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  1. Not as great as iOS
    Jesse Martin
    I used to have TTR on my iPad. Once I didn't have my iPad any more, I still wanted to play, so I downloaded the Android version on my phone. I miss the achievements from the iOS version. They gave some goals to reach for in the game and to keep the game interesting. I have the board game too and love it, so I would love to see some improvements to the Android version.
  2. Good game, but...
    Gunther Herzog
    The add-on boards are way overpriced for what it is. You could buy whole new games for the same price. Other games (Catan, Carcassone) give you significantly new pieces and rules in their expansions. In this one you get a new but similar board with a few rules tweaks but nothing that makes the game relatively fresh. In the tabletop versions the draw of Asia and Switzerland is enhanced playability for different player counts. When AI players are an option that becomes much less significant.
  3. Validation Error?
    Kristina Dine
    I love this game and love that it plays in real time against the people you're playing with instead of turn based like some games you can download. However recently its been giving me a "Download Verification" screen before loading the game and now its saying Verification Failed and not opening the game. Any ideas?
  4. Love it, but...
    Timothy VanderWall
    I love this game. It plays well even on my older Galaxy Tab 2. However, I can't buy any expansions; I keep getting unknown Alvin errors. I cannot find a place to report the problem either.
  5. Finally...worth the wait
    Karl Kindt
    Plays great on my Nexus 7. UI is very well designed, and the AI seems pretty sharp. UPDATED: Pass and play just made this perfect...five stars!
  6. Missing options
    Kevin Oldewurtel
    Played on my gf's iPad and there were more options and features available. Ex: Ai difficulty and character selections. No clue why android version has to be lacking, very disappointing considering this app costs money, I expected to get the same as I played on the iPad. I feel jipped
  7. love it when it works
    BBF Sue
    The last couple months the server has been playing up a lot and there has been constant disconnections from games. Extremely frustrating when u can't connect back to the same game. Fix connection crashes.
  8. Must have a Bug
    Andrew Crummett
    I absolutely love this game, but unfortunately it causes my phone to lose its capability to auto rotate the screen. This makes using some of my other apps really difficult. Once this issue is resolved, please contact me so that I can reinstall it.
  9. Needs a few updates to the Pass 'n play option
    Malachi Nyhuis
    Fun game, but the pass 'n play option is terribly slow due to the fact that it forces you to watch each opponents actions. The iPad version is much neater and quicker to play when you are playing with others. Also, an option to play over wifi would be nice.
  10. Unplayable
    Melissa Schmidt
    I had this as 4 stars but I'm changed it to 1 because it became unplayable. Servers always dropping you from games or jut tells you unknown error. There was an update that was suppose to help but it made it worse not better. Thinking I waisted my money at this point.
  11. Great except for glitches
    Nikki Tieman
    9-8-15 Update: 2 years later to the day, the same thing is happening again! 9-8-13: I love this game and am very pleased except for some glitches. Every time I closed the program, it lost my accumulated high scores. Now, when I start a game, it shows no opponents and that I have no available trains and no cards are dealt out. This is happening on every map, but stated after I bought and played three games of Switzerland. Turning my tablet off and on didn't help. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling. Five stars if they fix this. Also, please make an app for Memoir 44.
  12. Not functioning properly
    Tom and Izzy Thorley
    The game, itself, is very well designed. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to play and I was expecting to give it a 5* rating when I first played; however, there are functions which do not work- often I will find that I can't place routes for no apparent reason. After spending over £5 on the app (the most expensive app I've ever bought), I am absolutely appalled that I can't now play it properly. Please fix this.
  13. Fun game, but it needs a little work... Especially for the price.
    April Thompson
    I really love this game, but it's very difficult to see the city names. Granted, my phone is not a giant note size, but it's not a small phone either. It just needs to be designed a little differently so I can read the words that are obviously supposed to be readable. I have played this on an Android and an iphone and I've had the same trouble on both. I also hate that the games cannot be saved. This is a rather costly app to have such obvious flaws. However, the games themselves are super fun! If this app was updated a bit, I would definitely give it five stars.
  14. Inferior to iOS version
    Phillip Kwok
    I've tried the iOS version and loved it. Now that I have an Android device I was excited to get TTR for Android. However, I am massively disappointed as the Android version is a much inferior version to the iOS version. The presentation is not as polished There's no local wifi multiplayer. The sounds used for the game are not as clear as the iOS version. There aren't as many options as the iOS version. No bluetooth support. The scorecard is obtrusive to the board (there's no need for it as it is automatically calculated anyway!). I still love playing the game, but after trying the iOS version already, I just wish the Android version was at least on par with it.
  15. Android Version Not great
    Evon Yee
    I love this game and I've bn playing it on my ipad a lot. So much that I even now buy one on my Android phone. But the whole experience playing on Android version is a let down. If it can be improved I would give it definitely a 5 star. First. When you play with someone, by right you should be able to see the score of each player. But android version can't. That's a huge minus. Second, the sound effects is pretty much a 60% off from the original. If it can be improved closer to original. A 5 star awarded.
  16. Clunky to play with friends
    Aaron Reichert
    If you want to play against very terrible AI bots or random strangers online it's great. If you have specific people that you want to play with it's cumbersome to get games started. Worse when somebody crashes the previously mentioned really really stupid bots step in and completely blow the game. It seems like they would make a lot more money if you could pause games, and send people game invites they could receive outside of the game.
  17. Needs Bluetooth pass and play and save/resume
    Jason Zillmer
    Great game that my wife and I play all the time, especially on flights and road trips when one of us doesn't drive. It would be nice if we could each play on our own devices and not have to hide the screen/our routes or to be able to play at home without having to physically pass a device. An option to sync games between devices over bluetooth would make us play far more often. The ability to save and resume a game would also be nice, but is not a must have
  18. Fun board game, app is primitive & costly.
    Amanda Perry
    Are you kidding? I can't even save a game and come back to it later? For an app that costs this much I expect to be able to do something as simple as save a game in progress.
  19. Battery eater and extra maps are expensive
    Elisa Herrman
    I've only played locally. This game is a lot of fun and the graphics are nice. I've never had any loading or crashing issues. My biggest problem is it eats through my battery from a full charge in about 2 or 3 games. The scores don't save. The maps are also expensive, after already paying for the base game.
  20. Expensive and somewhat buggy
    Jared Augsburger
    Within 5 minutes of downloading and installing on my Nexus 7, already hit buggy behavior. Can't believe that this same game on iOS is only 2 dollars, versus the 7 for Android... Normally would have skipped this purchase (though I love the board game), but I really want to play with my Wife.


What`s new

- Retry connection pop up displayed when loosing connection
- During maintenance, a feedback is displayed within the application
- Improvement of user experience for Android TV
- Several tutorial improvements
- Contact permission is only asked when actually linking the partner
- Sharing end screen don’t cause crash anymore
- Flow while leaving a game has been improved
- Minor fixes