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  1. My ID on miracle city is (squarrel)
    Samra Fatima
    My first quest is chapter2 own two quarrys having a problem its still shown in the quest book but I completed it . Now I am on level 25 but it still shown that's why my castle is not upgradeing third time. Please fix this
  2. Update
    Zady Ebanks
    Please update the game. You have not updated the game in like forever. I spend a lot of money and got stuck playing a game I don't like because of no update. Thanks
  3. The game is good but...
    Kshitij Kabeer
    Could you please add more viewing options?It's so boring to see it just from one angle. Also zooming capacity should be more. The city looks tiny even after zooming
  4. Cute but lack of help hurts!
    Tambaloneus Derpaloneus
    The game itself is cute, great graphics and seems to be quite easy to make money in since you can help a nearly unlimited number of other ppls buildings. My only complaint is the utter lack of any help or explanation of the games mechanics which I can see by the other reviews means ppl are missing some stuff and getting frustrated, not to mention a few bugs. The 'cannot connect' message that appears on clicking wood or stone is one example since if you exit the game and go back in it has often actually registered the click and my wood n stone are working despite this message so ppl might uninstall not knowing that. The lack of a good faq or help and updated bug notes hurt but overall there are some things I love like how easy the friend system is. Bit slow to make xp but all the city building games I play are like that.
  5. Miracle city
    Rita Oborne
    Keeps saying can't connect to internet yet all other games work just fine
  6. Pretty Good!
    Anita Hickson
    Won't let me upgrade my castle, even though I have way more coins and resources than I need to do it. Also there should be a better way to earn more crystals than buying them - apart from that it is one of the best games of this type that I have played.
  7. Magic city
    Tina Peoples
    I would give it a five, because it is fun to play. But, its not right that almost all the task you need crystals, and there's not an easy way to earn them, like you can with the coins. Need to fix that, shouldn't have to buy crystals every time you turn around....
  8. khadijah mat nor
    Please update... more new buildings, crops, decorations, and it will be more helpful if players get 2 or 3 crystals when they reach the next level instead of only 1...
  9. EDGE 2
    Rosilyn Toto
    Its ok.just downloaded the app ,but there is a problem at the early stage of level 3. I cant proceed to the next level cause evrytime i tried to meet my goal,.its automatically stop! Pls FIX! I reli love DROidhen games! Infact i downloaded 3 games app frm u guys ,so please fix it ASAP! Thanks
  10. Waste of space
    Jas Brar
    When i start this game it says ufortunaly miracle city is stopped
  11. Tablets work well with...
    Ladyjay Rein
    So if u have problems on a cell phone buy a cheap android tablet. It works beautifully on my digital logic 7".
  12. Charlotte Blackwell
    Can't find restart option so can't play anymore.
  13. Its great
    I love the social part of it makes me feel like my town isn't all alone in my brain. The build and wait concept is honestly addictive starting out. My biggest want though is the little guys roaming around I wish they had simple interactions. Like enter and leave there home or the shops. Leave with bags bring it back to home what ever lol look at the water vs just pace around it. Lots of growth there and I'd love it even more. Haven't put a dime into it BTW. Names Feraoh in game look me up.
  14. Nice app..but
    Bea Jane Garcia
    Its hard to get crystal.Please update it and im gonna rate this 5 stars..
  15. Good
    Stephen Derenzo
    Not a bad game, easy to play. As with most games crystals hard to come by making it impossible to get the good buildings without spending real money. Dangle The carrot in front of the donkey, sorry not this [email protected]$#.
  16. No credit received from helping players
    Jaydia Simmons
    I've helped over 51 players today, ranging from level 5 to 80. When I returned "home", I noticed my gold didn't change from the 3k I already had. Disappointing because I was enjoying the game. So much time wasted.
  17. Cool
    Elizabeth P
    It's a cool way to make you own land
  18. Problem
    Jennifer Green
    I just downloaded this game an it isn't even letting me do the very first task. Every time I try to upgrade the purple cottages the game just stops and kicks me out of it.
  19. The freezes
    crystal diamond
    The game freezes a lot which makes it hard to play the game
  20. It's cool BUT
    Abigail Dan
    I recently downloaded this game. Every time I try to collect my taxes it suddenly closes so please do fix