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  1. Great
    Elijah Rivers
    Great that's a great game cut first I didn't know how to do your jersey name I made my self laugh when I saw it the first time all I saw was the jersey and Field I was laughing hard
  2. Ehhh
    Brandon Ellis
    The game is fun and addicting, but i have Ted Ginn and my power, agility, and speed are 100 and cant break a single tackle.. and get caught by the defense so easy... stupid
  3. Good game
    lucinda storm
    Fun. it some times is aggravating but fun
  4. A1
    Macklin Brown
    Cool game n the very talented player Ted ginn all time cnt beat IT
  5. It's aggravating
    Spencer Calloway
    Man at first I liked this game but they glitch past my blockers and it is so annoying
  6. A great game
    Tobias Deloatch Jr.
    I really enjoy playing make more like this and y'all will continue to get 5-stars
  7. Fun
    C. Moke
    Upgrade don't show on players and always dropping ball. Improvements should be more distictive.
  8. Like it
    Jesse Krieg
    It's a addicting game and intense. To many ads that's why it's four stars
  9. This game
    Logan Gray
    This game is a good way to get mad and frustrated. The linemen cant move when u get behind them. That will get u a screen that says u lost. I dont understand how hard it is to make linemen move out the way. I am one. Its not that hard to make linemen move. Please fix that.
  10. Hometown Pride
    Norman Gutauckas Jr
    Watched him play in high school! Oh yah? The game is great fun. Enjoy the simple mechanics and quick thinking on how should you approach each return!
  11. Its awsome
    Brandon Moreno
    I love the way u can choose were u wanna go so yeah I think they should put more levels tho that will be great I like this game non-stop
  12. Quaysia Brown
    I think that the defensive team should be able to run the ball, so we could be able to tackle them. When I am close to making a touch down the people that protect me always get in the way and I end up losing.
  13. Elite!
    kaleigha Lake
    I love this game, but I think upgrades should be bigger like, 2,000 dollars for 6 speed
  14. Love It
    Ivis Thomas
    First I thought the game would be dumb when I first tried it just wanted to delete it but give it a little time it will get addictive
  15. Neil Prete
    Blockers just go forward and get in your own way. It's too easy to "forget the ball" ie miss picking it up. Lots of their awful $90 purchase options popping up in places you're going to click. Nice concept with bad execution.
  16. Awesome .... But
    Kyler Whitaker
    Blockers won't move and then you get tackled it is so stupid.
  17. Football is fun
    Halique Jordan
    This game is cool but i think u should start off with the ball first
  18. Dale McKinzie
    I do not like games that you have to use task manager to make them stop and your own linemen appear to have taken a bribe since they won't bother getting out of your way.
  19. Really fun
    james micheal
    It is a really fun game. Use this strategy, once u get the ball run behind your middle blockers
  20. Great game
    Scoop Dixon
    Perfect for what I wanted. Not into player and team coaching. Just wanted a non-techie fb game.


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