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  1. Great
    Emily Noon
    The game is great except there should be more options of places to play like at a skate park with kids and stuff it is also really annoying with the ads!!! Fix these and I will definitely give you give stars!
  2. Unplayable
    Genaro Maza
    The free version has adds that block part of the screen that is important to the game play really annoying and makes you lose because you can't see incoming cars or trains from that part
  3. Horrible. . Ads!
    Jeff Almburg
    I had this on my iPhone 4 downloaded it roughly 1.5 years ago I moved to android and downloaded it and apparently now there's ads and they block your screen where you need to play. It's .99$ to remove not a lot but it's just to get more money. I'm deleting and never again will I have this game. Used to be one of my faborites..... used to be
  4. Adrienne Lembke
    This has been one of my favorite games since it first came out on the iPhone. I was excited to see it in the android store the other day. The only thing I don't like about this version however is it isn't connected to a social gaming app like it is on the iPhone so I can't compare scores with my friends anymore
  5. Amanda Loveridge
    Its a brilliant game and fun too,except for the advert in the right hand side corner at the bottom. It is right across the rail and gets very annoying if you keep catching it by accident,which takes the fun out and brings the frustration in!!!!!!
  6. Great game... but
    Jennifer Machovina
    The ads were in the way during game play. I had to pay to remove them in order to play because it would block the view of oncoming cars.
  7. This is really good, but there could be better
    Abid Saied
    They make it reeeeeeeelllllllyyuuu fun but it gets boring after a while
  8. Ads are irritating
    Rohan Ron
    Dear admin, the adv which appear on screen are exactly on the screen when you have to continuously swipe. I have iPhone as well and I play this very game on it on iPhone there are no adv. Please remove the adv and why should we pay for removing adv. We don't need adv we need clean game or games which we can clean swipe. The adv are irritating to the apex level
  9. I really like this game
    Latisha Walker
    It helps me unwind when im ready to relax. Really love the graphics and sounds of the trains. 5 Star game all the way!
  10. Great game
    amasia hilbert
    This is a cool game and there are no problems with mine. I'm sorry if some of yours sent working. I got mine for free too and nothing wired happened.
  11. secret velraptor
    I likes it but the adds are annoying cause they block the screen and you can see what is coming
  12. Ads kill experience
    Julio Torrijos
    This has been my favourite mobile game for years and I was so happy to find out that it was finally on available for Android. However, as everyone else has stated, the ads get in the way of game play which is very annoying.
  13. Fantastic
    Jeremy Tan
    I'm always a fan of donut games. However, on android, the games have this advertisement that blocks and distracts the playing area. This greatly affects the gamer's experience. In summary, horrible with the ad, superb without the ad.
  14. Great game!
    Debbie Ernst
    This is a super fun game! Me and my friend have even figured out how to play two player by dividing up the certain outlets on the train edition.
  15. Corbin stigerts
    Great game just if u would get rid of all adds then I would rate it 5 stars
  16. Absolute s**t
    jorgee jose
    Well playing in iOS....but when coming to android, ads block the bottom right screen. So bad.... its like a disrimination towards android users.
  17. He he he
    Poop Piss
    Im ment to have adds but I dont.BUT THAT IS GREAT!he he he. Kitty kate.
  18. Ezhil HTC wildfire s
    Ezhil arasan
    I finished 26 achievements out of 28 and I didn't know how to spawn the vehicle ... Anyone suggest me to finish that ...
  19. Traffic rush
    Elizabeth Paul
    It's such a nice game that my daughter kept playing
  20. markee agnew
    Good game got it on my ipod, but the ads what made it 4 stars :(


What`s new

- Improved support for new devices, higher resolutions and immersive fullscreen
- Fixed touch input for Moto G6 Plus devices
- New compression algorithm to save valuable space on your device
- And a bunch of bug fixes

Hope you'll enjoy the update, and thanks for supporting Donut Games all these years! :)


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