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  1. 5 Stars ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Jey See
    Super Support!! Die App & vor allem die Autos sind Top! Nur 9,90€ Anmeldegebühr & 15 Freiminuten mit meinem Code... HLDLJUUPZH ....Viel Spaß
  2. Helpful app, nice concept
    Tamás Szabó
    Very useful app! You get a discount of 20€ and 15 free minutes to drive if you use the following voucher at registration! Bonus code: VBUVDOCBOO
  3. Could easily be so much better
    Gus Lx
    I love the idea. The app is good, the cars are great, the free parking everywhere is fantastic. But.. 1. It costs the same as hiring an uber. 2. The in-car UI is overly complex and kills the fun. 3. Discount billing is not intuitive. I think they should recode their pricing algorithm and make longer rents cheaper. Get rid of the credits. If I could drive for £15/hour and the ui was simpler then I'd be sold
  4. Great app and really easy to use. Some minor bugs
    Tal Haimovici
    The only thing you need to add is the option to contact the customer service without booking a car.
  5. Great support
    Michael Vavra
    I'm using a Fairphone and the app was constantly closing itself l. On the next update it says "Added support for Fairphone", so the guys are reading the crash reports you send them! The service and the app itself is fantastic!
  6. Gut
    Chong Dong
    Use my code to register to get 20 eur discount and free drive. WTXUVROIEW
  7. Love "unlock car" but it races with Google Wallet's "tap and pay"...
    Emilie Chen
    The app has been improved a lot these days. I love the ability of "unlock car" by phone but, it also annoys me a lot that Google Wallet pops up and shout every time when it's unlocking... I have other apps using NFC without this problem. Could you please fix it.
  8. Leider..
    Sascha Martinola
    .. Kann man nicht auf deutsch umstellen, wenn man systemsprache auf englisch hat. Viele apps können das. Zumindest aber sollte man von Fuß auf Meter umstellen können, das geht auch nicht.. Bitte verbessern
  9. Files not uploading
    Izaak Hutchinson
    I'm trying to upload my driving licence documents but each time I the a picture it returns to the start uploading screen, so I can't complete sign up! Please fix :(
  10. Unfassbar lahme App
    Fred Osenbrügge
    Das Konzept und die Autos sind klasse, die App treibt einen in den Wahnsinn, besonders, wenn man zeitkritisch irgend wo hin will. Schon simples scrollen lässt sie erstarren, Wagen verschwinden, wenn man sie reservieren will, zu leicht reserviert man den falschen und wartet ewig, bis die Buchung storniert ist. Können das die anderen Carsharer besser?
  11. Very unreliable in the UK
    Tom Rosen
    Registered this week. Used it three times on Thursday, first two were good, third time I couldn't lock it for 2 hours due to a technical issue and couldn't get in touch with an agent on the phone. Friday morning tried to use it, when I sat in the car the car computer system didn't work, spent half hour with rep. on the phone, then has go out of the car and when I went to the next car I found out my account got blocked. For no good reason. Sent email Friday, still didn't get reply. Monday evening.
  12. Rubbish info
    Patrik von Köhler
    In app they mention that they will block a certain amount on your card while you book but they don't mention how much they will block. I also think you should write more info in regards to the procedure when you return the car. As you can apparently return it anywhere but will I have to pay some parking fees because of that even though I'm done with the car? The website has basically no information at all. I know your new but get your website up with information before going online.
  13. Keeps crashing why nothing is changing?
    Ivar Luiten
    Terrible annoying that the app! keeps crashing. Nothing changes. I'm gonna use another car sharing programm just because of this. Farewell!
  14. Mmmmm'
    Fadi Jabateh
    Its a good program because it has a lot of options and really very easy and simple . it has one problem ,,, it's really very slow, and takes long time to load.
  15. Can't upload documents
    Deniss Snitko
    I have tried to upload my docs for two weeks in a row! Won't get connected to the server and crashes every time. Why there is no such function through website?
  16. joe shik
    Would not install despite trying all tricks such as restarting the phone trying to install via the web in Google account ect. Please fix ASAP
  17. Nice!
    Vlad Simu
    New features are cool. Keep it up!
  18. Constantly crashes
    Terry Brown
    Would be a very useful app if it didn't crash so much
  19. Sebastian Wieland
    Die App funktioniert einwandfrei und die Autos sind immer sehr sauber - es macht Spaß, mit ihnen zu fahren.
  20. Hilton
    Hilton Bros Mc DeLLaware-inc
    Awesome app.. Hello #driveNow for a unknown reason I can't upload the app.. there is anything special I have to do it ? Msg ERROR: Package file was not signed correctly.. btw. Finally after many tries, i could get registered.. thanks


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