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  1. Wifi Needed for Extras
    Corey Smallwood
    I had this game on the ipad and loved it. Works fine but if you purchase the very expensive expansion packs they will not work without wifi. I don't have wifi available where I'm at so it's been a waste of money.
  2. Gameplay Kills WiFi
    John Lee
    No other app on my nexus 6 kills my wifi. But I can barely get through my turn in Smallworld before the wifi signal dies, the game can't connect and I'm forced back to the game's main menu. Please fix!
  3. Jankity connection
    Kelly Taber
    The game itself is well done, but playing is always a frustrating experience. It starts by pausing whatever music you have playing-even when the game volume is set to nill. Then it has to authenticate you. Then it does it again. Then about half the time it won't remember what games you have in progress. If you're waiting on another player to make their last move the finished game will suddenly appear in a seemingly random location on the list making it take effort to find out who won.
  4. Larry T
    Can only play against one other computer player, other wise the ai will always sacrifice one by only attack you. Plus, the sign in feature won' t let you just say no.
  5. Every game crashes
    Eric Murray
    I've never had a problem with apps crashing, but this one crashes constantly. It also often won't let me play with the expansion I paid for. Not worth it because I can seldom finish a game.
  6. So upset
    Tess Laeh
    This is my favorite board game, so I convinced 2 of my out of state friends to download it to play with. If I leave the app, suddenly the game no longer exists. Doesnt matter if its the first turn or the last. For 7 dollars for an app, I didn't expect it to have such an obvious flaw. Thanks for nothing Days of Wonder.
  7. Locks ups and crashes spoil game
    Bob Israelsen
    I love the board game version. And the steam version works great. But the android version loses two stars because of random lock ups and crashes that happen at least once a a game...its not acceptable. I expected better.
  8. Fun, but a few bugs
    Chris Kohler
    Love how it FEELS like a board game in face to face mode, but the text with race descriptions doesn't propperly flip with the rest of the interface. Will give 5 stars when fixed.
  9. Extremely satisfied except for a few quirks
    justin bridgers
    I played the board game and fell in love with this game! Immediately purchased the app and it works like a charm and plays almost perfectly. The only problem i have with it is that the map needs be made smaller because the map pieces around the border are to close to the edge and i cant move my troops if they are on the edge. Also another thing i cant figure out is id the game is cross platform meaning can i play this game with my friends that have iphones if i have an android phone.
  10. Long download, short game
    Edward McGuire
    Takes so long to download, you cannot get a refund through app store. The game itself takes very little time to play. Like Risk, but only 8 very fast turns. Unbalanced factions, the winner is the player who identifies the most overpowered combo. Map does not randomize, which would help. No campaign or story mode, no achievements I can see. Limited replay value. Tutorial is only a video. Hard to follow AI turns. Doesn't display score during play. AI doesn't gang up on the leader, just lets them win. IAP for unlocking all the factions. Cannot recommend.
  11. Local play good. Online play terrible
    Joshua Lee
    I love this game and it's great played locally amongst friends. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the online experience. The game server connection keeps dropping despite my Internet connection being fine. It feels like the online experience is still in beta or something
  12. It crashes alot
    Evil Hairy
    Played about 12 games and 11 of them have crashed. For 10 bucks a game should not crash this much. It is fun tho. Works on one of my devices without crashing. Galaxys s 3 crashes all the time. Besides that is a great game. In app purchases are worth the few bucks keeps good varaity. Get the real gave if you want to play with more than two people in the same room with one device. Pass and play is available but it is not fun and slow. Online pay its ok. Heads up is lots of fun.
  13. Good but crashes
    Scott Leitner
    I enjoy playing the game, and don't regret the price tag. Unfortunately it has been crashing approximately once per game on me. At this point all I can do is wait for fixes that I figure are coming. It's a little tough to play on a phone and would be better on a tablet but it's still doable and fun. This is a 5 star game if you like strategy board games but I can't ignore the crashes.
  14. Single player good, multi-player buggy
    Tim Shields
    Love the board game and decided to get the mobile version. The single player is a lot of fun (4 stars) and is true to the game, but after convincing my board game group to get the game and trying multi-player, it's quite disappointing. Half the time one my friends can't see the invite, once we got a couple games going, the app started crashing regularly. As a software developer, I would feel bad putting my name on as buggy an experience as that, let alone charging money for it.
  15. Haven't made it through a game, of any kind, without the app crashing.
    Andrew Stuart
    I'm using a Samsung S3. It's not an outlandishly obscure phone. And I'm shocked and frustrated this app consistently doesn't work. I'm incredibly disappointed and regretful of my purchase. I feel ripped off. To make matters worse, this game seems to want to destroy my data plan since it verifies my download every time I open the app.
  16. Sooo much potential missing
    joshua mcsparron
    The app game is great and true to the game. I love that it keeps records and has tons of different ways to play like solo, online, passing around etc. The AI players make basic mistakes sometimes and are stubborn to let thier active race decline when it is obvious. It also crashes occasionally. I just can't get over them missing so many obvious things. Allow us to adjust AI players level of difficulty. Have all 4 maps from board game and let us choose which we want. Make new maps tbat we can buy.
  17. Not worth what I paid
    Jarek Brockman
    I had a review for this game about lack of settings or a learning curve, but now that I've played with friends, this game is just broken. With the money I'm paying, it should not have this many bugs and crashes. The bots are unbeatable for all but the most experienced player, and the pass'n'play breaks and crashes constantly. Awful port, but wonderful game.
  18. Could ask no more
    Clayton Onez
    This is a wonderful port of the new classic board game for a fraction of the cost. The expansions are a bit bare bones, but come at a very good price. The only complaint I have is that the online community is not very active.
  19. fun
    occasionally the connection is a little wacky. i do own the tabletop version which is why I got the app. and the game translates well and a plus is I don't have to take the time for set-up. my boyfriend and I had a great time doing the pass and play while trying to kill time at the airport.
  20. Highly addictive in spite of some bugs
    Tito Martin-Nemtin
    The online component is still supposedly in beta, it crashes frequently on my Galaxy tablet and it won't recognize my bluetooth keyboard, but it still manages to be a highly addictive game like the boardgame it's based off. Maybe a little too addictive... I haven't had the urge to pay the analog game with my friends in a while! UPDATE: Trying it online has ruined my enjoyment of the game, though. I enjoy SmallWorld for the ability to mix and match abilities and try out what's effective - a spirited amateur enthusiast, if you will. People online seem to enjoy the game by only picking the races that result in total victory. I groan every time someone reaches for the ghouls or skeletons... Not to mention that the app REALLY doesn't like it when I tab out to do something else while I'm waiting for my turn. Crashes and kicks me. And it won't let me type with my bluetooth keyboard, And then when I unplug my keyboard, it crashes. Bluh.


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