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Patrick Flanigan | Research Fellow

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Camila Perera | Marie Sklodowska-Curie Psychology PhD Fellow

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  1. Wow
    Tyler Buehner
    Hyper modes are impossible on the mobile. Especially hyper hexagonest. My record in that one is 15 seconds it's that hard. Great game terry :)
  2. I really like this game
    charlie watson
    I love this game on desktop so I bought it on mobile. On desktop I have beat all 6 levels and now my goal is to do that on mobile. I have clocked in 34 hours on PC and probably 2 hours on mobile but the game is freaking difficult when you first play this expect to only survive 10 seconds on a average. Also the sound track is amazing
  3. You will hear "Game Over" a lot
    Umair Nafee
    It's a REALLY hard game, and with no easy mode, beginners will find it impossible, but don't worry, practise makes perfect, it did for anybody who played anyway. Totally worth the cost.
  4. Amazing Game
    Ryan Karagozian
    I finally just beat hexagonestest and it was so amazingly satisfying. This game got me hooked for months and now I feel like a pro and want to show off...
  5. Excellent! Challenging!
    Adam Pyle
    This game WILL test your reflex and quick thinking capabilities to the max. It seems impossible but with time, you'll begin to get farther and farther. There is no "easy" or "training". Its just hard. But one of my favorites nonetheless
  6. Awesome
    Ben Becker
    Super awesome app, really fun, but hard. I've played it for hours, and I'm still on the 3rd level out of six. This is the best mobile game, it keeps you playing and it takes hours to get bored, and you can never master the game.
  7. Very addictive, fast-paced little game
    Jonathan Wright
    This is a very simple game, all you do is spin clockwise or counter-clockwise to avoid the oncoming blocks. No shooting, no levelling up, no interaction with NPCs. But you don't need any of that to have fun. Great game!
  8. Frustrating not fun
    Steven Benbow
    Got to the hexagonest when I realised all this game was doing was giving me a headache. Much more satisfying uninstalling it.
  9. Insanely difficult
    Dale Hubbard
    If you can manage to stay alive for longer than 8 seconds, you're doing better than me so far. It's just SO hard that it makes you chuckle at its fiendish conception. It's one I'll never be able to finish, so double bubble on value.
  10. Literally the best thing
    Saul Sembi
    Super Hexagon is a simple, yet extremely challenging game that will take you months of hard graft to master. It's design makes it extremely addictive and chipzel's music complements the game perfectly. I was one of the first thousand or so to get this game, as I remember when it was in the "New paid apps" section and I've been playing non-stop ever since. The only thing that bugs me is the sheer calibre of people on the leaderboards that have obviously hacked/cheated their scores. Please fix this Terry!
  11. Ok
    Lance Marut
    It's very fun. Great game. Only problem is the triangle you control spins uncontrollably into one direction, easy fix, but still. Fix this and this game is 5 stars.
  12. Call my therapist. I'm addicted
    Daniel Ocampo
    This is one of the best simple games I've played in a long time. I literally can't put it down.
  13. Awesome Game!
    Anthony Balaich
    Really tests your hand to eye coordination. Very fast paced and extremely challenging. The more difficult levels seem literally impossible at first, but with some practice and patience it is beatable.
  14. This game is perfect . It's hard , it's challenge ,it's fun and if u can do it u will feel proud:-)
    Noblamer Suracha
    But one problem I have found. I can't play this game in Asus FonePad7 Android version 4.4 it's bug with no sound and no alphabet but if I downgraded to 4.3 and download this game and upgrade to 4.4 I can play this game as well :-) if u see this message play fix it :-):-):-) oh,and sorry for my bad English.
  15. My Game won't start up???
    jeannie benjamin
    This is one of the most addictive games that I have played, and I have to admit I kinda like addictive games. But one problem though, every time I try to open up the app, it would just return to my home screen after a few moments,carrying with itan error measage stating that the program unfortunately stopped. Ifyou could fix this problem, 5 stars for you.
  16. Not for me
    peter sodja
    It's too hard. Gameplay is measured in seconds. Then you die. Not much satisfaction for me. But I can see how someone else might like it a lot. I like how the game looks visually.
  17. Can feel my neurons making new connections.
    John Kane
    Very difficult, games should be this hard! Good reflex trainer, good music.
  18. Major bug on Nexus 7
    Ilya Potekhin
    Awesome game, but has an annoying bug on my N7 (2013 model). Play for a bit, then turn the screen off and on again. The game will be lagging, and not only that, the whole tablet will be lagging, even after I quit the game. Only a cold reboot helps. WTF.
  19. Worth the price
    Joshua Lutz
    Fun, addictive, great music, but this definitely needs control sensitivity settings. Works fine on Nexus 7 with better control than my HTC One X+.
  20. My god.
    Josh Reynolds
    This is the most frustrating game I've played. But its probably my favorite mobile game ever. Worth the money. I love it. Great job Dev, you've outdone yourself here.


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Version 1.0.8

- Music fix for Samsung Galaxy S6 devices
- Updated for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) compatibility.



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