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  1. Glitches
    Jamison Ingram
    I have been playing for a while now. Really fun game. Only problem I have had is I lost all my upgrades and coin. Kept my level just not my upgrades. :'(. Impossible to make the coins back for upgrades. No support. Will try and re-download. If that doesn't work then I will just find another game.
  2. Robbed me
    alain hammond
    I've paid for coins then get a pop upbsaying there was a problem but they still took my money. I want a refund
  3. Ray Martin
    Like it or just love it could use some tweaks tho
  4. Great great great great great great Game
    Yumna Afzaal
    I love love love this game it,s very nice game
  5. Boring
    Pierre-Olivier Girard
    No tower upgrade. You just spam everything and wait.
  6. Storm Lord
    The 'auto pick' is a con, it steals gold where two gold coins are won almost simultaneously and gives the gold for only one of two coin wins. This has given a four star rating and not a five star. Advice to others is to avoid spending 9,999 gold to get the auto pick.
  7. Nick Saulnier
    ads dont go away and free gem offers dont work but other than that its cool
  8. Love the game
    Andrea G.
    The game is wonderful, well paced with good design. The ads are minimal and not annoying. I do have an issue with the "earn unlimited coins" option because it's a lie and a pointless one at that. Just don't.
  9. Addicting
    This game is simple to start, more complex as you continue. Money is not necessary to continue play, just time on repeat play to earn coins.
  10. In app purchases.
    Dan Matzdorff
    The game consistently says that any in app purchase will remove the ads, however this does not appear to be true. Attempting to find support proved fruitless. Still a good game but lack of support and false claims take away from the experience
  11. It's not bad
    Paul Lewis
    Not bad, but some towers appear weak and imbalanced. This becomes extremely obvious from the fact that it's so over-monetized that you will have to go into your pocket to play it after 5 levels. I don't like the upgrade method and five levels is not enough to fully evaluate if problems continue and whether I want to play. This game company is obviously in it for the money, no friends of the true gamer. Not going to throw money at something I'm not allowed to fully see. What are you hiding?
  12. Ads won't go away
    Paul Solomon
    I made a purchase to get rid of ads and they are still everywhere.
  13. Tony Le
    Enemy textures ripped from Warcraft 3 and some sounds ripped from Diablo 2
  14. Problem
    LaTisha Wilcox
    I enjoy the game a lot but I have one main problem. When sharing with Facebook, I would get up to being able to share to get 1500 upgrade points and it would show an error every time. Most of the time for the low points it would go through but higher points it doesn't then it starts me back to 200. I play off of a tablet. This does get annoying when I can't share so that yous can get more people to play your game. Please fix this problem. Also I think will help is higher levels you get more coins or gems to help fight
  15. Still adds but second purchase fixed.
    Frank C
    First pack I got my coins but still have all ads. Second pack I got no coins... and still have adds. its almost two weeks later and still no response or fix to my problem. It took three months and a couple days but second pack was refunded, which I am thankful for. Now if they can fix my first so I don't have adds. Also please make it possible to flip the screen.. I have outlets on one side of me and have to hold the phone with the cord all in the way to play.
  16. Loved it
    Akram wassabi
    I wish u develope it n add more new characters to it.
  17. Ultra solid
    Calin Cheznoiu
    But drains the fcuk out of Droid Turbo battery
  18. Pay to win.
    Winning not possible without paying after a couples of level.
  19. Kobe Yap
    this game should be renamed to Mission Failed.
  20. Almost perfect
    Peter Abellon
    I like the game. Medium difficulty is a bit hard. Might be useful if gem combination can be accessed during the game.