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  1. Tab 2 7" CM10
    Henry Garcia
    This game works flawlessly. I admit, the text is super plain, looks like windows dos but then, once you actually get into it, the game works exactly like Red alert games. Honestly, this game has ALOT of potential, its smooth, you build armys and bases and defend your bases and key points etc. Really well done team, you got a great game on your finger tips, jus don't stray into lazyness. Word of advice, if you think the games super hard or anything, slow it down a notch, gives us players time to think, half a second more. I hate it when I scroll up 2 see how some tanks are doing and then when I go back my base is in ruins. It took me 5s to scroll up and bk down. . . maybe its jus me ?
  2. Don't have 2 bucks at the moment
    Raffy De Los Santos
    Great game but the demo is so short, but epic game.
  3. Michael Tran
    Great strategy game. Theres no maximum amount of units, build however much you want. Going to buy the actual game soon.
  4. Ok
    Zach Tanner
    The game its self i like but i do reckon you should be able to play multiplayer in the demo.
  5. Muhammad Rollins
    I my god this is the game i was looking for this game went me to play all day an i didnt eat for two days its true but one thing man can you put online teams vs other player because a lot of people will rate trust me it work
  6. Good RTS but no infantry
    Mike Rogers
    I know im not the only one that knows that You need infantry in a rts for cannon foder and the good old infantry rush tactic will give it 5 stars when infantry are added
  7. Can't deselect builder
    Nick Krysinski
    It's inconvenient but the game is fun
  8. Dear developer,
    Angelo Consunji
    I really love this game, but I don't know how to port forward. My router doesn't give a successful open port. I tried several times but the router only restarts and the rusted warfare is still Closed to the internet. I want to play with my friend 14 km away from me. Please help opening the game publicly. There are multiplayer games that doesn't need to port forward. Please make a solution. I am just an average techie.
  9. I finally found it!
    Marcus Burke
    I had this game on my last phone, and I loved it. But once it broke and I got a new one later...I forgot it's name, and I've been searching so very very long for this game, and now I finally have it!
  10. Super game
    khalia satkiewicz
    I like the first level cause it's easy
  11. Need decoration
    Heinay Soe
    I like the game decorated with tree bush you know those stuff
  12. Gud game
    Oliver Worthington
    I liked the demo considering getting game i would love to see a survival mode on here with national leader board ie start a game and every few mins troops attack u constantly more and more untill u lose if this game had that id defo get it and tell my friends to get it aswell
  13. Kace Prince
    Can you add new units and new buildings in the demo please
  14. Awesome!
    Ankit Kashyap
    Good job at retaining the TA feel. :D
  15. Wish I could buy it
    Yusuf Khan
    This is a great game and if I could buy it I would
  16. Hack into the game
    Ethan Hayes
    I was just getting in the game and the little screen popped up so I played the game got a experment tank
  17. Chris 123
    Really good. Thinking about buying. Update: I tried to resume a demo save game but entered a completely different game and saw the experimental tank. I really want access to those! I think I'm going to have to buy. FYI this works great on BlueStacks.
  18. Awsome
    SNS W
    Wish I found this before downloading so many other rts's. Brilliant, control's are nice, lots of options although a menu button instead of using the default soft keys would be nice. Decent game play captures C&C and TA well. Would like a bit more depth with different races/units. Would like more metal/concrete colours (bit too bright for me ATM) but I'm just getting picky now :P. All in all a solid game that works very well for still being in alpha.
  19. Amazing.
    Kauris Azurai
    I've been looking for a true RTS for hours. This one does very very well for a game in alpha. Not to mention it's the only original true RTS I've found. Unless you want to count that dune 2 port I found. The only suggestion I can currently think of is that your units need a bit more life. Maybe alternating the textures on the tracks of the tanks might make them feel more like moving tracks. All of the animations you have done are gorgeous, but it feels like there needs to be a few more. Animations are very important in a low graphic game like this, they are what give it life in place of high graphics.(in my opinion, thine Milages doth vary.) All in all, expect my money soon. We have a gem among the piles of popular rubbish!
  20. Fast paced action errodes tactical depth
    Robert Garstang
    Great demo. Will probably buy the full version. From the demo this game feels like Total Annihilation combined with Dune 2 terrain maps. Both of which I fondly remember. This game is a fast flowing RTS with well thought out controls for the touch screen generation. However where the game delivers in speed, resource management elements and tactics suffer. The ease of obtaining resource to build your base means that you dont have to worry about it so you can turtle in your base until you're ready to strike. Hope the dev have more improvements lined up. Still my support goes to people trying to make sincere gaming. A wave of nostalgia not only for the game play but the also of the gaming industry pre matket capitlisation and hostile takeovers... EA this means you.


What`s new

v1.13.3(b) - Main changes applying to demo:
-New unit: Mech Engineer
-Interface improvements
-Better AI that is more aggressive late game.
-Path finding system has 2x-3x better performance and uses less memory.
-Android 10 fixes
-Lots of fixes.
(Lots of other changes that mostly apply to full version)

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