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mga golf


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  1. HATE the Ads
    Janelle Lynch
    These unscrupulous jerks make the 'X' so small to close their advertisement it doesn't work and it's illegal. DELETE this app people!!
  2. Use to love this game. Now hate it.
    Terri Reeve
    Since last update. Game freezes all the time. Or you just get one color up and just the one color in deck to play. Very few win games since update. The freezing up is annoying
  3. Best solitaire game
    Nir Yaniv
    Great design, great selection of games, great tutorials.
  4. Best Solitaire Game!!
    C. J. Rodier
    The card themes should be the same both on tablet and phone. Phone themes have less. Great solitaire game, and like it when I win and the ending and fireworks is awesome and cool. Very nice game!
  5. My addiction
    Arye Westmark
    It is really expensive for an app, but I play it every day for hours on end. It's really worth it for me. However the android version doesn't have as many options for card and background as the apple version. I liked having my background be my own picture but in this version you can only have the programs ones. Still super fun if you like solitare though.
  6. No games
    Kristen Osborne
    There is only two free games and you have to pay $4.46 to unlock the rest. Sorry that is way too much! I'll just play it on my iPod which has all the games for free!
  7. No Spider
    Judy Sharnik
    I have this on my ipad, and Samsung Galaxy tablet and my old android had it. My new phone will not download all the games. I'm upset that I can't play my favorite game.
  8. Nice.
    Bruce Coon
    Serious power hog. It'll drain your battery in no time.
  9. Greatest card game ever.
    Orangutan Wallaby
    Brilliant game. Yes you do have to upgrade to get all of the different card games but believe me its well worth while. Hours and hours of fun.
  10. Great!
    Paul Lomba
    I love these games. Solitaire City is the best. I highly recommend it.
  11. Howard Campbell
    it does have potential but in the free version the ads take forever to load which slows the game considerately slows the game down. also at times the games are unresponsive as well. my times were double what they should have been because of the above. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
  12. Only get two games
    Dayva Cooley
    I had this on an old iPod and loved it but installed on phone and only get TWO games to play!! Very disappointed.
  13. Ken Macko
    Great game...can get addictive. I would like to see the android version have the ability to use saved pictures as backgrounds similar to the iPhone version.
  14. Good but could be improved.
    Glenn Russell
    Please allow custom backgrounds and card decks. Fun game and is definitely the best solitaire game on the market.
  15. Jessica Tincher
    I literally play double Klondike for hours! I love it!
  16. Great
    Brian Delay
    Play it everyday. Love all the different style of games.
  17. About time
    Wayne keeling
    Use to love this on my ipod
  18. Card sets reset
    John Konkal
    Nice that there are some new card sets to choose from, bit if I change the card set, then close and reopen the app it does not save the changes and resets to the default card set. It does this even if I close and reopen it while in the middle of a game. Edit: Since you were not able to reproduce it, I uninstalled it and installed it again and now it works. Thanks!
  19. Very good
    Hakan Kaya
    Nice to see it on Android as well.
  20. Awesome game
    maggie porter
    I've played solitaire city for years, this app is the best!!!!!


What`s new

You can now lock the Training button and the Scoring On/Off button from the User Interface section of the Settings screen to prevent fat fingers accidentally pressing them.

Bug Fixes

If you paid for the full version upgrade that removes the adverts then the data usage was excessive due to an advertising network still downloading data.

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