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  1. Good but...
    eddy emmy
    Good but boring. Need more locations and maybe some more action. Like loading/unloading lorrys or somethin like that. Please update this game.
  2. Broken
    Norman Vingoe
    Was my favourite 'game' until update 02feb15. Now when I start it, just a black screen, device: Hudl2...................Update 08/02/2015 still doesn't work, please fix been a week without it, tried reboot, reinstall, clear data/cache still does the same black screen+nothing else, was perfect before 01/02/2015 update.............edit 24/02/2015--CALEB BRUSH I know it's a good game I been playing it for year on my Hudl tablet, and for months on my Hudl2 tablet, but since last update IT DOESN'T WORK on the Hudl2, just black screen crash on start up. Are YOU running it on a Hudl2, the last update that is ?? 03April2015; Still the same not updated since 01Feb2015, just reinstalled and still black screens when started and doesn't play - anyone with a Hudl2 got the 01Feb2015 update of this app working?
  3. ?
    Caleb Brush
    Don't know what you are talking about Norman vingoe it is a awesome game man
  4. Great!!!!
    Thanumalayan Velu
    Working great but if you tell how to enable moga pocket then I will give 5 stars
  5. Fun
    jeffrey ramirez
    Please make it for moga because that's why I don't loaded it
  6. Forklift sim
    Kevin Shipton
    Good controls,only missing tilt controls and some ending game play. Warehouse work load trucks instead of just picking up and putting down. Has the potential to be a very good and addictive game.
  7. Need some upgrade
    Why dont you guys ADD some levels , so that those who are going to take up forklift pratical course... will practise in here....just a simple suggestion
  8. amazing
    colin green
    tots lolzies im so ultra sups bad at this game # clumsy forklift driver x
  9. Brady OBrien
    Cool but bad but fun but borring ...... Cool
  10. Fun for a while
    Michael Bradley-Robbins
    Learning to control the forklift is a fun challenge, but it quickly gets to be monotonous. There's only one shipping yard, and the cash you earn for your efforts amounts to nothing more than a scoring system. I would love for there to be different yards, different forklifts, or improvements you can trade your earnings for. Also, the game crashes every time I try to enable my MOGA controller, so I'm stuck with the touch screen controls (which, I might add, are very nice).
  11. Great app
    Mike Doff
    Great game and fun to play but needs more then the one shipping yard to move pallets around in also needs a tilt control for the tower so the pallets don't fall off the forks other then that great app
  12. Bugs
    Cristian Solomon
    It has bugs! I understand you have to push ads, but don't crash my game completely in the process. It is not the first time, even after updates it's just the same - won't give it another try.
  13. No motive
    221_Young Kali
    Great game. Graphics are great. More yards would be nice. Mabe new trucks. And my moga controller crashes the game. Other than that I'll keep it invade u guys fix this
  14. Great app
    riad bg
    It's a great game, great controls, great physics… but you need to add a new playground (it boring to stay on the same ground) and maybe let us use the ,money we are earning to buy upgrades for the machine and stuff like that. Other than that it's great :D
  15. Great, but crashes
    André H
    Fun game. But I have a problem with crashing when I try to use an xbox controller
  16. Time pass
    Adarsh P. S.
    If u have patience and time for plenty u can hav a nice tym playing this game...
  17. Love the game
    Derek Van Dyke
    The game is cool but it would be cool if u can swich to difrent forklifts and have some with multple forks so u can pick up mabye 5 pallets at 1 time I know how to drive one and its a consruction forklift so it would be cool to have a construction forklift
  18. Fun but controls to sensitive on my tablet
    Chelsea McGowan
    Nice game, just needs to have the option to decrease the sensitivity of the wheel other than that good game.
  19. Please update
    caleb kourmoulis
    Fun but crashs whem I try to enable my moga please update so I can use it
  20. Not impressed.
    Jimi Hughes
    App worked OK until they added the butt load of ads which causes the game to constantly force close now. Gonna uninstall the app, seems like it was made by an inexperienced developer anyways...I hope he\she is reading this....


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