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  1. Andrew Stapleton
    I used to live this app . Maybe its because of my new phone , but I am no longer able to send my deck lists via email and it no longer updates on its own. I've been told to go to the settings menu however it is nowhere to be found in the app...... not only that , but now that I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app hoping to maybe have it update but now every time I try to open the app it freezes
  2. Fix scanner please
    Derek Porter
    Everytime i try to take a pic of a card the sets wont download. Then i get an error message. Will five 5 stars when it works again
    Tyler Barrett
    This whole crap with the app not opening is getting old! Fix it soon so we can go back to enjoying this once awesome creation. Then we can all hop back on the google machine and vote 5 again.
  4. Dishonest about what u bought
    akira cross
    The app. Is great but i gave it one star because after buying the app and scanning a few cards it blocks you from adding the cards to your library and saving them. The first few i took it was so easy and i was thinking money well spent untill i got a message thank you for "trying" the camera feature.then it prompts you to pay more money.what did i pay for then?i thought i was paying for the pic convenience.your app is great but too bad ypu blew it by being greedy because i will be trying to get the refund.
  5. Still doesn't work
    Jake Rhees
    It's been three separate updates and the app still doesn't open. This is happening to many people and they need to fix whatever they did to break their app.
  6. I use it constantly.
    Jonathan Harden
    I only wish it was easier to scroll over cards while testing a deck without accidentally moving them to other zones. I'm editing my comment to say thank you. I was pleased to find that Fate Reforged was added to the database before the prerelease! Keep up the good work :D
  7. Doesn't do basic things
    Lindsay Y
    When I go to view my collection it shows that I have 400 cards but than when I click on all cards it only shows 200 of them the same when I click on any of the colors or categorys. This is getting quite irritating. There is also no way for me to transfer my decks from my old iPhone to my new Android using dropbox.
  8. Amazeballs
    Josh Boyce
    Had this app for a while now and its awesome. Only problem is there is no player rewards cards or promos. Other than that it's fantastic
  9. Weird deck test mode/no commander
    Jacob W
    I can't work the deck test properly because whenever I scroll all the way to the top or bottom it moves a card from my hand to the library or battlefield to the grave. Also no commander mode to test with
  10. Look elsewhere
    Derek Scullion
    Inept developers, it's a library of cards for christ sake, how dumb are you guys? Maybe I'll check back in a year to see if they've figured out which one is the hole in the ground and fixed this train wreck.
  11. Great works perfectly
    Steven Carstens
    My complaint is I can't add special promo cards or cards with unique art to my collection or even search for them. If the app had this feature I'd give it 5 stars.
  12. Pretty Good, but there are some Issues
    Christopher Childs
    The "Test Deck" portion malfunctions every time I have used it. Instead of swiping on a card to "play" it, the card will sporadically disappear, return to the deck, or go immediately to the discard pile. Please fix, I love this app.
  13. Scanning cards does NOT work!
    Eden Serrot
    The app is great at everything except whenever I attempt to take a picture of my cards the app goes hay wire and starts talking a million pictures at once and does not stop until I exit out the app.Please fix it, I love the feature, except when it goes crazy.
  14. Used to love it.. when it worked!
    Jason Spayer
    I have used Decked Builder for years and now it doesn't start up. Crashes everytime st the startup screen. Ready to give 5 stars again, but til it works, it's not worth 1!
  15. Bad customer help.
    Great app they keep card sets up to date and they get added early to set release and they have an advanced search system that is great with deck building. But don't expect any he from any issues you may come across...
  16. Almost
    Will Perkins
    Your search is buggy. I type in exact wording and it isn't finding the card. Example: I tried (discard draw) (discard their) (their hands) none of which brought up Wheel of Fortune, or any of the other cards I'm looking for with similar affects.
  17. Great
    benjamin emmott
    Best magic app but wish the test deck feature was smoother and it wasn't so easy to accidently mess up moves ect.. maybe add des you can play against?
  18. My fave app, but recent update changed it for worse
    Jessica Jenkins
    Hey! I love love love this app. Some newer cards don't show pics, but on e that's fixed it would be perfect IMO.
  19. Do not spend your money
    Michael Doan
    When you charge for an app and do not work to resolve customer issues in fact don't even bother to reply to the person after thirty days. then expect this
  20. If I had to take a star away, it'd be because I spend too much time using this app!
    Brad Cypert
    This is great. It's super easy to add cards and they update their database right on schedule. I bought the collections add on, but I don't use it as virtually and physically managing my collection seems like a lot of overhead, but I don't regret the add-on at all, because I look at it as supporting the developer. Keep up the great work, guys!