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spider games
тамагочи бесплатно на русском



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Nazar Rejepov | Technical Support Specialist

Ama Afrifa-Kyei | FTC LifeWorks and Diversity Manager

Reviews 48,948

  1. WTF!?
    I ever played this game before but after the game is finished cloud saving the screen turns black. Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars
  2. Didn't even work
    Burnt Ashes
    App crashed 5 seconds after I opened it. Nothing loaded at all, it just crashed.
  3. One of the best!
    Skylar Brett
    Sereously, you guys and gals should really get this app, but to be honest, it could use some more spiders! I totally loved thiss game before it crashed!
  4. Awesome works fine for me.
    BossAtGames_101 Ebersole
    Amazing I love all reptiles and cool spiders and lots of that.Thanks for making it
  5. Its good
    Tylor Bateman
    Good game just wont let me connect to my facebook to invite more friends to play fix that and easy 5 stars
  6. Amazing
    Devon Hill
    I love this because i love to learn about animals and the spiders seem so friendly ashamed its not like that in real life
  7. Screen goes black after cloud data
    Vinyl Scratch
    After i signed in to google play it said checking for cloud data then it went black and nothing happened 4 12 min i am dissapointed in animal planet!!!!!!
  8. Learning
    Eric B
    Great way to teach kids about spiders and to not be afraid every time they see a big hairy one creeping towards them
  9. Awesome
    Tassya Dacosta
    I love this game because you can take care of spiders and you get to turn them to real life
  10. Really?
    Rylee Cole
    It's says checking 4 cloud save then I hear music but you know what I see? A black screen please fix
  11. A nice virtual game, strangely though,...
    Benjamin Ian Awumsuri Moshi
    To be honest I had my doubts at first, but man was I wrong. Nice game, smooth animations, I am yet too have any problems and from the way things are going I doubt I will. Anyway that's for the great game, yeah I'm definitely going to keep the whole spider pet, virtual as my mom would freak. Cheers
  12. Great game
    cheyenne dacunto
    Good but whenI try to get my prize box ,sorry real scary spiders has stopped and I dont have a facebook what the heck u need to fix that. But I still think the game is prety cool
    paul perlas
    black screen pls fix ive been waiting forever for this one
  14. S. Needham
    Real Disappointed! Ok, so I got this app yesterday, played fine. Today, I loaded it, it loaded fine until it got to the popup screen saying I could choose a free prize. Clicked on one of the boxes, screen went black. I exited out, reloaded, same thing. Reloaded it AGAIN, just a black screen(no load screen, no video, nothing). Several times repeated, but got nothing but a black screen. (I even restarted my phone but that didn't help). I REALLY don't want to uninstall and re-install; I have four spiders already, don't want to lose them! It's a cute, enjoyable game, WHEN I can play it. (I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S3, running Android 4.1.2 btw) Please Discovery Comm. IT guys, please fix this! I'm not the only one this is happening to. Pretty please? :) P.S I should note that I am also unable to connect to facebook from this app, even though I did give it permission from my Facebook page...
  15. I can't even play!
    Cameron Moore
    I can't play every time I play it says "unfortunately scary Spiders has stopped" I will rate 5 when I experience the game I only have to wait
  16. Amazing way to learn about spiders
    Nicholas Ridgway
    Love when it crawls on the screen scared my sister
  17. it doesn't respond
    alloysius Macam
    whenever I open the game it just shows me a black screen. pls help me it work once and then black screen when will you fix it ???
  18. Black screen
    Justin Castro
    When the intro video came in I signed into my google account and after that a black screen came, I waited 7 mins but still nothing, then I exit the app and reopened it to see if it made a difference, but still the same thing, a black screen, please fix I wanna try out the app very badly, if fixed I will give more stars
  19. Real scary spiders
    Ian Carter
    Liked it, but needs bugs sorting out, i.e - on the 3 box multiplayer bit, that comes up every day, u open a box & it lock fone up. Spiders need to eat the bugs 4 it to get 5 stars.
  20. Black screen!!! :(
    Judit Bene
    I really liked this game. I love the real tarantulas. But I dont see a point of the other pirate, zombie and etc tarantulas!!! I really injoyed playing with the real ones, but I am not able to play any more because I got a black screen since the update!!! Please fix that! And I wasn't able to connect to facebook neither! If u fix the problems, I will give u 5*.


What`s new

- It is now easier than ever to make sure all you eight legged buddies are happy, healthy, and scary.

- You can swap between your spiders and check on their health without having to leave their lairs giving you more time to play with your creepy critters.

- General bug fixes

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