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  1. Nevermind my last comment
    Kiela Millanes
    Its such an addicting game just want to know if your ever going to bring multiplayer on the mobile version
  2. Get the original
    Wil Wong
    It's a good game and all on Android but it's best played on a PC as phones/tablets are too small. Find the original somewhere. Chugs and crashes sometimes even on my Note 4.
  3. Awesome Game!
    Marc Henshaw
    But... Like the others have said, it would be nice to have a pinch zoom!
  4. Leo Dax
    Loved this game on pc, wish you could zoom in cant see it very well. Also makes it hard to tap the right buttons, my finger keeps missing the pause button at top
  5. My god!!!!!!!
    stephen Andrews
    How in all creation can you put out such a pile of s***. I played the PC version which was awesome. But this, the touch controls are well terrible. Its almost impossible to get a fleet to attack another fleet, with any sort of consistency. Playing a game should not stress you out this does. It a shame because I would love to like it but I can't. Just a shame I can't play the PC version but it doesn't like windows 8.
  6. Galaxy Note4 Yeah bitches!
    Christopher Charles
    Need a stylus to play this on anything smaller than a 10inch Tablet. The S-pen on the Note 3 and 4 is a godsend. Ignore bad reviews if you have these 2 phones and actually have a clue about the late 90's golden age of PC gaming. Best SciFi 4x game series ever but I miss the old tutorial campaign that the first game had.
  7. Hours of fun, be wary of phone
    Adam J.
    I've had days of fun playing this game. It's great if you like empire building RTS. Do be cautious before buying if you don't have a tablet. I've been able to play easily on my Galaxy S5, but I need a stylus and Galaxy's have larger screens than many other smartphones. So it can be done on a phone, just be sure to test and get a refund within the 2 hour window if you can't play easily on your screen.
  8. Overly Complicated & No Real Instructions
    Michael Alspach
    The lack of a reasonable tutorial kills this game.. When I bought it I figured I would be able to learn to play it but there is no real instructions or tutorial to this game, 4 Months later I still don't get it, I am a huge fan of AOE, at 44 I been playing those types of games a long time. You can say there is but let me point out it requires internet to access AND it doesn't explain anything.. Nothing at all.. When you use force attack it does nothing.. Tanks end up whereafter produced? Can't even defend the planet they were created on.. The included instructions are garbage.
  9. Best played on tablet
    Ben JDB
    Needs a good 7"+ screen, I can see this being very fiddly on a phone. That said... omg it's perfect, thank you so much for this port, IG is my fave sci fi RTS series and it's so great to be presiding over my empire once again. So far the app has been flawless. Worth every penny, great deal imo to play the greatest space opera rts of all time on my tablet... touchscreen has been very well implemented and suits the game very well. Well done to all involved and thank you again from a very happy customer. :)
  10. Yes!
    chris gibbons
    Finley works on my devices! Best space strategy game! And also... could you change the ANTARI? I always hated when you select there units and they sound like Solarian (Humans )
  11. Tab s 10.5
    ryan schwartz
    This game looks fun but will not load. Screen stays black but can hear sound. I have Uninstalled two times. Please refund.
  12. Screen is black
    Rob Beck
    When I launch the program I hear sound but my galaxy tab s screen is black. Nkt worth the money.
  13. Awesome, but need a big screen
    Charles Rink
    Classic awesome game. Almost hard to select some things on a cheap 7 inch tablet. Should be fine on a 9 inch or bigger, but would be unplayable on a phone. Tutorial isn't great, but stick with it.
  14. Great game
    Abdul Siddiquee
    Could do with a rethink on the interface but overall it's well worth the money.
  15. Memories
    Lee Curt
    Had on the PC, and loved it. Still have to pause a lot. Brain can't keep up with the time running. I know I'll be a sitting duck for AI. Lol. Thanks
  16. bad app
    Ben Prowell
    Its a good game and all for the pc, but for android app, sometimes when I go to start it up it crashes my phone....anyways good game they just should've made it for just pc.
  17. My favorite game ever..
    Ch Ccol
    I still have this game on cd and now my phone. Please come out with more old school PC games on android.
  18. Why can't I spend my whole life playing this
    Michael Mager
    At first, I just bought this game as a time killer, but then I started playing more and more. I have an xbox one, and after getting this, I haven't even touched it once.
  19. One of best, from good old days....
    Paweł Skoczylas
    Nice on tablet. A little harder on 5' screens...
  20. Recent patch makes great game unplayable
    Ray Hashman
    This last patch added in a button to see their other offerings. This button also has the side effect of not allowing the multi touch controls of the tablet to trigger. So, scrolling no longer works to move the map viewpoint due to multitap function blocked. It works for a few minutes then stops. I hope this gets fixed soon. I am missing the game.


What`s new

- Blank screen bug fixed

- Design rename + Colony rename functions
- Bug-fixes

- Small bug-fixes
- Rename fleets/planets added (long tap on the fleet/planet info icon)
- Fleets/planets switching bug fixed
- Help icon crash fix
- In-game manual added
- Tutorial video moved to YouTube for easier viewing (requires internet connection!)

Thanks to Mihály Hunyady, Yvain Delahaye, Luca Chiaramonte, Johnathan Butler & Bj Wi

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