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  1. Force closes immediately after splash screen on Nexus 5.
    Will Deaver
    I see the opening set of splash screens, and then am returned to the android homescreen without even an error message or crash report.
  2. Not payable
    Adrian Stöckl
    Unfortunately it isn't payable on my LG G3 (D855), the menus are fine, but the controls are way too big and I only can walk, other actions won't work, because the buttons are so big, they overlap on the screen so much, that no matter where I push, only the movement is triggered.
  3. Does what it says
    James Knox-Davies
    Switch to window mode if you wanna see what you're doing behind your thumbs. To confirm you've beat a level, you have to wait for the countdown to run :(
  4. Controls do not work
    Daniel Viviers
    The controls are way too big. Secondly, the game does not save my settings beyond level 2,making it impossible to continue further than level 3. Samsung s4
  5. Just got ripped off
    Christian Lopez
    It's sad to see that they take ur money even though the game doesn't even work SMH, I'm playing on my Note 4 so don't give me that the device doesn't support the game bs, the buttons take up the whole screen making it impossible to play! I would like my money back please, and thank you
  6. HTC one (m8)
    Michael Navarrete
    It worked just fine on my old droid4 from Motorola but for some reason it doesn't seem to be compatible with this phone :( I hope Samsung does something to fix this and soon. As of now my roommate has no one to pone him
  7. Sick game but
    Ben Holt
    Awesome game but no option to set control opacity to zero which is standard in android games because of those who use controllers. Also the gree icon blocks my health bar and wont go away very annoying tempted to download neo emulator because they are obscuring my gaming view with there bloat!
  8. poor
    Matthew Chung
    why does the directional pad have to take up half the screen? what a gip, can't throw grenades, jenky controls if the controls are not for a phone screen you should know that before you're suckered into buying
  9. "Jerky" ? I can only think
    Mike Bye
    that some of the poor reviews concerning "jerky" controls etc are from people with lower end phones, as it plays fine on my phone which is by no means brilliant. When I first installed the game the buttons weren't visable but after force stopping the app and re-launching it was fine.
  10. This is joke right?
    joshua white
    Get rid of the big buttons! How the hell do you even play the game when the buttons dont work together.
  11. The joystick is messed up
    David Baker
    I have a Note the screen is a decent size. But the hit box for the joystick is larger than it appears. It takes an extra box so every time you go to fire or jump depending on where you put the button the joystick will override the button and only move you forward. I think shrinking this and letting us resize buttons along with repositioning would help fix this. Adjusting opacity, too? Right now for me to have it work I have to put buttons all over screen...then I can't see anything.
  12. Poor Controls
    Michael S.
    After all of these reviews, any potential buyers shouldn't take the chance. The developer still hasn't addressed the control size issue. It makes the game unplayable. Do not buy in its current form.
  13. Good Memories, Bad Controlls
    Jonathon Thach
    I've loved Metal slug since I was a kid. I decided to put some money to buy metal slug 3. . . That was a bad choice. The controls are way to big. No option to change the scale of the controls. Fix that then bam a 5★ game on your phone. . . Please fix soon!
    Pedro Suarez
    Firts of all its has an annoying and I hate it since I pay for the game secondly why I do not have tne option to get unlimited lives as in the psp or nintengo wii versions
  15. Great game bad controls
    Bryan Herrera
    I had absolutely no problems on my Samsung Galaxy S3. One of my favorite apps. I get an upgrade to the S5 and the game gets these huge unusable buttons to the point that the joystick interferes with the rest of the screen buttons, rendering the whole game unplayable. Please fix A.S.A.P. so I can rate this 5 stars again and actually recommended to my friends.
  16. Says perfect port...but its not.
    Cole Daniels
    No diagonal aim from the original arcade version. The joystick on the original could aim in the corners. This port cannot Its a bit of a game breaker cause taking down helis and other aircraft is near impossible for perfectionists like myself. I consider myself a bit of a metal slug master, this port is close to perfect so please fix the inability to shoot in corners so I can complete at least 1 level without dying!!!
  17. Joke or real
    Hever Diaz
    Only for phone serious man will give 5 star's if fix
  18. Unplayable on gs4
    Matthew Larkins
    You have to touch the A button on the leftmost part... some buttons dont work in specific areas of the screen... arent able to resize the buttons (which is weird because its a pretty standard thing to include... the buttons themselves take up half the screen!) Overall I love the nostalgia, but its a complete rip of to pay for such a game you cant win because the controls are so f***ed up... very disappointed... this needs to be fixed, otherwise I will surely never buy anything else from SNK PLAYMORE
  19. Quite a good game
    ognen Nikolovski
    Nostalgia hits me while playing it good gameplay touch pad small on oth sides thats good could be more faster wh en clicking back
  20. Needs to be updated to work on the DNA
    Sergio Gutzalenko
    The game isn't compatible the DNA the joystick runs into the a button makes it unplayable. Please fix this it won't let me refund it. Also on the preview shots the buttons are small on my phone there huge and I can shrink them.


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