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  1. Best game In the world
    Tiana Benjamin
    I played this on my step fathers iphone and its was awesome but when I play it on my Android the ads won't go away I am so frustrated with this.I don't want to pay money just to make them go away.please fix this.
  2. Bizarre and fun
    ashley stone
    I have never played a lawnmower game before so I was plesently surprised by this unusual and addictive are lovely,and quite funny,especially the animals like the dogs and hedgehogs.this game is a combination of an arcade game and a puzzle game.controls can be tricky but you soon get used to them.a lovely,cute game!
  3. Good
    Eliza Keur
    Great game but there were a few glitches and my phone took a while to download it...
  4. This game is cool
    Gigi Trdwy
    I like it! It is fun to play to waste time at work. When your boss is not looking or standing over you. It is a good game to play when you have nothing to do while its snowing or raining outside. A Good for children as well to keep them out of the way, give them something to do after homework is done. I gave it 4 stars just for those reasons. To ALL ENJOY!
  5. My all time favorite game ever
    Olivia Short
    Best game ever it its easy and its difficult and its got great graphics plus when your board its ur number 1# go to game I love it so much 100000000 stars to donut games =-{D
  6. Well I really wish it could be 5 stars but....
    Larissa Jenkins
    When I play it keeps freezing is so annoying and does the same on Sunday lawn seasons to I've completed Sunday lawn and Sunday lawn seasons but it's so fun and easy I downloaded it again!:D enjoy the game it's fun. :D p.s. if fixed I will rate 5 stars:D
  7. Uhh
    Halie Gillow
    I wasn't very impressed by this game so I wouldnt recommend it but go ahead try it if you would like☺;-) :-)
  8. Unhappy
    Savannah Martin
    I love this game but it glitches out ALOT I will rate 5 stars if this is fixed
  9. Good game
    Sophie Earle
    Best game love it fun and I will show this game to all my friend
  10. Very fun and enjoyable!!
    Reginald Maudling
    My only criticism is that the ads become very annoying and why should I have to pay to get rid of them?!
  11. Riley Fox
    It's REALLY fun and a little addictive. If you can't get past a level you have to keep playing it until you get it =) =) =)
  12. Best app on my phone I just wish.....
    Jae Martib
    I just wish the dogs and the porcupines weren't in the way please just you know make a game just like this 1 but without the animals
  13. Sunday lawn
    Hannah Mallam
    This is a game of skill DONT BUMP INTO ANIMALS THEY MAKE U LOOSE
  14. Best game ever
    Jayda Blair
    I love this game it is so addicting the only problem is u have to pay to make the ads go away on androids
  15. Wow lovely
    Fahmida Jabeen
    It takes me in my dream world, wishing 4 more sunday lawn stages but...
  16. Sunday Lawn Is So Great!!!!!
    stelaska Stella
    Sunday lawn is a great game to play for both kids and adults. It requires lots of thinking, since it is a game that is more about strategy than being fast. Sunday lawn is not only just enjoyable and cool, but also the best game ever! OK, so those are the pro's. Watch out, here come the con's; there are none!!!
  17. amazing
    Miguel Franco
    this is an awesome game its very fun but you should add more levels other than that this app is great!
  18. Great game!
    Chianna Morgan
    This is a great game highly recommend...although I did experience some glitches....
  19. I would give it a perfect score
    Sierra Porter
    The reason why i didn't give it a perfect score is because sometimes it wouldst let me control the law mower. But over all i loved the game!! I would recommend it to anyone!!
  20. Great
    Tarnya Attwell-Stone
    But since charlie is kind enough to mow all these peoples lawn you would think they would at least put their dogs inside!!!


What`s new

Hi Donut fans! Here's a big, well-deserved update for you:
- 20 NEW LEVELS, yay!
- Improved support for new devices, higher resolutions and immersive fullscreen
- Support for JOY PADS that use Android OS friendly key codes (KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_BUTTON_A, etc)
- Fixed touch input for Moto G6 Plus devices
- And a bunch of bug fixes

Hope you'll enjoy the update, and thanks for standing by us all these years!



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