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irig for android
ugcs for dji


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  1. Nice app
    michael john nilo
    I like this app, but i want to know where i can find the usb device for zero latency.
  2. Not stable
    Andrew Reyes
    Updated to 2.3.3 and still clicks and pops. UI changes are ok but means nothing if it's not functional. Disappointed that UI changes are priority over functionality.
  3. Aan Anshory
    Calm, play guitar and Waiting ur next progress ;)
  4. Almost there
    patrick oconnor
    Good product guys, just sort out the latency and youre there, there is some noise as well but the latency is the big issue, the tones are great though and the pedals are solid, just one step from top class.
  5. Lag!!!
    Mark Donovan
    When i play the guitar already has delay ALOT of lag... And when going for high gain and od, theres a load of feedback... Would be a great little app if you could sort this PLEASE
  6. Doesn't work
    Brent Madrid
    This doesn't work at all on s4
  7. Almost great
    Terry Cooper
    Does work on S4 but latency kills it and makes unusable.
  8. Timothy Farr
    Good but it needs more FX and multitrack record and edit capability
  9. joyo iplug pocket amplifier
    jason de aro
    bought this item and tried it with the andrig app and it sounds way much better than the irig set up, experienced little or no delay at all. even though you can not play much riffs. but when playing chords and using the effects pedal it actually sound good. maybe a little more improvement. thanks in advance.
  10. Nope
    Jack's film orchard
    It does not work on my rca android tablet AT ALL. I was told that playing through an interface is false that it does not work...
  11. i love it!
    junaso tanga
    is there a way to use my brandnew behringer on my samsung s3mini, i need a good advice, or some tricks, thanks deplike :)
  12. Good, but latency gets worse over time.
    CJ Ambroisia
    Really solid app, except with a guitar link on my tablet, the latency starts getting higher after about 5 minutes. Will buy full package if this gets fixed. Nice work!
  13. Rocksmith RealTone Cable - Error
    Stu Wild
    It's a shame this looks really decent but my Rocksmith RealTone cable doesn't seem to work. "usbEffects Lite" manages to work with the OTG usb but its a bit laggy, so would be great if you could patch this to work too.
  14. Disappointed
    Bill Davies
    It's a shame that a microphone is needed for this to work. I thought I could just plug my guitar straight into my phone and use it as a kind of portable amp but that doesn't seem to be supported. It's a good idea but only if you do it right. Don't install this.
  15. Good product but not for you if you are a free user
    Talpolano Tingkagol
    Im an electronics technician. I tried to make my own jacks and plugs according to the trrs 3.5 plug configuration but the latency is not solved. Obviously,the latency is there for a reason so that you will be forced to buy the iRig or the usb audio. This is a good product, you just have to buy the add ons so you will experience its full potencial
  16. Poor
    Adam Jarmey
    Like all the other apps it just doesn't work don't waste your time with this rubbish! get an amp!
  17. Latency issues needs rectification.
    prashanta baruah
    Sounds are good with good simulation of the true gadgets and effect pedals. But latency is not acceptable for smooth play and real time perfomance. Also no input level contol. Have not yet used any usb interface as I am not sure whether my device is compatible with them. My phone is Asus Zenfone 2 Ze551ML and supports usb OTG. Can u plz suggest some compatible USB sound card and the latency that they would give.
  18. Thomas Grandsire
    Too much lag from when I play a note and when the app plays the note
  19. Much better after developer advice
    joe ludik
    I originally reported too much delay / latency, but developer suggested I try the USB input instead of the tablet earphone jack. Well it works a lot better. Thanks
  20. Still not working
    Brandon Tubby
    I got the free download to try out the app because I'm looking for practice alternatives instead of using my rig. I got the Griffin cable but my LG phone (LGLS740) has a latency issue even at the apps lowest settings I also tried the app on my ASUS MeMO (K013) the cable worked with an even worse latency issue. Now the cable doesn't work. I also attached a Guitar Link cable and that didn't work on either device. I really like what I heard and if had worked would have bought the full version.