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  1. Great game
    Thiago Ventura
    Free coinsare a bit annoying but it works and can help you a lot. I just found one problem: if u minimize the app while you're playing the game can restart and you loss your progress, it don't happen all the times but is better don't take risks.
  2. Fun tower defense
    Jesse James
    Fun game, nice graphics, well rounded tower selection and unique build options. I wish there was a way to remove gems from a tower that isn't fully built. It would be really cool if each gem you added also added a small effect until the full three make a cool tower.
  3. Critical bug to be fix
    David Du
    I almost fully update all my towers,suddenly after restart my phone, all my tower go back to the lowest level. It just wast my time. Please fix it.
  4. Disappointed Again
    Curt Sutton
    This is the second Cat Studios game that looks like it is going to be a good long term game but leaves you wanting. I have max lives, max jewels and max tower upgrades but I can't go any further than the middle of the game ... missions are unbeatable. Just a tease to get you to buy in-app upgrades. Very disappointed. .. my last Cat Studios game.
  5. Won't even load
    Elsmir Dragonsbane
    I open the app and the first thing I find is that it closed before it loaded the very first level and the worst part was that I didn't do anything to close it
  6. Improved graphics on the original
    Stephen Pentony
    Good game, its just a lot of work getting the coins for upgrading. But it's free.
  7. dmytro byelov
    Played this tower defense game , really amazing...4 star
  8. Love Love
    summer johnson
    This is one of the greatest games. Im so addicted to it.......
  9. Pretty neat game
    Drageo Jones
    Great graphics and great design! Flows great on Note-3!
  10. Lost my upgrades
    Akshay Srinivas
    Kept my level but lost all upgrades .have seen coments from others about this issue not sure if its on purpose .no point in playing it further without upgrades
  11. Fun game
    sean rambo
    I think more color rubies to give more combination to towers be legit
  12. Ok
    Christian Doe
    Game is pretty easy and slow paced
  13. Great game!
    Jason Ramos
    I love this game. Can the developer please tell me what the "multiples" upgrade for the Chaos Tower does? Thanks
  14. Pretty good
    Shawn Thompson
    Send to have some good things going on in this tower defense game. It'll keep my interest for a while
  15. Hated it..
    Marcuz Berba
    All my upgrades gone.. and always back to lvl 1
  16. Game play is good but leave the free coin's alone!!
    Nick Allen
    Great game and a fun way to spend time but the free coin's doesn't work.
  17. Joshua Moyer
    Lots of towers to keep track of but fun
  18. OK so far
    Danny Casto
    Not to be able to tell you just yet
  19. Wc3
    Roumele Jay Baylocon
    Felt like iam wc3's td @ battlenet. Awesome!
  20. Liked it!
    Mitch Breaux
    Satisfying TD! Reminiscent of warcraft TD from Garena. Very enjoyable!