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Steve McIvor | Owner and Director

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  1. Brings Back good memories
    Clive Houston
    Really great game, enjoyed it completely! Besides who really doesn't want to be a ninja lol.
  2. One of the best android games!
    Raymond Hachmishvili
    Please add achievements and more levels!!A third wall climbing button would be great.
  3. Good
    Tom Riddle
    Pls give kuro more moves, attacks, dash, slide or whatever. ..thx
  4. Real Fun, Jumping, Collecting, Smashing And Slashing Ninja Game!
    Mark Jordan
    Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 4.4.4 using a Moga Pro & Moga Pro Power controllers. The Moga support makes the game alot better, nothing like a Moga Pro holding your phone in its clip while your playing a side scroller! Good graphics, solid game play, soundtrack and FX. Can't wait to see the coming soon levels...
  5. Brilliant
    Daniel Waleniak
    Fun and short levels. It's absolutely perfect for mobile and the levels are quite varied and well designed. The controls are flawless.
  6. Great platformer!
    Bryon Black
    Really enjoyed this game. Lots of fun and some levels get pretty challenging. I just wish there were more levels, but hopefully they will ad more as time goes on. Don't even mess with the gesture controls - they're terrible. The on-screen buttons are the only way to go for this game.
  7. Another great game from Crescent Moon Games.
    GaggillTRON Vorgog
    Love this game. It's got great graphics, controls are perfect. Fun quick levels. Time to do your best. Love the blood and some times what looks like rolling heads after chopped off. Lots and lots of blood. With headphones the sound of the sword going through the bad guys is priceless. Love it lots. Just wish they could put some achievements in there. But get this game if you like action side scroll ninja platform action.
  8. Excellent little game
    Coin Ops
    Although its just that, little. Please make a shadow blade 2 with rpg elements like upgrade weapons, charms, skills, storyline (MORE BLOOD). If this had the depth of swordigo it would be the best platformer on android by far. Please hook it up. And thanks for a quality platformer.
  9. Absolute Ninja Action!!!
    hugo Jimenez
    Great platform action/adventure game, not those linear-run games that are on the market, this is a real deal, great graphics, controls, music and entertaining fast action with just the exact amount of challenge, awesome game!!
  10. Wow
    Shawn Kramer
    I gave the lite 5 stars. I think it's crap that I bought the paid version only to lose all my progress.. And there isn't even anything extra? I was better off with the lite at this point.. Please fix and I will give 5 stars
  11. Awesome!!!
    Robert Ramirez
    Just Awesome...there is nothing better than finding out this game works with a control, Yes a CONTROL!!! as I recently found out....WOW!!!!!
  12. Gar-bage or not Gar-bage, what is the answer?
    KeepingIt SoSmooth
    I am not a fan of leaving reviews here on Google, but I reached out to the developer over 60 days ago, TWICE!, with no response. I have no controls, no ability to swipe whatsoever, and have the nVidia Shield LTE. I'm not the first to experience this, but hopefully the line of complaints will turn into compliments at some point.
  13. Awesome
    Mitchell Moos
    This game is the best! Best game on my tablet. AWESOME!
  14. Epic!!!
    Ricky Mason
    You guys should really consider putting a competitive mode in this game...
  15. Yay...
    Shawn NowayJose
    Fast paced platforming action very smooth. Controls are perfect. Mechanics well designed. A little short, but minor con to otherwise excellent game. Loved it.
  16. Zack Conklin
    I can't move in game at all. I'd either appreciate a fix or a refund.
  17. Fun but.
    Michael Turner
    It's a copycat of League of Evil... But not as fun or precise.
  18. Fluid, addictive and eye catching
    Darren Hayes
    Great game. You get a genuine sense of achievement when you achieve full stars on some of the trickier levels.
  19. Awesome game!!!! :)
    Jay Fraser
    This game is right up my street. Easy to play, ingenious controls and a great game for completionists. It's tricky in places but I've only had rage quit it about a thousand times.
  20. Jeremiah Minix
    Such a fun game simple to learn hard to master it reminds you of an NES game with much better graphics. Fantastic gameplay on NVIDIA shield


What`s new

Version 1.5.0
New chapter.

Version 1.0.7
Minor fixes.

Version 1.0.6
Nvidia Shield control support.

Version 1.0.5
MOGA support. Connect your MOGA and then run the game.