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Harold Quillet | CFO Europe at Asmodee Group

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Michael Gonçalves | Responsable studio chez Asmodee Group

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Reviews 3,499

  1. Game good but a lot to be desired
    Yvi San
    1. Connecting to Days of Wonder account does not give you a leaderboard that I could find. 2. No way to quickly play again with same settings. 3. AI plays very slow even at quickest setting. 4. No multiplayer. 5. AI players could be smarter. 6. Achievements are silly and seem to be a buzzword (gamification) add on. 7. Expensive for such a simple game.
  2. Charles Cohen
    Excellent game! My only complaint is that it constantly wants to post to my google account. How can I get that to stop? It tries to do that every time I start the app.
  3. Too Easy
    Jonathan Byrd
    The challenges and the AI competitors are too easy to beat, I've had it a couple of days and played all challenges all AIs; in all, I've lost twice and once was with a random draw that was literally impossible. Would like to see more challenges and more difficultly settings.
  4. Splendid
    A.G. Palmer
    This is an absolutely beautiful game. It's fun to play every time, and the ambiance is perfect. Being able to save part way through would be a neat bonus - sessions are short, but because of that it often ends up getting played in situations you have to cut off abruptly. It also obviously needs online multiplayer, I take it that's coming soon, maybe at the same time as the Steam version?
  5. OK
    basil punton
    Plays well but slow to load and slow play. Very stupid in that no quick method to exit when finished. Have to wait until game has loaded. If sensible exit, and a warning when players turn, then would get 5 stars.
  6. Lonnie Fultz
    Great adaptation. Lovely artwork and good UI. Will upgrade to 5 stars when multiplayer is implemented. The challenges are entertaining. Do recommend buying as is though.
  7. Great on a Nexus 6.
    Ian Park
    Works well. Like that you can customise the AIs. This apps needs online support though. Would give 5 stars when this goes live if it works.
  8. Great game, some issues
    Brian Lalonde
    The board game only allows a single noble per player, the app has no limit, so the first to start getting them often wins. Challenges don't sync across devices. Madrid Wedding Present challenge is orders of magnitude harder than the others—be sure and exit to the main menu to re-randomize the cards. No support for Google TV.
  9. Deniz Turkmen
    Tried the free unofficial version, but this is the real deal. Better graphics & sound, and it supports pass & play, which is exactly what an electronic board game needs. Works fine on my old HP Touchpad.
  10. Kristen White
    Great interface for a solid game! When will new challenge packs be available for purchase?
  11. Dan Sattary-Javid
    Great replica of the tabletop version. Should be able to do mix of pass & play with AI's too
  12. Perfect, and then some!
    Al Gonzalez
    About as perfect of an adaptation as you could hope for. The challenge mode also helps you see the game in new and interesting ways.
  13. Good game!
    Teddy Williams
    Good game, plays very well and lovely graphics. Decent AI. Two things: phone (ageing S3) does get quite hot after a while, probably 'cos of the graphics. Secondly, it's a shame that game settings (eg number of points required) cannot be changed - Can it?
  14. Excellent interface, lacks multiplay
    Zachary Dyer
    I really enjoy the game, played the board game once and was excited for the app. If they add online Multiplayer it will be perfect.
  15. Needs multi-player
    Samer Serhan
    This needs local multi-player at the least (Two diff devices on same network) and perhaps online multi-player going forward. Like Small world. Not worth the price with just A I and the pass and play ruins the game flow
  16. Great game
    Tim Szerlong
    Love being able to play AI that is hard to beat
  17. A bit buggy
    Kevin Jonas
    The interface is great. For the most part they did a really good job. I have run into a couple of bugs. First one that is common is the ai buys a card I reserved, this usually happens immediatley after I reserve the card. That's second is sometime it won't let me buy a card for even though I have the resources. For samples, a tile costs 2 white and 1 black. I had 2 white, 2 red, and 3 black all in tiles, no chips. It wouldn't let me buy it.
  18. Excellent job!
    Megan Marshall
    I've played alot of table top games on my phone, and I feel like a lot of them are clunky and just not well done. This one works so nicely, very smooth and well organized. I love it!
  19. Sylvie C. Rochon
    Love it, wish there were more challenges to unlock
  20. Way better than playing it irl
    Martin Samocha
    You don't talk or interact much work the players so this is a perfect app


What`s new

Added 64-bit support,
Fixed a range of device-specific issues:
- black screen on launch,
- crash in the achievements menu,
- crash caused by a change of the avatar on some Lenovo devices,
- crash after a challenge victory,
- crash during an online game,
- crash on boot after closing the app during an online game,
- restart at the end of an online game on some Nokia and Lenovo devices,
- end turn prompt disappearing after selecting any portraits of the nobles.