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крокодильчик свомпи
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العاب مياه
تحت العدسة
لعبة تمساح


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Andrey Dron | Starfighter

Ukraine |

Jerry Pikachu | Sous Chef

Palmyra, Western Australia, Australia |

KB McShirley | n/a

Dayton, Ohio |

Benjamin Hart | Founder

Reviews 191,568

  1. Very Addicting
    Kristen Hanchett
    Fun! My daughter is 4 years old and loves playing this game.. no confusing adds that lead them else where! And very challenging that makes her use her brain to think ahead and complete each level! I also love this game, very addicting! Love it! I definitely recommend buying the full version and enjoying each level!
  2. Needless to say
    Julio De Leon
    The very first game I bought back then when spending money on games was worthy. Great replay value, challenging but easy on kids, paying really means No Ads anywhere, DLC available. Sadly it's becoming abandonware. Disney should consider invest in this game instead of taking the money-sucking path of nowadays games like in WiMW2
  3. Fun time waster and brain teaser
    Robin Morgan
    Fun way to pass some extra time. Some levels are just hard enough to stop and think, but not to much to get you aggravated.
  4. Outstanding
    Loki s
    The best game I've ever played on mobile.Great gameplay, excellent level design, charming art and beautiful music!
  5. Fun and hooked me
    John Broderick
    Very fun game, good challenges, keeps me wanting to see what's next
  6. Soooo addictive!!!
    Sherri Scott
    I never buy apps, but this one is so great I didn't have a choice!
  7. C'mon
    Bajan Canadien
    Ok so i bought the whole game and I was expecting to be able to play as all three crocs but I was only able to play as swampy really if you buy the whole game you should be ble to play as all three crocs
  8. Excellent game!
    Clare Wakefield
    I absolutely love this game - it's so addictive. I bought this game a few years ago, was actually the first one I paid for, and I still enjoy it as much now. Highly recommend to all ages. :-)
  9. It's excelente
    Allastor Vedella
    I enjoy the game. It's great. Fun. Awesome jajaja great job.
  10. Great game
    Aiden Scatten
    This is the only app I have ever bought! Its so addicting and fun to play! I'll beat it, whipe the game and start all over again :D
  11. Third time thru
    Stan Zukowski
    I've played this game 3 times through. I always wait a little bit in between times, & I kind of forget some of the solutions :-) Never ceases to be fun, with all the alternate missions and add ons. Great game.
  12. Entertaining and at times challenging
    Rachel Smith
    I hate that is a paid app now, but really what isn't? Play the free version first if you enjoy that you'll definitely love the rest of the game. It advances in difficulty and creativity.
  13. Taylor Gelinas-Galaise
    Fun and addicting. Though I wish there was a way to unlock the other stories other than paying money
  14. Vincent Scheib
    In App Purchases Broken. Kids playing in restricted profiles are not able to play the in-app purchased extra levels.
  15. Lovely game, but bad water graphics
    Ensar Seker
    The water looks nothing like on the screenshots from this page. It's very pixelated on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Btw, the other episodes should be freely available, since I've already paid for the game. So I had to use a hack for that.
  16. Love it
    Gisselle Camejo
    Favorite game so far. Makes you use your noggin. :)
  17. Good puzzler
    This game is great however 2.30 for the add-ons? Is theft.
  18. Good game
    Joanne Scott
    Very good game can not stop playing it it hard but keeps me busy
  19. finished all levels
    Tasha Chand
    I have finally finished all levels including bonus levels. should i be uninstalling this app or will there be more levels coming?
  20. Awesome game
    Rachel Locke
    Wish I could play wheres my water 2


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