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Steve McIvor | Owner and Director

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  1. How to rate an app that doesn't work?
    Nicolas Bianchi
    Bought the game but it doesn't even launch on my Note 4. It crashes while loading. I get the message "Unfortunately, Monkey Boxing has stopped". Tried uninstalling it, deleting all com. folders and reinstalling it. Still no way to get it working. Refund possible?
  2. Knocked out flat.
    phil morgan
    Looks like it's dead in it's corner. Worked on previous phones, but not on Nexus 6. Shame. As it hasn't been updated for over a year it looks like it's all over for this.
  3. WIFI
    m liao
    This game could be fun by 2 players. but wifi battle is so unstable, 1/10 success rate of connecting to another player. please make it bluetooth playable.
  4. The best
    iOS Weekly
    It is 1 of the best games on Android if ur checking comments to see if it's bad or good it is amazing get it
  5. Gameplay sucks.
    Valerie Elaine
    Although this game looks good, it is really boring and rather stupid. You can't make punch combos; rather, you press a button over and over while your character does random punches. Not worth 3 bucks. Don't buy it.
  6. Great game for the price
    Tomeka hamilton
    First of all I LOVE MONKEY'S LOL!!! but on a serious note downloaded this and tried it very interesting game, very fun and silly for all ages you can dress the monkeys and customize them really fun worth the try . ✳✳✳✳✳
  7. great
    SuperLuke Tech!
    it's really fun and I play it everyday! also the 3D graphics are awesome. if you like great action games, this is for you. also i wish there was a way to have matches with your friends over bluetooth. BUY THIS GAME!
  8. Repeatable fun playing
    Ed Twiss
    I have not tried vs play so I can't comment on that part, but for me this game was worth the money. Despite there only being two buttons you can do combinations it just takes some work to figure them out, and in higher levels those combos are required win. More buttons would just make this game less easy to pick up and play casually. I would like it if the developers would add in the ability to tell how close you are to a given goal, how many more blocks till I reach the banana award? Continues to be fun after weeks of play!
  9. Alrite
    Adolfo Gaspar
    I downloaded, thinking my 2 nieces would fight each other...I guess I was wrong.
  10. Amesome
    Daniel Wright
    It is so good I have all most finished the game. If I was you I would buy this game when you see it :-) :-)
  11. Amazing
    lukey b
    Such a fun game to play good defo buy this happy is wrath it download
  12. Cool battle it out game
    Jeffery Elliott
    Have had alot of fun with it . Please add a exit button feature when wanting to exit the game. I also noticed the game does not pause if the lock button is pressed accidently so please add that in a future update as well. Noticed later on that there is no profile saving feature built into this. Cool game Developer
  13. Fun
    bronco_ land
    I love be monkeys and I love monkeys when they fight so this is a fun and lol game.
  14. Hehe
    chris Kokanour
    So funny I smacked him in the nuts lol
  15. Need to reinstall always
    Antonio Castro
    Everytime I open it for the second time I cannot play so the I need to reinstall it always, this happen on my Note 3, please fix it and I will update my rating, thanks
  16. Perfect
    Florin Crisan
    I wish to see more games like this. It is funny, easy to play, catchy and has very good graphics. It does not push advertisements, although it is very affordable. And there is no hidden catch; you are not pushed to do in game purchases. I wish it would save the progress in the cloud. Congratulations to the developer!
  17. Monkey Boxing
    Mary Howell
    Stops and won't run. I'm using the Android OS.
  18. I should have known better ...
    Jeff Francis
    I picked this up to try 2 player with a friend. After about 30 minutes I was tired of it. The 2 player seemed responsive on his home WiFi, but there really isn't much here in terms of gameplay: block, punch, and some quick time events. At $3, it's not really worth it.
  19. overpriced!
    Joseph Irvin
    pretty funny and fun but is lack luster and needs a major update with more moves
  20. It's awesome
    Jocab Cleveland
    The game is awesome and it's really easy. I am WMB champion. World Monkey Boxing.


What`s new

- Game automatically pauses when the device is locked or when the application is sent to background
- Added connection timeout when using wifi multiplayer.
- Audio now correctly stops on older devices when the lock screen is shown
- The Android back button can now be used to navigate back to previous menu or to close popups
- The Android back button can now be used to pause the game
- some gameplay fixes