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Boston, Massachusetts |

Mike Ferroni | Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designer

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  1. Fantastic
    Kevin Smith
    You need to take the time to understand the game, but once you do, you have a superb game with many ways of playing and masses of replay value. Well worth the small price for the paid version. People have marked it down for the relatively basic visuals, but why? The graphics may not be flashy but they do what they need to do without being ugly.
  2. 〰〰〰 A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    A unique combination of Elite, X3 and OGame, Star Traders gives you a galaxy to explore at your leisure. Trade, fight, search for artefacts, hunt for bounties or be a pirate. Fly between hundreds of planets in dozens of ships while balancing the needs of the ruling factions. It's fast and smooth, and as deep and involving as anything on PC. A simple interface hides a complex economic structure, and you really feel as though the different factions are working in realtime. A stunning achievement on mobile.
  3. Star Traders
    Michael Wakely
    I wanted the whole game. I will play full version then decide on playability.
  4. Chad Lungren
    I've got more value from the purchase if this game than any other app of any kind that I've purchased to date.
  5. Reccomended
    Theos Nayan
    I would like to have more of a feeling of progression, maybe involvment in the game's politics
  6. Amazing
    Rob Fu
    Love the constant updates one suggestion would like to see a sell all button
  7. Awesome
    Dakota Wheeler
    This game was great when i first got it but i bought elite and it completely amped up the gameplay i suggest getting it
  8. Great fun
    Maymay Stahl
    It's really fun! One of two games that I am so glad I purchased.
  9. Recommended
    Fritz Aran Antipuesto
    Can you add two more officers., if that's ok., thanks
  10. I have had this game for three years
    Jason Murray
    This was the first game I got on my phone and it has never been removed.
  11. Good, but not for the price.
    Michelle Wright
    I wasn't too impressed to have paid as much just to unlock the ship design feature. I had to pay for the Elite option and then a further ship design option. Other than that, it's a bit of good fun much like what I was looking for.
  12. I really love this game but...
    Marcelo Gonzalez Danke
    My Favourite these brothers games are broken on my galaxy. Firstly cyber knights won't play any combat. As soon as I attack an enemy it reverts back to the normal map as if nothing happened ruining the experience. Secondly the exchange in the classic star traders is broken. I sell something. I sell something else and magically the stuff I sold before appears in my inventory. Same thing with repairs. I rapaor something and then I repair another thing and ( continued in cyber knights )
  13. Top Down Space Like You've Never Seen Before!
    Rick Price
    A great sandbox space rpg. The achievements can only be unlocked at the higher difficulties which is kinda too tough for me to tackle, but I have played normal mode off and in for years. There's always adventures brewing just around the bend!
  14. A game that delivers
    Chad Dickhaut
    Fantastic game; worth every penny and more. Its gameply simple enough to learn quickly, but the game's intricacies give it staying power. Try the basic edition to learn what a gem this game is, and when you're ready for even more content and unlockable goodies buy the elite edition. I think you'll be glad you did. Addendum: I am continually impressed by the tireless efforts of the Trese brothers. They're easily the most responsive devellopers I've ever seen.
  15. Great game
    Garrette Johnson
    I love this game. Its open ended, play how you want fun. Played it for ages. Had one minor problem with IAP transfers but it cleared itself up
  16. Amazed by this game love it but.....
    Aaron Hempstead
    Somethings missing I paid for the game because its beyond amazing just its needs more choice like the option to make our own paths like buying a planet or or start our own faction you guys can reach me at [email protected] Com I have a lot of good ideas I feel could help I can even do ya one better and help pay to make this game better I don't expect any thing in return I just want to see this game improve I love it beyond
  17. Good but not great
    davide borgo
    Diplomatic mechanics a little awkward, basic graphic and animation, but good overall game, nice RPG with plenty of options
  18. D&D/Pathfinder
    Chris Jacques
    From my experience, the game is mostly flawless. If you play any role-playing games like D&D, you will find it is operated in the same way, just transferred to a video game. The main problem is the lack of a plot, so if you don't devise your own plot, story, or goal, then this game can get old. I recommend this game. My tip is to pick a goal and fight for it. However I dislike in-game purchases, when you buy a game, you should get the whole game. Greedy Developer's are ruining the gaming industry.
  19. Awesome
    Ladd Goldstein
    Not sure if the price itself is worth it, but the world is immense, the fanfiction fuel is glorious... I can't wait to have a real challenge when I reach the ability to be a pirate with a custom ship. I built it but died. Paid too high of a price for the ship :P
  20. Great game
    I have been playing this game for two years. It never gets old.


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v6.2.3 - 2/5/2019
- 'Star Traders: Frontiers' available on Android!
- New Ship: Myrmidon Cruiser
- New Ship: Fallen Carrier
- Rebalanced Defeat: Prison with more Turns, Rep recovery mechanic
- Fixed Lion Freighter Cargo Hold Size
- Rebalanced Turns consumed by Patrol Ops
- Improved Rumor rules for enemy cargo