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Reviews 571,607

  1. Total Rip Off
    arturo olveda
    This game is completely rigged. Once you start playing on the higher paying tables you never get a chance to win. The computer player with the most money always ends up winning the large pots. The system is built to make you lose all your money, hoping you will want to continue playing, thus causing you to spend actual money purchasing poker chips. I wouldn't mind if they did all this as long as they kept our chances of winning fair.
  2. Rip off
    Jeff Holowaychuk
    Developers can never be reached,money goes missing that you bought with your cash,win a few hands,and then it all goes down hill from there.i have had over 100 million that took me a while to build up,sign in the next day,it was gone and developers never got back to me and returned what I a bad game all around.i will change my rating if everything gets returned to me what I earned.i have deleted game and havent been back since.I want to see if DH got some balls so I want to take a look if any changes so I will install again. I no I am screwed and I lost all my earnings,its just a warning to are rigged,dont you notice the developers dont answer peoples reviews or gmails,dont be a sucker,the only players that win are the developers, or the ones who give it a high rating,they are the developers with no balls,just take your money,or in my case,they made it disappear.
  3. Good but I can't upload my own photo.
    Majid Ahmed
    I have a nexus 4 and it doesn't allow me to upload my own photo. I tap on an image from my gallery and it does nothing..please fix and I will give it 5 stars as the layout is nice.
  4. This site is the best ever, however
    Jody Chandler
    You can't ever, ever get in touch with them about anything. They have a "3 day non stop log in" that normally gives you a great gift of chips but it is NEVER every 3days. Total BS! They have a lot more work to do...But I play and love it.
  5. Excellent Game
    Scottie Bryant
    I played Zynga for a while, but since I downloaded DH Poker, I have played no other Hold em Apps on the android. It's fast, and you never have to buy chips as long as you're reasonably skilled in Poker. Thanks for a great game, guys!
  6. love this game.... it is so much fun and a little addicting !
    Ashley Angelino
    Love this game! it taught me how to play poker, you can communicate and play in competitions .. it is the best.. I play it all the time ... love the way it is set up very easy for me to understand . wish there was more icons
  7. All people turn off auto update
    Ryan Schemel
    They just went in yesterday and changed the private room to level 6 and above so all people making chips do not do the update and u will still be able to enter private but if you have updated already you can't go back.see they Dont update the app to make it better they only do things to benefit them and here it happened again. Everyone that updated will now have to dump chips at a table and a little harder to do on low limit but can be done. turn off auto update. 61m in free chips thanks dh
  8. Its really rigged!!
    Fernando Gabriel
    Have tried other poker apps n so far this one still sucks...when u have a winning hand it will freeze on you!!! That's it , won't be reinstalling it again! Had pair aces at flop n they froze the game on me. Damm the site!
  9. Good game but FREEZES too often!!
    I really enjoy playing this game but, it is getting very annoying that everytime i try and raise it freezes and makes me fold!! It also happens randomly specially when i have a winning hand. Please fix that asap..
  10. Prithwijit Ghoshal
    Network issues don't help. Spoils the gameplay experience.
  11. GoodOne
    komal kabra
    Best poker game so far I played but need much more gift items and dialouges quotes to send to the other players.
    One of the best game I ever played on my android device, the last update was good keep it up developers hope u will provide us more such games #well done developers.
  13. Dont spend money
    Raul brown
    After spending money I have been on a losing streak. No matter what hand I have someone seems to have a hand that beats me. I'm starting to think this game is full of bots designed to beat you. Which is a cheap way to get you to spend more money which I refuse to do.
  14. Friendly
    Ali Thameed
    It easy to gain friend here and i love to play everytime its make me perfect. Stress removal.
  15. I love the game
    Molly Moulton-Taft-Nevaeh
    I have been folded many times after I raised a bet due to freezing. It locks me out quite often. It seems to happen when I have a really good hand. When I win a hand, it sometimes gives it to another player. Suspect
  16. Great game... Any ol poker...
    Jerome Pratt
    But somebody should really do something about the ability to put up racial slurs to other players. #uninstalled
  17. Love it!
    Nay Sar
    This game is awesome, the best game to play at work..if you looking for a game to play for fun? Then this app is for ya I suggest!
  18. Good game
    Jay Dubs
    Need to make,a poker game for single men n woman ,so we can hook
  19. Great Fun - A Must For Holdem Fans
    Joshua Jones
    One of my favorite poker games. Love the conversations! Definitely suggest trying this one.
  20. Very good but....
    Ben Baum
    This game is great, the best poker game available, but it has one problem that ruins it for me. A lot of time when I press on raise, it folds my hand! Yesterday I lost a pot of a million dollars because it folded my hand instead of raising! So frustrating. Please fix this and it will be the best poker game around.


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