from disabled mods by default
-Long list of new modding features to make cool mods with (including resources and attachments)
-New mod importer and compressed mod support
-Lots of bug fixes