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  1. This is great!
    Taylor Ringo
    I got this during last year's Holiday sale, not only it's fun to play and well polished--it works on Android TV(ADT-1) really well!
  2. Great Game!
    Dax Gazaway
    Taken independently of price, this game is great. When you consider how inexpensive it is for the quality, it is one of the best values I have ever seen in a game. Great production values, great level design, wonderful art. All around amazing job.
  3. Awesome on Nexus Player
    Joe Gariano
    I played through this over the last month or two on the Nexus Player. A very rich and imaginative game; you can tell the developers really cared about their work. My two young kids loved sitting by my side and watching me play it. Very well done, and quite challenging near then end.
  4. Fun Game
    Chris Bigg
    Very immersive game with great graphics and excellent graphics. Only complaint is it doesn't save to Google.
  5. Not happy
    michael P
    Amazon fire tv got controller support and so has nexus tv, but not phones or tablets and what's with the constant stuttering during game play
  6. My 3 year old and 8 year old love it
    Kyle Weller
    And so do I, tons of fun, well done game, just get it! BTW its awesome on the nexus player!
  7. A great update to a classic Genesis game!
    Orions Angel
    The game is gorgeous and features good controls and great music. It runs great on the Nexus Player. Being the only Android port that has true gamepad support. If you loved the classic Genesis version then, Oh boy! This is the game for you.
  8. Very fun
    ed jenkins
    I love this game!! Its the perfect game for kids if u love Mario cart or anything like that then u will love this game
  9. Amazing
    Frank Durocher
    Quite possibly the best quality game I've played on Android. LOVE IT on the Nexus Player. As a throwback, the story makes me long for older games again. Only thing this sorely needs is the ability to save game progress to the cloud!
  10. Cloud!!
    Mansour Almalik
    I love this game quite a lot. But I hate that I can't play my saved game on different devices, even though I'm signed into Google Play Games and have earned achievements! For example, if I progress on my android TV, I don't have the same saved progress on my Nexus 6, I would have to start a new game...
  11. Full controller support on Android TV
    mario medina
    Thank you for adding it!! Runs great on the Nvidia Shield TV
  12. Great remake
    Antony Williams
    Fantastic remake with gorgeous graphics. The controls are too imprecise for an platformer though. I can easily beat the Mega Drive original! But I often miss the timing of jumps here. Runs great on Nexus Player. Unfortunately, it doesn't have google play games support, so it is missing cloud save or achievements.
  13. Amazing game for Nexus Player
    Spencer F
    Great game. They really must have worked hard on it. The second I saw it was only $.79 I had to get it. You should get it now while it's still on sale because you will love it.
  14. Great game
    Jason Ostrander
    Pretty challenging but especially fun played on android TV. Minus one star for some unskippable cut scenes and somewhat floaty controls.
  15. Fantastic
    Dustin Keesbury
    Lots of fun playing on Android TV. No issues.
  16. Fantastic!
    Orlando Camacho
    This game is awesome, I'm really surprised at how well it looks and it plays. Keep up the good work.
  17. Gamepad??
    Ricardo Baez
    Gamepad works great on Android TV, but no support for gamepad on tablet. Seems like a quick fix to make this a much better experience on tablet
  18. Amazing on Android TV!
    Andrew Breeden
    Please connect the game to Google Play Games and add achievements and cloud saves! Excellent game otherwise!
  19. Freezes
    Phoenix Tarjun
    My game freezes after completing the waterfall in Act1 the library milkshake land. I am so disappointed after the higher cost of this game. Have emailed and will wait and see :-( I was enjoying it immensely until then. Such a shame.
  20. Great
    joshua mullins
    Probably the best graphics, gameplay, and complete game I've seen on android and it may seem expensive but compared to games that require so many in-app purchases to finish/beat it's actually very cheap! No one would fill like this game was not worth every dime! Great job keep them coming I'll buy from developer's like this over and over!!


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