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x runner 2


Reviews 42,122

  1. Best game EVER
    wholockian fangirl
    I recommend this to everyone!! Enough said, GREAT, ADDICTIVE and the best thing, u upgrade skills and things without having to use real money, SUPER FUN
  2. Love this game!
    Pagee Mayfield
    This game is so cool. It's set in a futuristic zone and this girl's in-line skating on this awesome light-filled platform. Love the speed too. Wish there were other games this much fun. :D
  3. 5 stars
    Julie Pritt
    You really should play this game if you haven't because it is so fun and I have no problems downloading and playing this game so just saying you have to download and play this game... VERY FUN... NO JOKES
  4. Miguel Jusino
    awesome this is one of my favorite game I liked it's very challenging very cool I liked too much
  5. Great but needs update...
    Jus Dae
    Add some characters, option to Tilt or Slide as in Subway Surfers, and shouldn't have to be so precise on gettin coins when tiltin. If your in the middle, left, or right you should automatically collect powerups or coins oppose to being exactly where the coins are. With these suggestions added it would make X-Runner a great competitor for running games.
  6. Awesome game, but.... I'd enjoy it more if it had a "save me" option
    Sofia Sher
    Pros: awesome graphics, fun, challenging. Cons: need to add more coins in the gameplay, ridiculous missions, no "save me"
    Charlo Jasmine Allum
    This app downloads stuff without permission and lags your device, do not install.
  8. A very awesome game
    Paris Myers
    It's a very addicting game and I could play this game for hours. You always start all the way at the begining. I hope there is a way to save the game where you left off...otherwise I enjoy playing this game during my free time. Can somebody PLEASE find a program that can save game levels. I'm tired of starting at the beginning after I have completeted over 15 levels. That irks me like crazy. Thankyou.
  9. The game is good...but...
    Vinay Kumar
    Its not at all fair if you dont let us take coins even when we are on the same row of coins..unless we move exactly on coins...and yes tilt is a little buggy, but game is good...give us the option to choose the sensitivity, it will be good....but graphics are good...
  10. Can't even open
    Melissa Gott
    I downloaded this on 3 different devices and I can't even get it to load. This game doesn't even work!
  11. Awesome
    Hatim Patra
    Superb , cool and more good & easy to play than temple run & subway surfer
  12. Good
    Nirmal Shah
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  13. One of the best!
    Pranit Gaikwad
    Game is damn addictive.. bt lags in the begining... Also.... Can anyone tell me their top scores as there is not any option that can show the top scores of other players..
  14. Needs an Update...
    NinjaSplat 722
    This game looks like A LOT of fun, but whenever I launch it, it crashes. It doesn't seem to be compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop. If you can fix this, I'd be HAPPY to rate 5 stars. :)
  15. Liars
    Niecy Johnson
    The game coo r whatever but I don't appreciate it lieing saying if I download and play 3xs which I did but I did not get my crystals I was promised so I am upset...
  16. Nice Game
    Vesselin Tsvetkov
    That's a very nice game and I.enjoy playing it every day. I am just wondering what's the multiple for... :)
  17. Help!
    Paul Marren Claveron
    The game looks fun! Its simply amazing! But it wont let me install it! Plz fix i want to play so badly! Ill give 5* if fixed :)
  18. Bunty
    Sumit Das
    It is awesome ........I enjoy the game.....I just love it....... It is my tp game is good for people who have good graphic...................!
  19. Input settings button
    Erwin hur
    The games awesome, i wish i can costumize my character though. And there are NO SETTINGS. The tilting's too weak.
  20. Awesome
    Harmony Wallert
    I really enjoy x runner!! It is very fun to place when wasting time. Very addictive. I haven't figured out to sprint. Got to 8000m. Now game is jumpy n lags a bit and hasn't before...please fix. I am addicted


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Fix the crash problem in previous update.