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Sharon Tal | ceo

Israel |

Tomer Blushinsky | Game developer

Israel |

Nimrod Levy | Lead Analyst at Dragonplay - SG Interactive, Israel

Israel |

Chen Glanz Shtern | User Acquisition Manager at Dragonplay - SG Interactive, Israel

Israel |

Reviews 1,122,647

  1. Very Bad Support
    Rick R.
    Can finally play after getting new phone. Shame on the developers for not even responding when I could not play on previous phone. Obviously all they care about is making money. Wish Google or whoever would ban developers like this.
  2. TexasHoldem
    Jason Bennett
    Texas holdem is awesome but when uFuccN LagN when ur winning succs.Now when ur losing Lag,wat faster than fast yes this goes to show u dat dey controls...witch if u read everything b4 u accept u would knowdat...Dey have full authority over ur device...TrueStory
  3. New UI is terrible
    Ken Kalafus
    Dealer animations slightly faster but STILL can use up all your turn time, Worst is after all in on the prior hand, the deal time virtually guarantees that you will not have time on the next hand. At least please give the OPTION to turn off animation. Screen is also too crowded. Power animals and experience counters should not be on the table full time. The old UI was great, but if you're committed to this one at least clean things up.
  4. Unplayable
    Colin Mcpherson
    Luved playn this game every day but since redesign its worst poker apt ever, its ugly, horrible childish poker ive ever played!!! So stoped playn hopen nxt update wud revert back 2 older version but sadly dragonplay dont listen 2 ther legions of loyal players & insist with this crap!!!! So time 2 uninstall & play Pokerist... at least they aknowledge ther players........
  5. Rigged
    g-mo p
    Ever since i have bought gold i cant seem to was fun at first bexause i hadnt bought any then I lost all my pot and said what the heck i enjoy this game so i bought some and i get the crapiest hands i finally get decent hand and i lose because the other guy has a 6 and i have a 5 or whatever...u get it...its crap
  6. Total crap after update
    Al Duke
    Used to love this app but man it blows now. Terrible connections, unrealistic hands and timing out before you can even bet, come on people fix this crap. I've been a loyal player for years but will delete soon if changes are not made. Totally SUX!!!!
  7. Too many glitches..
    Orlando Fearon
    This game has the potential to be a really good game but it has too many glitches... I keep loosing my money even when I'm not betting... it constantly says loading and then my cash disappears.. that needs to be fixed and ur rating will change but for now I'm tired and frustrated with losing my money constantly.. Even when u win another hand sometimes gets a share of the pot even when u clearly have the bigger hand... and tell me how the Fu*k does 3 of a kind beat a straight... I'm tired of losing my cash
  8. Live Holdem
    Kara Santelle
    I preferred the other app that allowed you to pick 6 different buy in options. I hate jumping into a game where everyone has a huge difference of money to start. How fair is that? Its not of course so put the old option back please. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!!!! Besides it kicked me out of a game for whatever reason and I lost my money! Highway robbery!
  9. Waste of time
    Keith Brooks
    Been playing for 4 years now. This update sucks. Where do I start, this game is rigged. I've had 4 of a kind and been beaten with a higher 4 of a kind,cause that happens all the time right? I've also had winning hands beaten by lesser hands multiple times now. I also love how I accidentally hit "play now" and lost 400k and didn't even get dealt in. Game is total crap now. Don't waste your time losing to the chip bots. Still cannot leave the tables without force closing. Way too many bugs still...
    miss diva toy Harrison
    Today is Friday the 24 of 2015 the time 5:06 why I where just playing poker and had a King &5 five and this lady name Judith had a Q&5 the layout card's show K 5 5 K Q now I no Kings are higher then a Queen so how did she win that game over my hand I had I couldn't believe this just happen too me the lady Judith win the biggest pot and they gave me the smallest pot I was mind blow over this I had a full house they really need too get this game fix and right
  11. Sucks
    jeremy pederson
    I'm getting sick of losing hands when I should win. I was in a tournament and had a hand of two 8's so I hit all in cause there was a other 8 in the middle and I lost to a guy that had a 9 and a 7 and there was nothing in the middle for him. So I lost the tournament. Such b.s
  12. New update sucks!
    Roy M
    I am now using "Fast Fold" and system will from time to time delay then delete all existing points as if I lost them all and issue more from my bank. Contacted support and they basicly replied with "not our problem". There should be no way the app will delete current points through app failure! Sent screen shot showing flop, turn and river PLUS 2 additional cards on screen and the system used all 7 cards on screen! No response from devlpr in over 7 weeks! Also, the new update for fast fold is almost impossible to exit from. I entered a wrong table by mistake and couldn't exit and it cost me over 3 million points! No response from devlpr.
  13. Once again another greedy poker app
    Anthony Guerra
    Can somebody create a poker app that isn't as to buy chips. It's so obvious based on betting on nothing that turns into a flush..
  14. It's One Of The Best Poker Games " BUT "
    Brandon Baughman
    The Old Version Was Way Better It Gave You Great Cards And The Updated Version Folds Sometimes When You Call When You Have A Great Hand
  15. They rigged my games!!!
    Bryan Tan
    I had 4,988 chips and my opponent only had 12 left for a 100 min table. I was for sure going to win the 1,000,000 shootout and then my game just so happens to disconnect. This wasn't even the first time either. I find it hard to believe that my game just so happens to only disconnect right before I win any shootout.
  16. Use to be great, now sux.
    Mike Fraser
    Like everyone else is saying, often the losing hand takes the put. I thought I was crazy. Plus the new animations are confusing. The cards and text are too small. FastFold has sucked for a while now- why call it "fast"fold when you can't select fold until your turn, like you can in all the other tables...? And when somebody wins, they only show one of their hole cards.
  17. Michael Hill
    Your new update keeps freezing and screwing players out of $ fix it our I'll never buy chips again
  18. GRUMPY 1
  19. Losing my chips
    karl webber
    I beat someone for 3 million with 3 queens and he had no hand and it said 3 pair and gave the chips all to him
  20. Your game
    shyamlal jalan
    If decided by the app u can't win no matter how high ur card are.example if i had full house the opponent got bigger,if i got biggest full house say 2A in hand and 1A+2K on table think.what happened my opponent got 4K on last card.friends this app is a cheat only.I lost 10000real us dollars to buy chips.10000 us dollars r very big amount for beware.


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